“Boxing Has The Highest Rate Of People Dying!” – Bas Rutten Reveals SHOCKING Facts About Boxing

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In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Bas Rutten and Adam Sosnick talk about the difference between bare knuckle boxing and with gloves.

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You said once you said you would rather You think it's safer to do a bare Knuckles fight than with gloves I mean That's be to the average person like Bass what are you talking about bare Knuckles is safer than gloves why would You say that CTE wise yes because bare Knuckles the glove got invented because To protect the hand right we all a lot Of people think the head it's not Because people were breaking their hands In boxing in the in the past world Champion broke his hands can't defend His title now you see so then you go we Got to come up with something so then They came up with the glove now it Became very dangerous that's why boxing Is still had the highest rates of people Dying because the boxing glove can let You hit as hard as you can Mike Tyson Every street fight he was in right he Broke sand You see pretty much every street fight He was then he broke his hand but is he Perfectly wrapped now it's a freaking Weapon so in bare knuckle boxing the Great bare knuckle boxes what they do They ease up on the head because if you Had a skull well those little tiny bones Are going to lose you know and you Remember the hard times movie with Charles Bronson you know when the History you just do this yes and he hit The forehead oh you break your hands you

See so that's why there's the glove so CTE wise brain wise and you can read any Test out there I'm 100 right because They hold back on the power on the Headers thing they go for the body you Have lacerations all that kind of stuff And Bleed it but that's it's just a Flesh wound right that's what they say So it's just blood but I'm talking about The brain keep the brain healthy I think Bare knuckle boxing no I know bare Knuckle boxing is actually safe so if That's the case why why isn't UFC going To Bare knuckles Is it because of regulations with the State of Nevada wherever they're Fighting well I I think what you're Going to have is like in panic situation Because that's what Mike Tyson said well Everybody has a game plan until they get Hit right that's the same thing so now You go oh you're going to hit you're Going to light up on the face but now You get in trouble and you start Swinging for defenses if you're swimming For the fences yes you might connect but If you connect the wrong way and you hit A skull you break your hand now this guy If you want a title he can defend his Title for quite a bit because he has to First heal everything you see so that's Why I think and also for the people you Know like bleeding people are freaking Out with blood and most of the time the

Guy goes back to his Corner he's blood Everywhere they wipe him off and he Realizes this little tiny cut that just Bumps out because your heartbeat goes Like 170 160 beats a minute and it looks Bad but it's it's just did you see the Last one Michael Chandler fight with Less than 48 did you see that fight no Okay there was I don't that was like I If you type in that fight with blood Just type in Michael Chandler Dustin Portier and then blood that's all you Got to put blood it's it's uh No it's not even funny like he's on top Of them and the blood is spilling on Dustin's face yeah like it was Absolutely not that's not even anyway so It was pretty intense when you were Seeing this the fight between two these Two guys so with all the craziness Taking place I believe future looks Bright if you believe future looks Bright get your latest Future looks Bright hat of valuetaining it says Future looks bright here future looks Bright here we got them in white we got Them in Black we got them in red are Black on black sold out these are about To sell out if you haven't ordered one Yet we had a person in Michigan but one Then he bought three then when those Three people weren't in the office they Had to order 58 of them because people Wanted the future looks bright hat

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