Bud Light Crashes 30% After Endorsement of Dylan Mulvaney

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Mike Baker, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana react to Bud light crashing 30% after the endorsement of Dylan Mulvaney.

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So Bud Light silent on social media After Dylan Mulvaney's uh controversy Another story comes out talking about Bud Light suffers bloodbath has a long Time and loyal consumers revolt against Transgender campaign Uh let me read this story Bud Light has Fixed backlash uh uh the top selling Beer brand in the US has suffered a Nationwide backlash from consumers after Higher transgender tick tocks are Dylomovenia has its new uh spokesperson According to Bar owners and beer Industry experts around the country Jeff Fitter owner of case and bucks a Restaurant and sports bar in Barnhart Missouri set in Bud Lights effort to be Inclusive they excluded almost everybody Else including their traditional Audience sales of Anheuser-Busch bottled Products have reportedly dropped 30 Percent that is insane over the week While drought beer plummeted 50 According to Bar owners eighty percent Of Bud Light drinkers ordered something Else this week at Braintree Brewhouse in Massachusetts a sprawling sports bar Just outside of Boston one pup in Hell's Kitchen a New York City neighborhood's Known for its large and vocal gay Community reported that Bud Light Traffic sales dropped 58 in the gay Community wild Bud Light bottle sales Were down 70 so what do you think about

This whole thing that's going on with Bud Light yes my favorite part of this Story is first of all I don't give a [ __ ] what Dylan Mulvaney does right it Doesn't matter I I everybody just do Your own thing and stay out of my Wheelhouse but uh the best part of the Story is I did watch the VP of marketing Uh for for Bud Light she came on and she Said look uh she felt like the brand Needed to be more inclusive and they Needed to get away from their frat beer Uh image right because those son of a [ __ ] don't drink beer no and so uh She said she quoted she actually said Female representation is a personal Passion point of mine right so what does She do she goes out and gets a guy with A penis I want you to promote my beer right well Horrible yeah But again I go back to the same thing I Guess at the end of the day I don't mind Pointing out the stupidity of that yeah But I honestly on the other side of the Coin I don't give a [ __ ] what people do Yeah we're also you know worked up over Oh although I will say this and I asked The other day I asked someone who's very Smart I said and I was genuinely Confused I said is a transgender woman Is that a a dude who uh identifies as a Woman or is a transgender man I I Couldn't figure out which is which yeah

I think I think if it's you're a Transgender male you want to be a female Correct like you you identify your woman Nobody knows What case of uh it won't go broke or Whatever the other thing is in fact you Were talking about marketing during the Giuliani thing what a horrible decision Like have you ever ever like this is the Worst demographic to go over have you Ever been around a bunch of gay guys and Like hey guys let's just Mojitos and He's like no you know what I'm just Gonna do a text stand of a Bud Light Nobody's Dr No gig I've never seen a gay Guy holding a can be a good point this Is the girl he was talking about this is The VPN Market you have to listen to What she says watch this here yeah go Ahead I had a really clear job to do When I took over Bud Light it was this Brand is in Decline it's been in Decline For a really long time and if we do not Attract Young drinkers to come and drink this Brand there will be no future for Bud Light so I had this super clear banding It's like we need to evolve This incredibly iconic brand and this is That right of course that's that's the Belief in okay what is what what does Evolve and elevate mean it means Inclusivity it means Shifting the tone It means having a campaign that's truly

Inclusive and feels That's what it means but watch what she Said she says it's sort of the heart of Evolution you've got to see people who Reflect you in the work and we had this Hangover I mean Bud Light had been kind Of a brand of Friday kind of out of touch humor Another approach if you can pause this Here's what's crazy can you Google the Profile of a Beer Drinker by the way her Kid knows panties in the back horrible That kid's not going to be hey she did Those things that was 100 her mind yeah When you do the profile of her beer Drink you know what you realize 80 of Beer Drinker on men yeah 100 20 are Women this is kind of like you know Working for Trojan condoms yeah and You're the VP of marketing and you say Well we're not targeting six-year-olds You know we we have to start targeting All the audiences we're not being Inclusive we're targeting women but the Whole the stupidity the fact that the Way she sells it how she's thinking no Transgender Community you know when you Go online you type in what the Transgender population is do you know How many transgender people live in America well the number says one and a Half million right but what they're Saying one and a half million has Identified as transgender it's not

