BREAKING NEWS – Tucker Carlson Parts Ways With Fox News and CNN Fires Don Lemon

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana react to Tucker Carlson parting way with Fox News and CNN firing Don Lemon.

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Everybody is texting calling did you Hear the news did you see what happened Tucker Carlson no longer with Fox Don Lemon moments later fired both respond That Tucker hasn't responded yet but Don Lemon has here's what fox says we thank Him for his service to the network as a Host and prior to that as a contributor Mr Carlson's last program was aired Friday 21st CNN about Don Lemon says CNN And Don have parted ways Don will Forever be part of the CNN family and we Thank him for his contributions over the Last 17 years we wish him well and we Will be cheering him on in his future Endeavors but this is what Don said Slightly different I was informed this Morning by my agent that I've been Terminated by CNN I am stunned after 17 Years at CNN I would have thought that Someone in management would have had the Decency to tell me directly at no time Was I ever given any indication that Would not be able to continue to do work I have loved at the network FYI Fox's Stock is down CNN stocks up which tells You CNN shareholders are Happy Lemon is No longer with them Fox shareholders are Disappointed that Tucker is no longer With them there's a lot of different Stories circulating we'll talk about it What was your immediate reaction when You heard the news well the Tucker thing Was whoa breaking news yeah like that

Came out of absolute nowhere all right And people are texting I'd get what do You think about this whereas he's going Clearly Tucker has way more leverage and Way more options than Don Lemon when the Don Lemon thing happened and he was Shell-shocked I mean I think it was the Writing was on the wall for Don Lemon For well over a year now he's been a Dead man walking at CNN ever since Chris Lick the new CEO took over for Jeff Zucker Um his show which I think believe I Believe was used to be at 8pm 9 p.m Right after Anderson Cooper those guys Right after Cuomo those two had a little Bromance going on he got demoted to the Morning show which their ratings of our Bottom of the Morning ratings compared To Fox and Friends and compared to uh MSN MSNBC Morning Joe but then he was Had a leave of absence so as far as Don Lemon goes he's either completely naive Or just completely living in a Fantasyland the fact that he didn't see The writing on the wall everybody saw The writing on the wall for you Don Lemon no but but I I think Pat that well Don Lemon bro he's mind you he's Hardcore left he pushes their gen and he Thought he was Untouchable because how Many sexual assault allegedly a sexual Assault he assaulted waiters in New York He's he's saying the stuff he says about

Women he thought he was Untouchable this Is this is I think you're wrong I think It's a real shock because he's like wait A minute I'm I check all the boxes he's A gay dude he's a black guy they can't Fire me and he got shot but the Tucker Thing if you think about it Tucker was Fox News I don't care why everybody else To me Pat is a filler Don bongino I love All that but dude Tucker is Tucker the Team the writing the producing the the Topics the the ballsiness he doesn't Care he spits the truth I think he's Obviously way more uh important and Necessary and I'm just I mean shocked I Had a cousin that I haven't talked to in Years Pat that's the first text I've Gotten in years was did you see what Happened that's that's the one that I Got but it's gonna be a very interesting 24 hours I I think the Don Lemon statement that Was on Twitter I found um really Disappointing because I think I've Listened to his reporting I've certain Reports that he's done I've really liked Him over the years I thought he did an Incredibly honest one several years ago About um African-American men in the African-American family that I thought Was very honest very direct that's a Good piece of Piece and I was just very disappointed To read this because this this red is

Bitter at no time was I given any Indication wait a minute you were you Were demoted to the morning as Adam just Said you were put on basically probation A leave of absence to go think it out Did we get Tom some icon or no people Are saying it's mic check for Tom Can can Tom say something No we can't hear this I'll come back to You so but you know go ahead no I was Going to say I think as far as Don Lemon Goes while we're on that yeah Vinnie hit The nail on the head as far as you know Hitting checking all the boxes you know Everything that happens with the Dei Movement diversity Equity inclusion you Got a gay black guy who's gonna Basically sing lock and step with your Agenda you would think on the surface Don Lemon is the poster boy for what CNN Would want to do but Let's talk about this let's talk about This so uh there's there's Rob did you Say another story just came in from Mediaite or somewhere else about uh uh If you want to read that what you just Saw right now correct uh it was a firing Uh Tucker Carlson's exit from Fox was Not voluntary according to sources that Spoke with mediaite uh Tucker Carlson's Departure from Fox News was not Voluntary multiple sources have told Mediaite Fox News shocked the world uh The media World Monday morning with the

