Black Holes, Time Travel, and the Origin of the Universe | Dr. Brian Keating | EP 348

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Dr. Brian Keating discuss long-held theories of cosmology, from the big bang to the expansion of the universe, and why we might be totally wrong.

Dr. Brian Keating is a cosmologist, inventor, author, academic, and podcast host. He focuses on the exploration of the big bang, prodding current theories, and building arrays to test them. He has published two bestselling books: “Losing the Nobel Prize” in 2018 and “Think Like a Nobel Prize Winner” in 2021. Keating is the inventor of the BICEP and BICEP2 Array, which are used to study the inception of the universe, and he holds multiple patents for components found within these systems. Keating also hosts the podcast “Into the Impossible,” which boasts Nobel Prize winning guests, renowned scientists from across fields, and a continuous top ten spot in the science category.

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– Chapters –

(0:00) Coming up
(1:30) Intro
(3:14) Keating’s research, proving everyone else wrong
(5:55) Telescopes are time machines
(8:04) Webb telescope, invisible light
(13:49) Blue and red shifts
(15:30) More than one galaxy
(17:04) The universe is becoming more diluted
(18:35) Olber’s Paradox, Edgar Allen Poe
(21:45) Hubbles Law, Hubbles Constant
(25:42) Stephen Hawking, expansion and contraction
(29:25) Einstein was wrong? Dark Energy
(33:01) Precision cosmology
(38:41) Going back 13.8 billion years
(44:00) Cosmic microwave background radiation
(47:55) Gravitational radiation
(51:44) Three properties of light
(54:04) A consequence of dust
(56:03) Father figures
(58:05) BICEP, almost conclusive
(59:20) A brief schematic of time
(1:01:50) How the periodic table emerged
(1:05:24) Plasma, the forth state of matter
(1:07:40) AI and Einstein’s happiest thought
(1:09:57) Entropy and unexpected emergence
(1:12:02) Everything hinges on curvature
(1:14:13) Deviation from symmetry
(1:15:29) Detecting the smoking gun
(1:18:00) Inflation, infinite potential
(1:20:05) Theological Cosmology theories
(1:21:09) Mirror universes and the multiverse
(1:23:10) Sea of probability
(1:25:29) Lean into that which would devastate you
(1:29:50) When you recognize your dragon
(1:33:00) Scientists and religion
(1:38:09) Teaching teaching
(1:40:50) Most discoveries aren’t real
(1:45:40) Meteorites and magnetic illusions
(1:49:50) Systematic contaminates, how to mitigate
(1:52:28) Moses and the edge of perception


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