“Best Choice Is Nikki Haley” – Chris Cuomo’s SHOCKING Prediction For Donald Trump’s VP Pick

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by Chris Cuomo as they discuss Donald Trump’s potential VP picks for 2024.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Donald Trump Jr says he's lobbying his Father to pick a fighter like Tucker Carlson or V to be his running mate Okay so uh uh what I want in that role Junior says is I want a fighter he told New York Post I understand what they're Going to throw at us the vicious nature Of the swamp and the insanity we see on A daily basis you need someone who can Take those hits junior said he has been Pushing candidates like JD Vance and Former presidential candidate VI Ramaswami right-wing Fox TV host Tucker Carlson Trump Jr filmed answering Reporters questions in a video published By a New York Post said he would love to See Tucker Carlson go up against Cala Harris that would be fun do you agree With Him um one contextually I don't think His father is taking his recommendations I don't talk about the kids out of Respect for the family even though They're all adults um but ramaswami is a Fighter there's no question about that Uh totally more combative than tuer Carlson is certainly uh but neither of Them are even close to the realm of Possibility I believe the best choice For Donald Trump is Nikki Haley uh I I Really do and I know that that is uh People on the left don't like me saying That trumpers don't like me saying that But she absolutely helps him with a

Slice of women that he has to to be Worried about and it would also show his Ability to reach across um she would not Scare people away in that party as to Being competent God forbid something Happens to the president um it would Absolutely give him an advantage over Biden because Biden has a VP candidate That people do not want to be president So uh I I thought that it made sense Just from a healing component I know he Doesn't like her but so what he's Completely transaction I got a question I got two questions for you so okay so Let's Uh strategy so announcement is made President Donald Trump announces his VP Choice it's Nikki Haley okay one uh the Left loses their Minds The Establishment says okay now That we know he chose Trump Wall Street Jam diamond would consider it Griffin is In this guy's in the establishment money Now comes towards Trump okay that's one Two uh Donald Trump Ann announces his Vice president pick it's Nikki Haley Mega oh hell no she is establishment she Is there's no way in the world okay Which is going to be more dangerous and More coming with consequences is there More benefit for doing it or is it more Cons for doing it I think it's easy on The benefit side because who's not going To vote for Trump who's a Trumper right

He's not losing any vote and as soon as He says by the way Nikki Haley I don't Like some of the things she said but at Least she had the balls to say it and She's okay with me I think 80% of it Goes away there um and if you're a Trumper you're a Trumper and he needs Help with women and independent voters Okay followup Nikki Haley who's better Than her by the way Tulsi gabard what do You think about Tulsi I've always been Very impressed by Tulsi Gabbert um how Do trumpers feel about a Democrat Leaving and and joining maybe they've Already crossed that bridge with Tulsi I Would give the appraisal this way I Think Nikki Haley gives Tulsi gabard all She can handle in a heads up competition No disrespect to Tulsa Gabbert i' I I Enjoy talking to her and I enjoy her Process whether or not you agree is Again a third level concern for me but I Think Nikki Haley uh is absolutely can Go toe-to-toe with her okay so what does Nikki have that Tulsi doesn't have Legitimacy from what standpoint of all Of the electability quotients she's been In a primary uh she beat an entire field She was going toe-to-toe with Trump she Showed she could raise the money she Showed she could deal with the media I Mean she's been tested she was a Governor well positions aside yeah a Governor and an ambassador she's been

Part of Trump's Administration but she's Been through The Crucible okay so now if You're a represent if you're the Campaign manager let's just say you're Selling Tulsi how do you sell Tulsi Against Nikki what's tulsi's Edge Disruption disruption and we're Team Trump we're all about disruption who's a More of a Democrat Nikki Haley or Tulsa Gabard I don't even know what it means To be a Democrat anymore because they Don't talk policies um I think that uh Tulsi gabard has a lot of domestic Policies that are still traditionally Democratic policies uh foreign policy And the origination of how to use power In government is where she differs Nikki Haley does not really hold anything That's even close to Center left let Alone left in terms of social policy I Think both of them are uh Anti-reproductive rights though I think They're both in line with the change That was made in the law but Nikki's big I mean but I besides the apologize like She's been talking trash about him for The whole year what two years a year and A half that and on top of the fact that She is legitimately a war hawk every Debate that we went to it was let's bomb Russia let's go fight with Iran you know What while we're at it just China just Let's just bomb the [ __ ] everybody Trump

