Cal Newport On How To Find Time To Create Content

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Right now I have a half day rule one Half day a week it has to fit in that if It can't then I can't do it my goal down The line is make that one day a week and That's how I've done my whole with the Podcast everything else it's whatever Fits in a half day a week that I put Aside on my calendar that's what I can Do and as I get good at something we Hire people to do something that frees Up more time I can try to add something Else but I'm constrained by that because I think like you I would find misery if Every single day it was like we're Rock And rolling let's go so for me it's like Okay one half day a week all in what can We do with that get better improve this Hire that let's fix this and outside of That I don't want to think about the Business because I think I'm with you And that's the compromise I've come up With

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