Statement announcing the network and its Top rated hosts have agreed to parted Ways uh down here uh Carlson's final Show that aired Friday night showed no Indication he expected it to be his last With the host signing off by telling his Audience we'll be back on Monday a Source who spoke with mediaite on Condition of anonymity revealed that Carlson was in fact shocked by the news According to the source he was totally Surprised he had no idea another source Added it was a firing Carlson was Informed today explaining why it closed Friday's show saying hey be back on Monday so let me ask you a question Pat We we just covered the Dominion lawsuit 785 million that just came down the pike What Thursday Friday whenever we Discussed that How much is this firing of Tucker Carlson in your opinion a byproduct of That Well did you see what he what his last Episode was about no you didn't see what His last episode was about so his last Episode uh Jorge you guys got to tell me What you're doing so I'm watching for You and I'm hearing you screaming and I I don't know what you guys are doing With the mic give me a signal yes thank You so uh you know on Friday he did his Last episode and he talked about RFK He said imagine if uh I work for a

Company and imagine if Fox News was Being fed and we're promoting these Pillow guys and behind closed doors and We keep saying this and whatever they Tell us to do we silence ourselves and We don't say anything that would never Happen on Fox news right that that's What his message was about on Friday wow Okay and he was talking about RFK he was Talking about calling out the fact that Other media platforms you know because Of big Pharma they can tell you to Silence Yourself all this stuff now What's he talking about Fox the question Is did he know anything on Friday did he Know anything on Thursday did he know Anything last week has he felt anything At Fox that now that Rupert Murdoch who Is I I want to say he's 92 years old I Don't know how old he is he's getting up There yeah I recently engaged and that Called it off he's 92 years old March 11th he turned 92 and in the media Industry this guy's one of the biggest Heavyweights you know owns Wall Street Journal owns New York Post owns Fox that Pretty much had the entire you know Conservative Republican right-wing side He's had a monopoly on for years however He does have two boys and his two sons I Believe he's got two boys that are Running the company and uh what's the Other one is it James James two of these Guys that are running the company and

Politically they're not fully on the Same page as her father is oh wow and They're not wanting to go unnecessarily In the same direction as pops and we Don't know that for a fact these are a Lot of speculation that people talk About but there's two there's a couple Things that's going on here what do you Think about when you're 92 how many People at 92 are still doing deals and You know running and gunning are you Thinking about that now Kirk accordion He was still doing deals and Warren Buffett John Wooden he's still doing Deals you know Buffett or some of these Guys yes you would put them up there Charlie's now that's a hundred he's Charging is now 100 yeah so is it close To 100 very very close yeah it's like 98. so so there's also an element of I Worked at a company Valley Total Fitness In the 80s that was the gym everybody Would wanted to go to Bally's there were Sales guys in the 80s at Bally's making 150 Grand year in the 80s 150 was a lot Of money of course because you would Sell contracts so people were happy Everybody wanted to work at Bally's they Had the best training great things was Going on and then all of a sudden boom Suddenly things changed standards Changed comp change Vision change it was No longer about being the best in the Marketplace anymore then what happened