Really one and a half million right it's A lot of gen Z's that are confused the Question becomes how many transgenders In America are over 21 years old okay do You know how small of an audience that Is and you're trying to Target that Audience and you go away from your beer Drinkers and now you lose 30 in a week Four billion dollars she's not she's not Going to be working there like that Decision should cost her her job but you Don't be funny though the commercials Mike I I like the hell with the Dylan Mulvaney commercial I want to see a Commercial like a bunch of gay trans Whatever just drinking a mimosa and They're like hey Sammy you want one he's Like [ __ ] slams it out and then chugs a Beer that's the commercial that they're Gonna have to start making commercials For now well yeah I disagree with I Think she's probably gonna get a Promotion because we're all talking About Bud Light right now I know the Sales are going down but she she was put There for a particular reason right and This is her job her job is to do this so She has she has actually done her Whatever they are kpis or keep Performance indicators Um you know that's what she was put in Place to do that's the the beauty of I Guess from her position is she probably Really isn't being you know judged based

On the increase in sales she just got This narrow swim Lane that she has to Stay in which is are you being inclusive Are you are you performing this mandate That we brought you in for and she's Probably got some additional attack on There which is VP marketing and Inclusivity or something along those Lines I'll tell you what I'm I'm so glad We actually played that video from the VP of marketing because if there's Somebody that we can kind of point a Finger to and say all right that's the Person because picture this we do this All the time we have meetings we say all Right guys the what's on the agenda we Have a marketing issue we got a Content Issue we got to figure this thing out so You sit down in the boardroom 10 of us And we say all right guys we have a Problem bud light's been declining in Sales how do we increase sales and then One person says we gotta go trans bro we Gotta go right to the trans Market not Getting Innovative your next Innovative Campaign not like okay cool identifying Who's actually drinking our product it's Going to the woke inclusive ESG bottom Line which go woke go broke is a real Thing and then here's another point you Talk about this this whole concept of Being inclusive when you're being Inclusive to the point of just sort of Virtue signaling just the point of your

Being exclusive you know here excluding Your whole [ __ ] base of people yeah That basically got you to this point so It's so ridiculous to me like Mike said I don't have a problem with Dylan movie I don't give two shits do your thing Buddy but when you start trying to Indoctrinate the rest of us to be like Hey think this way yeah right now this Isn't the first time that we've had Bud Light's the latest a month ago for International women's day it was Hershey's Hershey's her she basically Had a transgender woman as the face of Hershey's a couple a couple years ago Remember the Gillette commercial yeah No more chocolate for you yeah yeah Um yeah exactly Hershey's face backlash Over putting trans women on candy bar Rapper not a woman not a female can you Go lower so you can see it a chick with A dick is the face of Hershey's you know Start oh God but then and then do you Remember a few years ago when uh Gillette had their commercial the best a Man can get yeah do you remember that Yeah for years they built our brand on Like being man like I don't know if you Know this most women don't shave their Face you know they do stay the hell away From me but they basically went woke Went broke and lost billions of dollars By trying to basically Curry favor from The metoo movement feminist agenda and

Dudes who shave their face are like I'm Playing this game buddy like um as a Single guy Dylan Mulvaney is not at all Your type no no no no I just did this Just make sure I'm old school Forget who started you know who's Responsible for all this the Kardashians They ruined Bruce was like you know what It was you Bruce used to be Bruce Jenner He became Caitlyn and in six months six Months they named him woman of the year You know what he said though you know What he said about this yesterday what Did you hear what he said he she she Well he's not supportive of this okay Right he may he commented yesterday and Said saying these are domestic Terrorists she made comments about it She's like I'm not Caitlyn I'm not I'm Not doing this so she's against what's Going on today I mean that's Kid Rock Did by the way oh you see that video the Shooting the shoes yeah I I try to I try To avoid say what Kid Rock does from day To day but but uh before I forget Because I'm getting to that point where If I don't say something right away I Forget uh a buddy of mine who's a comic Jimmy Fila he he talks about Caitlyn Jenner he says look we all forget he was The [ __ ] goat right he was he was Catholic he was an incredible athlete Right and so when he did come out to Your point yeah they were all like oh my