Is the is the only one that hasn't Started a war I don't see how that would Play out where somebody wants to fight And the president shut up you think so Yeah when's the last time you heard of a Vice president other than Biden saying What he said about gay marriage yeah That that was pretty wild I mean they Shut up I understand why Trump would Want to fight her in there but if you Just look at trying to win this election The reason that they lost the midterms In 2022 was one issue women's rights I Just was up model volleyball this week Bunch of footage coming out I asked Every girl out there what is your number One issue women's rights abortion Reproductive Rights so if you're trying To move the movable middle trying to Move The Independents trying to move the Women you need a female candidate that's Why at the top of the list if you could Scroll down Rob I've said it before I've Said it for the last six months the Number one person on the list is still Christy Noom so um Tulsi Gabbert's in The mix sure Nikki Haley's in the mix Elise stonic in the mix I think Vic Would be the best at whatever you put Him at treasury Commerce whatever Tucker's Building out his Network it's Going to be a female this day and age V Ramas Swami think about it he's he's He's brown he's down and guess what he

Could do all he has to do brown and he's Brown and he's down guess what he's down The clown and in this climate all he has To do is say you know what I identify as A woman he'll be the first he could what Wait one are you going to laugh and and Tell him it's transgender visibility Like I he could come out as a woman Rob Don't laugh this is serious all right Not on Easter all he has to do is say I'm a woman I'm a woman and I'm Brown And I'm Down's go look at the VP look at The VP right here Chrome 4 and A2 Tim Scott 5 to Alise stanic she's a beast 8 To1 F gabard Beast VI Beast Nikki sixth Place Carson's there Sarah huab be Sanders Beast Bill O'Reilly says uh it Must be Sanders really what do you mean he he Says that Sanders is the only one that Checks all the boxes necessary to be his Running bait uh I disagree with the Analysis cuz I think you're not getting Giving enough influence to Trump saying This is who I want yeah I I think that That's nobody gave two FS about who Mike Pence was in 2016 well did we all just Slip up to Adam look who's the like I Don't know if you guys just look who's Number three in the Vegas odds look Nobody nobody's really talking about That Michelle Obama is still third if God forbid something happens to Joseph Vinnie Vinnie this is where I'm going to

Just remind you to use your memory and Math yeah uh she was 9 to1 about 2 Months ago now she's 14 to1 uh gav was 20 to1 the fact that they have Jo Biden She's she's more likely than RFK RFK That's what I'm saying she hasn't even Announced that by the way that's been The same thing for months but what You're missing what is Joe Biden's Numbers are deadly close to Trump these Days they were very separated about a Month ago oh yeah so it's a two-headed Monster race at this point your Michelle Obama theor That's why Bob is so Important yes that's why Bob right now Bobby can if not right now if he can get On enough State ballots and that's a big If he keeps shutting me down every time I ask him saying it's not an if it's a When I'll definitely be on I just don't Understand how that happens it's really Hard it's one of the best best aspects Of the poison political system is what The parties D to you get get the balls Because they how did Ross per do it they Bury you how does the green party do how Does the libertarian party do it they're Real those are parties with Infrastructure that work on it over the Course of Cycles okay they contest you Every set of signatures so you need 100,000 signatures they'll want you to Prove every one of those 100,000 people That's very expensive in times and so

Here's what I want to do if you're Watching is do you agree with Chris's Assessment on Nikki Haley do you do you Have some concerns that maybe he's not Paying attention to and he's got some Blind spots why don't you man him and Ask him the question on just bring up His man send them a man right there by The way Chris responds very quickly and He may even send you a video or an audio Depending on whatever you pay for to Give his perspective on Nikki Haley and Maybe you give your argument and say I Don't think so because of XYZ or Anything else that was discusted and if You can go to the other Manor Rob with Everybody else you got Vinnie Adam Tom Anybody else here that you want to ask a Question on man download the app start Manting today so if you like this clip And you want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right Here

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