Biden Urged to Seek Musk’s Help as Tesla Job Cuts Hit Hard on Biden’s Electric Vehicle Plans

In the wake of significant job cuts at Tesla impacting President Biden’s electric vehicle initiatives, calls have emerged for Biden to engage with Elon Musk for support. Explore the potential collaboration between the government and Tesla in advancing electric vehicle goals.

Biden Urged to Seek Musk’s Help as Tesla Job Cuts Hit Hard on Biden’s Electric Vehicle Plans


As job cuts loom over Tesla, concerns arise about the impact on President Biden’s ambitious electric vehicle agenda. With Elon Musk eliminating the supercharger team, the future of Tesla becomes unclear, raising questions about the company’s stability in the evolving market.

Suggestions for Biden to Seek Assistance from Elon Musk

  1. Collaboration with Elon Musk: Exploring avenues for cooperation between the Biden administration and Musk could be pivotal in overcoming challenges in the electric vehicle sector.
  2. Utilizing Musk’s Expertise: Leveraging Musk’s innovative solutions and experience in EV infrastructure development could accelerate progress towards sustainable transportation goals.

Need to Ensure Wide Access to Charging Infrastructure for EV Revolution

In light of Tesla’s charging infrastructure, ensuring broad access becomes crucial for advancing the EV revolution. Opening Tesla’s chargers to other automakers could foster collaboration and drive the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Tesla Stock Decline and Potential Removal from Magnificent 7

Amid uncertainties surrounding Tesla’s future, the company’s stock decline raises alarms about its position among the Magnificent 7. While other automakers rely on Musk for charging infrastructure, the shifting dynamics in the industry urge swift action to address challenges and retain Tesla’s competitive edge.


In conclusion, the collaboration between President Biden and Elon Musk emerges as a strategic move to navigate the obstacles confronting the electric vehicle domain. Seeking Musk’s assistance could unlock new possibilities and propel the industry towards a sustainable future.


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