Can Women Make The First Move? @thematthewhussey #shorts

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A lot of women have been conditioned to Believe that the guy is supposed to make The move and I would say well if you Think that's old-fashioned you don't Know what old-fashioned really is a Hundred years ago a woman might walk Past a guy find him attractive and Inadvertently drop her handkerchief in Front of him he would see it pick it up And think this is an extraordinary Opportunity to be a man and he'd take it Over to and he'd say Madam you dropped This and and she would say did I and They would now have a conversation he May have felt he was being the proactive One but she had initiated that move she Was the one who made the move she just Made him feel like he was the one making The move there seemed to be something Very interesting in that to me that okay Regardless of whether you think women Can or can't make the move of course They can but it doesn't matter what you Believe if I can give you a way to be Proactive that kind of feels like it's a Bit under the radar then I'm gonna get Even people who feel like it's not my Job to make the move I'm even gonna get Them being proactive in ways they Haven't before

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