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Foreign Some of y'all don't want joy that's why When it shows up you figure out a way to Up and run it away you figure out a way To sabotage Joy when it shows up I'm asking you To receive this message Process this message Change who you are what you are change The way you've been going about your Life Change these Concepts that you have Created in your mind what his height is What his nationality is what he smells Like what he looks like how much money He he makes what he drives where he Lives you got all of these random ass Concepts in your mind as to what this Man looks like And your husband continues to pass you By Your wife continues to pass you by Joy Will be accepted and received Joy will show up in your house If you allow it to show up Your life will be better If you stop being bitter [Music] You've just gone through a breakup and It's the worst thing you've ever been Through some of you you lost your job And you thought that job was it and so All of a sudden you're sitting there and

You're thinking man I thought my life Was together now it's in shambles at my Feet no it's not it's all right a blade Does not become strong until it's been Through the fire several times and this Is just your first or second time to the Fire and there's a lot of hammer work That has to take place and then you're Going to have to go back in the Forge Again and it's hot and it melts you down And you're uncomfortable and then life Is going to pull you out and it's going To put you on the Anvil and it's going To hammer on you some more and you're Going to say what am I done yet no You've got a lot more forged time left You've got a lot more Hammer blows left And it takes time embrace the process You say Dwayne want process life embrace The journey and the process of life Foreign From self-doubt While others are Intimidated by your full potential if Your past self could see where you're at Today Think of how impressed they would be one Of the greatest ways you can overcome Self-doubt is to realize how far you've Come maybe you're not exactly where you Want to be but you're a lot better than Where you were and the key is to wake up Every single day put one foot in front Of the other keep moving and keep Growing

[Music] What is it worth to you What is it worth to you To transition from Desiring to actually Experiencing When they find out that there is an Investment required a Time investment a Financial investment they they their Their energy shifts and they're like Well well well I don't know and I'm like What What is it worth to you I mean do you want to be in the same Spot again next year or are you like Sick and tired of being sick and tired You gotta be willing To do the work you've got to be willing To make the decisions that you got to Make in order to get to where you're Saying you want to go You don't get it If you embrace the young Comfort today Tomorrow you will be living in Comfort Don't expect people to understand your Grind though Because God didn't give them your vision Stop making excuses and make results Separate your body from your mind and Grind and grind and grind Because you're grinding your way to Greatness greatness lives in you But you gotta go out and get it When they talking about it you're doing It

While they take breaks You keep taking action And the day will come When you achieve massive satisfaction [Music] But here's what you should know about Winning before you chase it When it's not loyal to you it doesn't Care about you Winning doesn't care how sore you are When he doesn't care how much sleep you Get when he doesn't care how hard you Work at times And sometimes a guy doesn't outwork you And he still wins it isn't fair man Sometimes there is no justice When it requires all of you and then More and it promises you nothing it's a Mastermind of creating fear and doubt in Your mind It causes setback after setback So the question is about winning Are you willing to Sprint when the Distance is unknown And why chase this thing called winning [Music] Because the only thing that's guaranteed In life if you don't chase it is losing Your life can change just by you making A simple decision and that decision Is saying yes to you You've been saying yes to everyone else But will you value your yes Will you respect and respond to that

Inner desire for you to be more for you To do more for you to achieve more There's nothing wrong with that But I just stopped by to tell you today That you're worth it but you got to make That decision you've got to understand When you've taken yourself as far as you Can based upon Your current thoughts beliefs and Actions And so you've got to be willing To sacrifice meaning you're going to Exchange something of a lesser value for Something of a greater value And do what you need to do to get Where you say you want to go [Music] Look in the mirror That's your competition You keep grinding You keep showing up and showing out Because on the other side of the pain on The other side of the struggle Is the life Of your dreams You're grinding your way To the greatness that's already yours You just gotta go get it This Is a great day To win [Music] Thank you [Music]

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