Gradually one guy second guy left third Guy left fourth guy left and it was an Exodus with valleys and the rest is History so today you know with Fox they May be sitting there saying well you Know you have to be very careful with What's going on after dominion 787 That's 20 of your savings in your bank Account from four billion dollars that's Not a little bit of money it's a lot of Money that goes and gets depleted over a Lawsuit that's a settlement so by the Way none of the lawsuit was any of it Tied to Tucker it was other hosts it Wasn't Tucker 100 it wasn't even CNN Talked about it just an hour ago on CNN 35 45 minutes ago The CNN host said that 787 had nothing To do with Tucker Carlson it was other Hosts right this isn't fox saying it This isn't MSNBC saying it this is Sienna saying it okay so so about what Would you so would you so 100 that's What they're saying has nothing to do With it but do you think in a settlement Like that where they go listen Maybe Dominion the lawyers are like listen We're gonna settle we won't take this Anywhere further but Tucker gotta go you Think that's something I think what do You think maybe Dominion's like okay Listen we'll we'll fight this past for Billions let me tell you but give us let Me tell you something have you heard

Rumors that Tucker is not a good Teammate not at all okay so let me ask The question maybe in a different way God let's talk about certain players did You hear about Antonio Brown not being a Good teammate Have we heard Terrell Owens being a good Teammate We now you're laughing about it right Okay we heard about who else can you say In different sports being good teammates Give me give me players it doesn't Matter I don't care about any sport Tom Brady Tom Brady's always been a good Teammate okay Gronkowski good teammate Okay have have you heard stories about It's hard to play with Kobe because Kobe Would drive people to being so tired Mentally mess with them yeah yeah we've Heard about that so we can't fake that That's a real story right okay what have You heard about Tucker as a teammate Nothing negative zero he's number one Period kicking everyone's tale Tucker's Not duplicatable you can't find another Tucker okay a lot of people think They're Tuckers then there's Tucker a Lot of people think they're rogans then There's Rogan you cannot do Tucker so For Fox News to choose to do this over The pressures coming from the outside if You do there could be something that we Don't even know okay something that none Of us even know where the reason was

Behind it and here's what we're doing Um anyways that's one of the things that You're hearing about go ahead I I fully Agree that Tucker is not duplicatable But You know this whole question of loyalty That Trump always brings up well DeSantis wasn't loyal to me loyalty Loyalty loyalty I don't know how loyal Tucker was to Fox Keep in mind He's been on CNN before Crossfire with Alan Combs or whatever his name was Uh he's been on MSNBC Tucker's not a Roger Ailes groomed product of fox he's Been around the block talented no doubt Been all over Washington I don't know How much loyalty Tucker has to Fox and Then if you go down the the rabbit hole Of who's really been the the top dogs at Fox I feel like Fox believes their brand is Bigger than one particular person just a Handful of years ago it was all about Megan Kelly yeah then she took her ball And left to uh took her talents to NBC I Believe or ABC she's no longer there Anymore she's building her own Podcast she's crushing it Bill O'Reilly Bill O'Reilly was the number one guy on Fox 20 years yeah he was the guy yeah it Wasn't Tucker so if you look at the the Ratings now the most watched show on Fox These days is not Tucker

Yeah so you got the five number one at 3.3 million viewers a week you got Tucker you got Jesse Waters secretly uh Number three you would think that it's Hannity Hannity's number four then you Got Brett Bear number five By the way Fox News 92 out of the 100 Highest rated cable shows are on Fox News that's correct so their bench is Crazy and then you talk about the late Night TV shows Greg gutfels the number one late night Show on all of TV not Colbert not Fallon Not Kimmel so fox has built up a bench We talk about how deep is your bench the Democratic party doesn't have a deep Bench I don't know what's going on I don't Know what transpires but something tells Me fox says they they believe they are Bigger than any one individual including Tucker and Pat Rob said this Judo is on The way here uh this might say a lot Tucker Carlson senior executive producer The number one guy Justin Wells follow Tucker and left Fox I didn't say he got Fired that either that means he's a ride Or die pack we'll say listen wherever The star goes I'm going because a good EP you know that good executive producer With those writers take me anywhere just Put a camera they can do it so I'm Interested to see if that guy got fired Because now we're finding out that