God isn't she Brave she gets the ESPN Award she gets uh she's a woman of the Year Vanity Fair whatever and then as Soon as she started talking to you to Your point as soon as Caitlyn Jenner Came out and started talking Conservative they were like [ __ ] her Yeah [ __ ] him yeah [ __ ] him they changed It What that means is that whole concept is It's politics over America I agree it's Ideology Over America and that's what's One of the reasons why we're Experiencing what we're experiencing Right now Mike said earlier like the Decision that the VP and I kind of agree That that might that obviously the Internal they're like yeah good for you Like doing all this but Pat as a CEO Your company gets this backlash and you Lose four billion dollars of the Companies like uh worth what do you do As a CEO what are you doing when that Happens but you have to realize there's Two different things yeah this would Never happen to a startup That's being ran by a Founder yeah Companies are being ruined after a Founder started it years ago and it's no Longer around those are the companies That are being ruined because the Founder would sit there and say do you Even know what was the reason why we Started a company do you know who we

Started it for do you know what this Product was for what the hell are you Doing who approved you doing this Anyways I want to talk to the CMO that Approved your campaign there's no way VP Of marketing can get that approved Without a CMO signing off on it or CEO Saying this ad is approved ad to do what You're doing there's no way that Approval process is going to be and if It is guess what that tells you there's A lack of accountability there it just Costs them a lot of money but I'll take The other part here's the other part Anytime there's a mishap like this There's opportunities for others anytime You know the whole thing with made in China guess what all these guys started Talking about our clothes are made in The USA are this are made in the USA are That are made in the USA you know how Many breweries right now are sitting There going using this as an Advertisement the most creative one is Going to be the one that's going to get Market share the next three six twelve 24 months you're gonna see and for us When he said she's doing her job well What is her job if her job is to Increase because Anheuser-Busch if you Look at Anna can you Google Anheuser-busch's ESG score they have won The lowest ESG scores in America okay I Think it was like it 13.8 percent or

Eight you'll see it when it comes up Right now what's the number they have a Very very low ESG score wow there you go 19.6 which is low right Lord and Heineken super low score uh industry Rank 18 out of 607 okay so they're not They're not at the top of the game They're doing bad low okay so what do They need to do if the goal was to Increase the ESG score Bingo she won That's your point you're right that's What I'm saying she's she's accomplished Whatever it was that was jammed through The boardroom that and it has to push And they you know they hired a whole I'm They've got it I'm sure they've got a Whole element there a unit that that is Focused on this and I think she's you Know I think she's cemented her position Oh yeah for sure so but anyways here's One data I just saw Rob I'm gonna send This to you I want you to take a look at This From statista and it's it's about you May have seen this a couple months ago I Want to say uh what's his name talked About this uh Bill Maher talked about This but this actually breaks down the Data Rob I'm going to send it to your Mac Pro Book Pro and as well as your Phone so whichever one you get it pull It up take a look at this because to me If I'm sitting in the marketing team and We're trying to get our product to a new

Audience a new market you have to pull Up data and you have to look at Statistics and say what Market are we Not in to get into look at this data Here from statista this is not a Political party this is not a left this Is not Fox this is not CNN this is Statista 72 percent of U.S adults Identify as LGBT just 40 years ago was Less than one percent wow okay it's not 7.2 percent And then if you go by 2014 where it was Okay yellow is Millennials gen Z's Didn't exist yet or green is uh gen X's Then he got Boomers and he got uh Seniors right traditionalists If you go to 2017 Millennials go up 2020 Millennials go up 20 22 Millennials go But look at gen Z right off the bat was 16 now 19.7 of gen Z's identify as LGBT That's that's one in five Vinnie one in French so now people say no one's Grooming what are you talking about what Do you mean they're just natural yeah Yeah they're choosing yeah on who they Want to be this is their choice no this Statistics tells a story of what's going On yeah and there's a reason why a lot Of parents are worried so if you like This clip and you want to watch another One click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here [Music]

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