“Black Holocaust” – Candace Owens Says Planned Parenthood Murdered Black Americans

Patrick Bet-David hosts Candace Owens and Chris Cuomo LIVE from Valuetainment’s 5990 Live!

Joining Patrick, Candace and Chris are Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana. In this clip, they discuss the holocause for black people, how the U.S. government enslaves Americans thru social services, and LBJ’s racist programs.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

I watched a video uh just this morning By the way so I brought this video into Rob this morning I watched this African-American lady talking about Abortion and it just popped up on my Phone I'm like what a way she explained An ex-boyfriend of hers she had that was A rich guy and she explain abortion in a Way that's fascinating Rob if you can Play this clip I want to get everyone's Reaction on this because is there a part Of the government forcing people to need The government so they do what they need Them to do to control that voting block I don't know but hear her argument here Go ahead they don't got abortion clinics At the border they they're telling us as American women specifically black American women we need to abort our Children but if you coming across the Border with your baby oh come to the Land of milk and honey the great land of Opportunity we'll take care of you Joe Biden even said I'll give illegal Immigrants coming across the border $400,000 a piece can you imagine if they Were to go to that black single mother Living living in the hood not even $400,000 offer $4,000 cuz I know some Black women that can make something to Jump with 4,000 offer her 40,000 you Know why they'll never give us that Because they know that we'll never need Them again welfare reminds me of of an

Old man I used to date I was in a Relationship with him for 11 years he Would never marry me right but whenever My bills were do I would tell him he Would give me just enough he had a whole Lot of money he would give me just Enough Rent do $1,200 he give me $1,200 not one In over because he knew that every month The rent was due that I would have to Come back to him he wouldn't give me $100,000 and say here baby bump that go Buy you a house and start you a business Cuz then he felt like I wouldn't need Him the government system is the same Way when it comes to Black Americans They'll never give us enough to get over And get up it's only enough to make sure We continue to come back every 30 days So that we can remain slaves to their System wow Wow Thoughts thoughts it's a fact I mean Trillions of dollars spent on the Welfare system black Americans are Poorer today than when it was Established here's another fact in the 1950s under Jim Crow laws black Americans were outpacing white Americans In terms of economic growth that's During Jim Crow before they even said Civil Rights Act and now you get your Equal rights lynon Bane Johnson as I Said factually the reason why they don't

Want people to know their history or Learn history or be able to read books It's because when you have those Capabilities you recognize how Absolutely Sinister and how avowedly Racist lynon Banes Johnson was don't Believe me check his record in the Senate right every time there was a Measure to help black Americans he voted Against it uh virulently and so you have That they create this system and the System literally says we will give you More money if you don't marry the father Of your children to break down the black Family you fast forward today you you Look at the circumstance in Black America how black Americans are Suffering and and how they can't Attribute it back to the very same People they actually go say we need more Governance in order to fix this right Because you have these things like BLM That pop up that are sponsored by the Government that convince black Americans To Riot and to loot down their own Neighborhoods to set them backwards even Further and they are completely duded in Believing that it's the white man that Is causing these issues when it has Always been the government that has Caused these issues and abortion is an Infuriating topic again knowing history Seeing women parrot things like my body My choice and not knowing where that

Literal birth control propaganda and Abortion propaganda came from well you Should read Margaret sanger's writings She wrote a piece called birth control Propaganda she was another avowed racist And a vowed eugenesis not just towards Black Americans because at that time Italians were coming in Germans were Coming in I think I saw on your Wikipedia your grandpa came in an 1890 They hated them too uh they were racist Toward them too and her thing was and She wrote this to Dr Clarence Gamble Dr Clarence Gamble of the Proctor and Gamble family a rich kid who inherited a Million dollars just for being born in The right family who was also concerned About immigrants and black people Procreating she wrote a letter you can Go look it up we don't want word to get Out that we want to sterilize the black Race so how do we package to them she Said we can make an appeal to their Ministers we can go to their churches And tell them to sell this sort of a Thing and so it's infuriating I I I look Forward to the day when we can stand Outside of a Planned Parent Hood clinic And it will be a holocaust museum for The black people that have been murdered Systematically intentionally by Racists Rob can you can you pull up that Chart of 1964 what Lyndon Johnson did if You can zoom in on this a little bit so

This is it's not showing the top this is Showing the growth of unwit childbearing In the US from 1929 to 2013 and this is from the US Government Census Bureau If you look at what it was back in the Early from 1930 to 1960 we're at around 4% okay is where we at we were at lynon Johnson comes in war on poverty begins We go all the way up to 41% today in America at a time where the World average is around 7% and China and India are at 4 and 3% and we're sitting At 41% it's a travesty what some of these Bad policies did to this incredible Community so Chris why do you think uh Uh you know Stephen A Smith you and I And Stephen A are friends and you know Uh we'll be in some group te group text And you know you guys um you know we'll Have our conversations together but Stephen A gets up there and he Challenges what's going on and I you Know remind him of one time when he said You know I think what the Democrats need To do is they need to not vote Democrat And vote Republican for one time and see What happens right it's easy to say that But then it's actually go through it Right and God knows today's a very hard Time for a guy like that it's also not Easy to say it not even for a black man Very very hard to say it and he got a