Tucker apparently got fired but that's The guy let's see if Tom is still being Silenced go ahead Tom No I I agree with what you were just Saying and and I'll add to it you know One person is not bigger than the brand Um and when you take a look at the People that have left fox fox has done Just fine you know really what you have There is you have the time slot that Tucker was in and Tucker worked for the Audience that's coming for that time Slot and I believe Jesse Waters I'm not Going to call it but I'm I really look At the lineup and I say I think Jesse Waters is such an easy slot in and then He'll be the 3.5 million guy because Remember the audience is coming for the Time slot and then the the host that Takes it over adds to it now then that's Fox but what you have to remember Tucker Carlson is a phenomenal Talent this is The guy that built a digital media Company this is the guy that has built a Career so anybody that thinks well we'll Just get another wide receiver that's Not true either so is the fox brand Significant are they going to be able to Put somebody in the slot yeah but this Guy is a generational Talent this is a Tremendous guy I don't I don't necessarily agree with you that They're just going to be able to slot in Jesse Waters to fill in for Tucker I

Feel like Tucker's an A-Plus talent and Jesse is maybe a B I don't know but I Think don't forget Jesse Waters used to Do water like man on the street water's World for Bill O'Reilly yeah he was his Sidekick so yeah I I I think who's the Next person to roll I could see uh Sean Hannity just well I'm out of there In no time but and Adam then because I'm Coming from Hollywood I'm telling you Guys the writers on that show made that Show yes I mean Tucker obviously it's The voice it's the delivery it's in but I'm curious to see if those same writers Are gonna stick with Fox and write for The person that's going to step into That spot or they're going to go with Tucker with the executive producer okay That's a big question so a few different Things that's been coming up with this Situation here with Tucker is you know Does this guy really want want to run For office is this a type of guy that Could run for office and be a president Is is he that guy or does he just want To do media for the rest of his life if He did would he have a chance a lot of People want him to run should he run Should he not run should he sit on the Sidelines is this a good time to get Involved to get in because if you if you Think about how Tucker is Tucker is not Team Trump and Tucker is not team DeSantis Tucker is team audience wow

Talker Tucker talks to his audience Tucker doesn't ever go you know know Lock you know he he's the there's a Reason why even the left listens to Tucker yeah people who are liberals Listen to Tucker they may not like the Guy but they listen to the guy right They may not agree with what he has to Say but they'll say this guy is the guy That I gotta listen to to see what the Other side's thinking about this is a You know every once in a while you know You think about it and you say well you Know forever it was going to be fine Because we're a large organization we're Bigger than this yes uh the Yankees are They bigger than a player yes of course They are yeah 27 World Series Championships you are Lakers are they bigger than a player yes 10 championships in 32 years of you know Jerry bus owning the team they've won 17 Championships tied with the Celtics you Know when Shaq said I'm gonna go get 20 Million a year what did he say he says Go get your money I can't pay you that Jerry bus banked on who Kobe right okay Are the Bulls bigger than a Player No Nope they've never won no since Michael Yeah okay so so you know there are Certain Pittsburgh Steelers are going to Win you know hey Patriots bigger than Tom Brady ah no Brady left you kind of Are not winning anything right whether

You had the new quarterback or the other Quarterback or who they have right now Mac Jones or Matt Jones The other guy that was there who was uh With the not Auburn he played for Auburn Cam Newton was there for like a split Second two seasons So look obviously none of us know Dan Bongino is no longer with Fox that's Last week Ends abruptly after contract talks Breakdown okay so that's Dan bongino all Right well can I can I win quick Tucker Story because it kind of proves your Point about caring what the audience has To say I was fortunate enough to be at a Insurance meeting the ALU and DC you Know it's there every year how how we Met at one of these types of meetings And they had a panel with Tucker Carlson Obviously he was a Republican strategist At that time and Paul bagala huge Democratic strategist and an opportunity To do a little happy hour after the Event with Tucker and I happened to just Be standing right next to Tucker and I Go Tucker a quick question for you what Happened to your old look with the bow Tie right and it goes do you want to Crossfires oh you want to know he goes Everyone told me I looked like a Douchebag so I just I said enough's Enough with the uh with the bow tie yeah That was that's what John Taylor

