Blackwater’s Erik Prince Alleges Chinese Cyber Attack as Cause of AT&T Outage

In a recent turn of events, Erik Prince from Blackwater has pointed fingers at a Chinese cyber attack as the culprit behind the recent AT&T outage. Join us as we dive into the details surrounding this alarming claim.

Blackwater’s Erik Prince Alleges Chinese Cyber Attack as Cause of AT&T Outage


Recently, the world was shaken by the allegations made by Blackwater founder, Erik Prince, regarding a possible Chinese cyber attack being the cause behind the AT&T outage. This revelation has raised significant concerns about the extensive cyber warfare capabilities of China and the potential implications for international cybersecurity. Let’s delve deeper into this alarming scenario and explore the complexities surrounding Chinese cyber threats.

The Allegation: Erik Prince Points Finger at China

Erik Prince, in a riveting interview with Patrick Bet-David, did not mince words when he suggested that the AT&T outage might have sinister origins linked back to Chinese cyber warfare tactics. Prince, known for his straightforward demeanor, emphasized the need to investigate the possibility of foreign entities, particularly China, orchestrating such disruptive activities.

The Threat Magnitude: Is China Testing the Waters?

  1. Trial Run for Aggressive Actions: Could the alleged Chinese cyber attack on AT&T serve as a preliminary trial for more extensive and hostile operations targeting critical infrastructures globally?
  2. CI Capabilities at Play: China’s formidable capabilities, including its utilization of Confucius Institutes and the United Front Works Department in the US, raise red flags about the depth of their infiltration.
  3. Leveraging the Chinese Diaspora: The presence of the Chinese diaspora in the US poses a potential loophole that China could exploit for covert cyber actions, further complicating the cybersecurity landscape.

Erik Prince’s Insights: Gauging the Possibility Criteria

  1. 70% Likelihood of China’s Involvement: With an astute estimation of a 70% chance of Chinese interference in the AT&T incident, Erik Prince highlights the pressing need for vigilance against cyber threats.
  2. Asymmetric Warfare Expertise: China’s prowess in asymmetric warfare techniques could translate into disruptive actions like election interference, posing a grave concern for global stability.

Impact Beyond Cyber Realms: Fentanyl Menace and Covert Operations

  1. Fentanyl Epidemic Link: The detrimental linkage between China and the Fentanyl epidemic plaguing the US underscores the multifaceted harm caused by Chinese actions on American society.
  2. Covert Actions Unveiled: The intricate web of Chinese involvement in cyber warfare points to a broader strategy encompassing covert measures, raising pertinent questions about safeguarding national interests.


In conclusion, the allegations made by Erik Prince regarding a Chinese cyber attack as the probable cause of the AT&T outage shed light on the escalating concerns surrounding cybersecurity threats posed by China. The intricate interplay of cyber warfare tactics, asymmetric strategies, and covert operations underscore the imperative need for robust cybersecurity measures on a global scale.


  1. Is there concrete evidence supporting Erik Prince’s claims of a Chinese cyber attack on AT&T?

  2. What preventive measures can be implemented to mitigate the risks posed by potential Chinese cyber threats?

  3. How does China’s involvement in the Fentanyl epidemic relate to its cyber warfare capabilities?

  4. What role can international cooperation play in addressing cybersecurity challenges posed by China?

  5. In what ways can the Chinese diaspora in the US be safeguarded against potential exploitation by China for cyber operations?

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