Bernie Sanders EXPOSED In Congress For Being a Capitalist

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Charlie Kirk, Tom Ellsworth and Adam Sosnick react to Bernie Sanders being exposed in Congress.

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I want to talk about this wonderful Capitalist I don't know if you've ever Heard of him he's won the best Capitalists out there uh who uh uh it's Becoming a little bit more proud and Proud to talk about it his name is Bernie Sanders if you've heard this guy Before why doesn't he give his book away For free your anti-union as a CEO you're You're anti-union busting or your four Union busting I'm not saying you're Anti-union I'm just saying that it seems Like to me as a former CEO not nearly at The success that you were at sir and I'm Not trying to defend your company uh Because quite frankly politically we're On totally different ends of the Spectrum and so the irony of this Hearing is actually kind of worth around 70 million I do want to point out some Hypocrisy about this hearing with the Chairman watching this not trying to get Personal all this information is going To be very public but the fact that you Can't defend your company because you Want to have a good relationship with Your employees and you believe in Employee value which we all do any CEO Knows it's success of our companies are Based on our employees we get that Um but it seems like unions today all They want to do is fight with the with The with their their employees or their Employer the same employer that is

Hiring those those team members And that friction causes a a very Volatile and and and and and tough Workplace and if the company and the Employees aren't can you go 10 seconds 10 seconds Eight million keep going and and and Unions just test the 10 seconds But I take offense to to the chairman Pointing out all CEOs are corrupt Because they're millionaires You know if you make a lot of money You're you're corrupt if yet it's it's Bothering to me because Mr chairman you Yourself have been very successful Rightfully so glad you haven't you've Been in office for 28 years and your Wife has have immersed a wealth of over Eight million dollars and and in fact Your quote on on on being on being Wealthy and being a millionaires was Well if you write a bestseller you can Be a millionaire too If You Can Be A Millionaire why can't Mr Schultz and other CEOs be millionaires And be honest too If that's the case then why is it the Missile Schultz who actually creates Jobs and a bestseller of a book isn't Creating any jobs Why is it that he's corrupt and you're Not straight up when Adam why is it that All CEOs are corrupt because they're Wealthy and yet our chairman who is

Wealthy and I'm glad you are You're not So fast forward now when they have their Back and forth and he's trying to defend He says this is the most ridiculous Thing I've ever seen to be keep going There you go right there and lock go Ahead thank you well let me respond Mr Senator did mention my name I think And I think you got an all-time record Here you've made more misstatements in a Shorter period of time than I have ever Heard please correct well if I'm worth Eight million excuse me no public excuse Me yeah go ahead all right Excuse me yes Sir but I'm worth eight million dollars That's good news to me I'm not aware of it that's a lie all Right number two third of public records You're probably looking at some phony Right-wing into net stuff it ain't true No uh you should read beyond that it is Not true it's all right public records No it is not public right okay well you Made it not a million on your public Record you made it all right excuse me I've got the mic down number two Okay you can pause it here I'll get some Comments and then I'm going to show one Minute clip and then we'll wrap it up go Ahead when you see something like this With Bernie going after guys like Howard Schultz who's you know creative 400 2000 Jobs what do you think about this

Exchange I'm an entrepreneur you're an Entrepreneur creating values hard and it Takes risk and you need capital and you Need labor you need a balance between The two but you have not you have no Value created unless you have an Individual with a drive and the ambition To work the extra nights wake up the Early mornings and assume all of the Responsibility you see all Bernie looks At is the advantage but he does not Realize lies that at any time when he Was CEO of Starbucks while he was the Sole owner he could have been open to Lawsuits he could have been open to you Know Mass client walkouts and if it goes Bankrupt who's the one that then has to Go to bankruptcy court or the employees That go into bankruptcy court no they go Find another job no but when you're an Entrepreneur you're not saying okay I Want the upside but I want the downside And guess what most of businesses in America go to the downside Direction They do not succeed that doesn't mean They go bankrupt but they shut her they Fold or they get bought or they just Kind of tape her out and so it's very Easy to criticize Howard Schultz and I Have a lot of problems with Starbucks as A company politically but that is a Unbelievably hard business to scale I Can't think of I mean maybe your Business Patrick might be harder but I