Remember John Daley talked to Doom so That was his look so it's taking cues From the audience I mean that was his Look back in the day if you're if you're Not uh old enough to remember young Tucker Um but that that was his look but I Think now with the bongino thing with Tucker Uh with Don Lemon A bigger question that we talk about is Disruption right there's disruption with Bitcoin disrupting the financial markets With politics with Trump's disruption With YouTube and Spotify and podcasting Disrupting mainstream Legacy Media is The writing on the wall for someone like Tucker saying I don't need this Mainstream media corporate cow Towing to these types of corporate Sponsorships and basically hand time What I can say I can go do what Megan Kelly's been doing I can do what pbd's Been doing I can do what Rogan's been Doing I could do what Russell Brand's Been doing I could do to him I own Bring my own audience with me and make My own money how much of that do you Think is factoring into this situation I I don't think that's that's uh uh I look He's the kind of guy so let's let's kind Of talk about people that can make it in Different places yeah can you see Tucker Competing on the political stage

Debating others Can you see Tucker having his own Podcast and doing well no question about It yeah can you see Tucker on cable TV Doing it and killing it no question About it uh can can you see Tucker Running his own small business and Growing a Daily Caller no question about It This is this is a multi-faceted talented Guy and uh I think he's a May baby May 16th or May 13th he is 53 years old About to be 54. I think out of all of Dan bongino is the youngest he's uh 49 Years old or 48 years old and Don Lemon Is the oldest he's 57 years old if I'm Not mistaken yeah Don lemon's the oldest He looks like he's 35 by the way shout Out to him for black Sean crack baby Yeah he's a good-looking guy Sandra Gillum so so look at the different Platforms okay because you know a guy Like this when he's a free agent who's Calling him everybody's calling him his Father's blowing up everybody who do you Think he would fit well with and who do You think he would entertain going to I Think valuetainment number one guy like No and I'm being genuine this is the Ideal place for somebody like that to Beep at because I mean yeah it's going To be on YouTube obviously but you're Free you can say what you want there's Nothing that I think I mean everything

That he said so far because I watch them It's nothing's like too crazy he just Says it like you said you know why he's Never said I'd vote for Trump or I'd Vote for the sentence he's right in the Middle and he lets the facts like go Where they may that's it it's the truth Is the truth and if it hurts it hurts And he doesn't give a damn so I mean They're obviously a rumble would would Easily take him So I I think there's a massive Disruption going on right now first of All I I think he he would fit here he Would definitely fit here because of the Number one the journalists of Freedom You could expand number two this is Where the audience is going I was Reading articles over the week uh I read In semaphore and in Vox and they were Talking about the massive disruption That's going on here it's like Huffington Post is very quietly trying To get back to subscription and trying To get back to a prophet Vice media has Been trying to sell itself for three Years BuzzFeed just laid off a huge Chunk of it so all of the playing field That was in New Media there is a Cataclysmic change going on because the Companies that are purveying it are Coming out and the flat home page was Subscription accompanying a traditional Cable channel with the exception of fox

It's hard to make money out there it's Very hard to make money out there a Certain South African billionaire has Made money trying to make money on a um A text platform laid off 80 of the People and said if you're going to Operate a text platform at scale the way They make money it you don't need a Large group of people to do it you might Just hit the nail on the head Because Tucker just interviewed Elon yes recently how long ago was that A week a week ago two weeks ago and That's exactly the point that he was Kind of trying to establish is that he's Laid off 80 percent of what he called Like activists yeah Workforce yeah how Much of a conversation are Elon and Tucker having these days Twitter Platform they're trying to create the Super super app right what is it called And I don't know how much of that could Be factored into this you know elon's in The media game now if he's in Twitter I don't know I I don't I don't know about that it may Because if Elon was going to get anybody You want Elon would probably get Rogan First before he goes after Tucker Because that's more of his cup of tea Than it is Tucker you you don't really See but again you never know could there Be a conversation Uh uh Offline that hey what do you want

To do I'll invest in what do you want Whatever you want to do hey I'm doing Xbox I'll put 20 billion I put 50 Million I put 100 million I'll give you Some money invest into your company that That kind of a conversation I fully see It so if you like this clip and you want To watch another one click right here And if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right here Foreign

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