Biblical Series: Exodus | Pharaoh, Free Will, and Punishment | Episode 5 Clip

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In Exodus Part 5, Jordan and the round table discuss chapters nine through twelve. The key themes discussed are free will, tyranny, and sacrifice. They address the following current events: Tyranny (Stalin, Jong-Un, Putin, and Hitler), having children in today’s climate, and the COVID-19 lockdowns.


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And the man Moses was very great in the Land of Egypt in the sight of Pharaoh's Servants and in the sight of the people And Moses said shall we have a pharaoh Who did not know Joseph But loved Joseph and now what do we have Another Jew who the Egyptians adore It's just ironic right right Joseph and Now Moses That that language is used of Joseph as Well isn't it yeah let's see with regard To the people no I don't think so but They knew he saved their lives so but in This case did they I don't know if they Adored him at least it says Joseph No Moses they say he was great okay So both of them were great in this Question for sure Joseph they love That's for sure where are you Emotionally I'm just curious about this In like are you when you're reading this Or you're reading this in eager Anticipation of the Pharaoh being Punished are you reading this in Trepidation and because I remember it Was just me it's more trepidation it's Like I think because I probably identify With the Pharaoh you do well yeah you Think about losing a child yeah just About the consequences of your own Stupidity it's like are you feeling are You feeling Vindicated right like Vengeful that you're hoping that the Pharaoh is going to get his are you

Feeling remorse in empathy for what's Coming what is your emotional because I Remember I used to read in like high School history when you'd read like World War one and World War II it's like You have that sense of being it's Constant like I really hope that America Wins right like you're you have this Emotional positioning in relation to Reading history even if you know the Outcome and I'm just curious but in this Like there's this this growing looming Threat as if God is saying this is don't Know if you don't listen this is where We're going he's not telling you where We're going yet it's almost like a very It's like in a movie right you can feel The music like coming up and you can Feel the threat and you know like please Let it stop before it reaches that point You don't even know where it's going and Then once it gets there I I don't think Is it possible to not feel sad for the Egyptians and to not feel sympathy and To not wish that the Pharaoh had broken Before and it's like you get there and You're like Dennis how about you Uh I hope Pharaoh gets his yeah I I Admit I knew I can count on him what About the Egyptians I was like that's Why I was just waiting I was like is That a good sign or a bad stuff He's clearly the villain and yes exactly

I want villains to get punished I don't Know I I'm but do you want the villains To learn before they have to pay the Ultimate price that's such a Christian Question I know that's why that's why I don't get the damage they learned Before they die I I want them to die Yeah because I I'm more concerned with Good people I don't want good people to Suffer so so whether Pharaoh learns or Knob is between pharaoh and Pharaoh but Between pharaoh and me he has to be Punished but the great lesson which is Of course unlearned like most great Lessons is people people do really like Tyrants I there's no way around that One of you mentioned this and I didn't So I didn't bother commenting on it but Polls in in Russia prior to uh to Ukraine uh showed the increasing Proportions of of the Russian people Adore Stalin yeah well that's the same Thing that happens to the Israelites They complained to Moses because they Want a monarch no they want to go back To Egypt Okay Order and the greatness of Russia I know Russians now also one might Admire the order there's always order Under retirement That's okay But they still are happy when the Tyrant There's also some question about the Veracity of polling under Stalin

Nostalgia for but some of that's Ignorance too you know they look back And they just see the greatness so to Speak right but it's willful ignorance Yeah I know but don't you think in this Text it is clear it's either like in the Second it's clear that there is this It's trying to show us that the people Of Egypt now find these Israelites find Favor in their sight they're giving them Jewels and things for them to leave and They had they see Moses as being very Powerful in this site and then in the Text itself it switches right away to Saying now all the firstborn will die And he says of the Pharaoh and then he Says to the woman behind the mill And so it's like right in the text a few Verses from each other you see that People have compassion for the Israelites and then it says no but their Children are going to die too that's why I feel like they're Sense in which we're meant to have Compassion even for the Egyptians Takeoff and how many Germans Were grateful for the order that Hitler Seemed to bring and then they suddenly Realized Chaos pretend not to defend the Germans But it is fair to say that Hitler didn't Get a majority of the vote the Nazis Didn't get a majority vote but between The Communists and the Nazis they did

Get a majority the The Tyranny parties Did did went out I'm with you Yeah yeah thank you Daily that Putin monkey has come up I Really do pray your point of willful Blindness I mean that holds both ways Like you have polling now about Communism right you have pulled I think This has to do with with like we a Generational remove from the horrors of Both Stalin and what happened in Communism right so right it is both Directions you mean both willful and and Just normal is that what you're saying I Mean that it's not just that people look Back fondly on tyrants people look back On me and communism that were they were Removed from a certain distance of it so The willful blindness and the ignorance Isn't listen the the number of Americans And and and English who gave Stalin the Bomb Uh the the flirtation with tyranny on The part of western intellectuals is Among the most depressing facts of the 20th century the Eastern European Eastern Europeans have experienced they Don't that's right but I mean what like When we're polling today Yeah in the west if you pull down Communism right and likewise with with Tyranny like if you know if Stalin's do What percentage of Harvard seniors do You think could identify Pol Pot

Like I would say five percent Yeah I think you're probably being Optimistic on that okay I mean when I Taught about the gulag catastrophes or The catastrophes Never heard of any of that that's really Any of them today have heard of salt and Vincent oh sir oh oh that's a given but Paul plump you know what the great Mass Murderers he killed a quarter of his own People by the way these tyrants killed Hitler is the only of of the tyrants That didn't mostly Slaughter his own People Paul putt killed cambodians Mao killed Chinese Stalin killed Russians it's it and they And they're still held in esteem how About Mussolini well he wasn't a mass Murderer he's not in their category he Was a tyrant but he's not in their Category Italians don't make that type yeah the Italians make lousy tyrants yeah

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