Ben Shapiro: Victimhood Mentality Is Caused By Culture And Systems

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Do you think a system gives birth to Victim head mentality or is it the Individual that thinks that way I mean I I generally think that it's it's systems And cultures uh that that ingrain Victimhood mentality so I think that There are obviously government Incentives to believe that you're a Victim in some areas like welfare for Example I think that there are cultural Elements to to victimhood mentality and Again this is cross-racial if you read Hillbilly allergy by JD Vance he talks About you know white communities in uh In kind of the Appalachia area where There's this victimhood mentality and Grain I've been screwed something Happened to me and it's been handed down Generation to generation that you've Been screwed by the society at large and It comes from your parents Um yeah and then there's some people who Are just you know predisposed to being Complaining you know there's some Biological evidence and it's not racial In nature at all but every individual I Mean you know this in your own life Right you know people who you know Who've been you know kind of unhappy Since birth and people who are just born Happier there is some truth to them [Music]

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