Mean It's pretty impressive but I mean I Gotta be honest insurance is harder than Cost but think about it the late it's Labor intensive yeah it's a he turned a Commodity into something that was Special so coffee was never something That was you know considered to be an Experience are worth paying up for so he He up sold something that was just so Widespread that people would have in Their homes and you have to hire Hundreds of thousands of people the Turnover is immense you got to train Them you have to have the rent the and You got to scale it against also once You create the genre of coffee service Immediately of a thousand competitors Right Dunkin Donuts change their model Krispy Kremes and he still stayed Excellent and so McDonald's built Cafe Yes that's right and he still pummeled Them and he still did a good job and Their coffee's not even that good at Starbucks and he kept on doing it and I Mean I don't think it's very good Compared to most other but I think it's Admirable the way Howard Schultz Defended himself because he said look I Earned that money and that's my one of My favorite words in the English Language right is earn that's right and He tried to cut them off by the way That's right and Bernie Sanders has not

Earned anything yeah now he might have Some book deals or whatever but Bernie Sanders has never because he's a bum he Was a bum mayor of Burlington he was a Bummed failed congressman and he's a bum Senator he's never created any value in His life where he's had to say you know What I'm gonna take risk I'm going to Assume responsibility to create Voluntary Value or someone's going to want to Transact with me and so Bernie Sanders Enjoys being rich he does not know what It takes to get there but it's really The core element of the Socialist Um worldview resentment I want to show This time I love that by the way for the Longest time he would always criticize Millionaires millionaires and Billionaires Millionaires and Billionaires Millionaires and Billionaires there's this one minute Clip that was done by Think Progress They're no longer around it was done it Was ran by a guy named Judd I want to Say and you know they were more on the Hillary Clinton side so they did not Like a socialist getting the momentum That we're getting for American progress So he made this video this one minute Video on Twitter if you can go to it With the timeline it's not this one Rob If you can find it he made this one Minute video it's just go to my Twitter

Go back to my Twitter account and uh if If you Oh you should find it Rob if you again This is when I text you as well Right there right there if you can zoom Out on that one now watch this when you Zoom out Okay play from the beginning just watch When he stops saying millionaires [Music] If I'm a millionaire one Millionaires And billionaires it's a billionaires and Millionaires the Millionaires and Billionaires [Music] See this when he gets the ball Proliferation of millionaires and Billionaires now watch Millionaires and Billionaires of millionaires and Billionaires billionaires and Billionaires billionaires and Billionaires this video is made by Democrats billionaires Millionaires and Billionaires Millionaires and Billionaires Millionaires and Billionaires Boom now he's a millionaire 2016. this Is a budget of the billionaire class by The billionaire class and for the Billionaire class but enough and his Administration billionaires billionaires And the wealthiest people billionaires And the wealthy a handful of Billionaires another billionaires it's

Billionaires allow billionaires for Multi-millionaires and billionaires of Multi-millionaires and billionaires One percent We will be an Administration For the Working Families of this country and not For billionaire campaign contributors The day he becomes a billionaire would Be called the trillionaires I mean That's that's his formula right on what He does Charlie you see someone like That what do you think about I got a lot of work to do because he Influences a lot of young people And it's very easy to be generous of Other people's money Value is hard to come by a free society Allows people to use their reason and Their agency and their abilities to Create something ex-nihilo out of Nothing and we live in the wealthiest Most prosperous Society ever for a Reason and he's trying to stop that his Ideas are directly against what has made The society so wealthy and prosperous And which really is that entrepreneurial Underbelly so if you like this clip and You want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right here [Music]

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