Ben Shapiro : African Americans Are Manipulated To Vote Democratic

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If 88 percent of African Americans are Voting Democratic why do they vote Democratic why is 88 percent we're not Talking 60 so 88 so I think there are a Couple of reasons for that one is that The the media have done an enormously Powerful PR job on Republicans Suggesting that Republicans are all White not only are they all white they Don't care about you and that's why you Know the Democrats are widely perceived As caring about black folks even though The cities that they govern have Actually not done very well for a lot of Black folks living in those cities as Kanye West is pointing out and he's Right about that you know I think the Other reason is that Republicans tend Not to talk a lot about morality in Politics they tend to talk about talk About Effectiveness in politics they'll Talk about an effective tax policy and If you're sitting there going yeah my Life isn't fair then how does that Appeal to you [Music]

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