Biden Ranked Higher Than Trump & Reagan: Analysis by The New York Times

In a recent analysis by The New York Times, President Biden has emerged as a higher-ranked leader compared to both Trump and Reagan. Explore the insightful findings and comparisons in this blog post.

Biden Ranked Higher Than Trump & Reagan: Analysis by The New York Times


The ranking of presidents can be a contentious issue, as recent debates surrounding the rankings of Joe Biden and Donald Trump have shown. A New York Times report revealed surprising results, sparking discussions among political experts. Let’s dive into the analysis of why Biden was ranked higher than Trump and even iconic presidents like Reagan.

The Rankings Revelation

The New York Times report created a stir among political circles, with Joe Biden being named the 14th Best President Ever, while Donald Trump found himself at the tail end of the list. These rankings were determined through an online survey of political science experts and scholars.

  • Joe Biden’s high ranking raised eyebrows, placing him above historical figures like Reagan and Grant.
  • On the other hand, the decision to rank Trump last garnered significant attention and controversy.

Experts’ Expressions of Disbelief

Prominent figures such as Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana delved into the rankings during a lively discussion. The panel expressed disbelief at Trump’s placement, especially below historically controversial presidents like Buchanan.

  • Patrick Bet-David, as the founder of Valuetainment Media and author of “Your Next Five Moves,” offered valuable insights into the rankings.
  • The experts’ discussions shed light on the methodologies and criteria used in the rankings.

Criticisms Faced

Despite the rigorous process employed in the rankings, criticism emerged regarding the decision to place Trump below presidents with controversial legacies. The analysis invited scrutiny and debate, adding layers to the ongoing conversation around presidential legacies.

  • The controversy highlighted the subjective nature of such rankings and the diverse perspectives within the political landscape.
  • The unexpected rankings prompted discussions on the evolving perceptions of presidential leadership and legacies.

Valuetainment’s Positive Outlook

Valuetainment, a platform known for promoting a positive message of “Future Looks Bright,” seized the opportunity to engage its audience further. By offering VIP tickets as part of a promotional campaign tied to the rankings, the platform generated buzz and excitement among its followers.

  • The promotion highlighted the fusion of current events with marketing strategies to drive engagement and interest.
  • Valuetainment’s approach exemplified the intersection of media, politics, and branding in shaping public discourse.


The rankings by The New York Times, placing Joe Biden above Donald Trump and Reagan, opened up a dialogue on the complexities of evaluating presidential legacies. As political landscapes evolve, so do the narratives surrounding leadership and historical significance.


  1. How were the rankings of Joe Biden and Donald Trump conducted?
  2. Who were some of the experts that participated in the discussion of the rankings?
  3. What criticisms did the rankings face from the public and political analysts?
  4. Why was Valuetainment involved in promoting the rankings?
  5. What implications do these rankings hold for future assessments of presidential leadership?
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