Lot of heat for and he still continues To get heat when he had his first guft I Think he had on his podcast was Hannity You were the second one that he had on The podcast right and and he's in sports Culture so he has influence in a very Different way right why do you think uh You know the the data we're looking why Do you think this lady who's telling the Story that she's said why do you think If she is giving her perspective and in Candace is talking about the history why Do you think this keeps happening over And over again specifically with the Black vote because it works it works Works for the system it works for the People ow it works for them to continue Uh to keep voting blocks dependent on Them you know look one of the good Things is you know 10 years ago maybe I Eight we would have never seen that Video uh the the access of people to be Able to tell their stories now and put Out information and perspective I mean Is there risk with it yeah you know you Can get sold things people can lie and All that but seem really impressive but There's an upside also um look why did China come up with its social credit System uh because power loves to shape Behavior power loves to shape Behavior Power loves to create Conformity and That's why it's establishment versus Disruption right now in America cuz

We're dealing with Here as well one here I know very few Things for sure I know that the system Has failed us of the two- party system I Know it's the root of these problems I Know it is I also know that we are doing Ourselves a massive disservice by Getting away from Conversation one of the reasons that This matters to me and that I am happy To be here with Candace and with Patrick And with the home team fellas and with You guys we are healing ourselves by Denying ourselves conversation Stephen A Smith getting beat up as a black man for Saying things that aren't popular on the Left first of all is just nuts right I Mean it's the guy can't say what he Wants to say about people like him Without getting beat up by a bunch of White people who all of a sudden are Going to say that they're covering the Mantle and now I say this I sit here Next to her and now all of a sudden People are going to make a big list of Assumptions about everything that I'm About shame on you I think that we're killing ourselves With this part of the answer has to be What you've been trying to do so much Pat and it's why I wanted to get to know You and it's why the more I get to know You the more I love you is you got to Let people say how they feel and when

It's not making sense to you you check It there's nothing wrong with that we do That in our real lives all the time but When it comes to politics all of a Sudden you don't just disagree with me It's not that you're in favor of voter ID I'm not in favor of voter ID um and Therefore I am evil and hate Jesus and Uh should go directly to the fifth Circle of hell Um who does this benefit see that you Want to talk Conspiracy whatever here's mine okay one I believe that there's a conspiracy of Foot that keeps Tuna from biting my bait Uh because other people catch I don't Catch I think it's dirty second who is Benefiting from this who is benefiting From if Candace and I don't Disagree she's got to be bad this is a Bad person right here car Tucker's Favorite world he doesn't mean it this Way I think by the way I'll get beat up For saying that but he uses the word Evil a lot whenever he says that he Doesn't agree with a position he'll be Like oh I don't know why uh Biden is Saying this he is evil for saying this That's just his default mechanism but Tucker yet sat down with me I don't know If if you heard we sat down Tucker and I Have the same Lawyer so when uh Tucker lost his job my Lawyer said to me who's a beautiful guy

I won't say his name because then people Will hate him for no reason um that he's Like hey uh would you call Tucker Carlson and talk to him about how he's Processing all this stuff that's going On with him because you went uh through It and I was like Ah no man I I really don't want to call Tucker Carlson he chewed on my behind Like it was a dog toy for years and I Wound up calling Him Because why not you you don't want to Try to if you can't help somebody you Don't do it and I became ashamed of Myself that that was my reflex because Of what I think about the guy's politics And a little bit because he was kicking My butt gratuitously on a regular basis But that shouldn't be demonized why is My phone literally hot right now from All the comments as word spreads that I'm having a conversation with Tucker Carlson why are all these people killing Me for sitting down with the guy why who Is that Benefiting why is it that if Candace Comes on my Show they'll be hell to pay then the Crazier question is why do I keep doing It why I don't get paid to be Controversial I don't have a following Okay I don't have a it's EAS much easier To pick a side you want to be a star in

The media pick a side pick a side and if I were you I would pick the right cuz You guys are much more loyal to your Side than the left is uh be a star be Telegenic make good arguments do a Little bit of homework pick a side who's Benefiting from that I really think you Got to start asking yourselves that Question because we demonize Disagreement one of the reasons that This has been so Cool is that you realize that you may Not agree but it doesn't mean that you You Hate and they're making us hate one Another even in Biden's tone last night Okay and again they all took this low Bar idea from me by the way I'm the one Who said it this morning that you set Biden up for Success whether or not he Has a stroke is the new measure of the American President um that's pathetic that's Pathetic Tom's right in his analysis of What he didn't deliver last night but Why we're going to hear about that all Weekend why would he but why would he Deliver any of those things his tone why Is the left happy about Biden this Morning one because he didn't have his Stroke right two he was aggressive he's Got fight he was taking it to Trump what Is this UFC is that what we want tomorrow is

That what you want is for to see who's The angriest who's the meanest who does That benefit start asking yourself the Question of who benefits from keeping You divided because this is the answer Not hitting myself in the mic which I'm Sure you enjoy this is the conversation Is the answer they don't want you to Have Conversations and you should ask Yourself why Candace final thoughts Final thoughts I think you know first And foremost I also use the word evil Because I but I do separate I think There are people that you know blindly Support evil and their hearts are in the Right place then I think there are People that are aware of the evil and They continue to support it because they Feel you know it figuratively Butters Their bread they're getting paid for it In some regard they're being lobbied for It in some regard and then there are the People who are plotting at the top the Criminal Enterprise that is running this Country um and I would love to see a Chart by the way when you show how poor Americans are getting I'd like to see How rich the politicians are getting Right cuz like they're just getting Richer and Rich you see their account That tracks their stock trades I have a Buddy who's been trading on those trades As an aggregate he's up 16% yeah yeah

They do pretty good Chris be careful Saying that you may get canceled the Establishment may come after you Specifically You just offended Nancy Pelosi that's Very offensive so if you like this clip And you want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right Here

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