Candace Owens Breaks Down the Distinction Between Trump and DeSantis: Who Doesn’t Have It?

Candace Owens Analyzes the Trump and DeSantis Divide: Who Lacks It?

Candace Owens Breaks Down the Distinction Between Trump and DeSantis: Who Doesn’t Have It?


When it comes to politics, the “it factor” is undeniably essential. It’s that intangible quality that makes a politician captivating, intriguing, and able to connect with the masses. Recently, political commentator Candace Owens sat down with entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David to discuss the distinction between two prominent figures in the Republican party: former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis: Lacking the “It Factor” in Politics

One of the points raised by Owens in her discussion with Bet-David is that Ron DeSantis appears to lack the “it factor” crucial in the world of politics. While the Florida Governor has gained popularity among conservatives for his stance on various issues, he may fall short in terms of charisma and personal magnetism.

DeSantis’ Unease on Stage

Owens suggests that when DeSantis appears on stage or in public, there’s a noticeable discomfort and awkwardness about him. Unlike Trump, who effortlessly commands attention and exudes confidence, DeSantis appears to struggle in these situations. This discrepancy could potentially hinder his ability to connect with voters on a more personal level.

The Importance of Personality

Having the right personality can make or break a politician’s success. Trump’s larger-than-life personality captured the attention of millions, fueling his successful presidential campaign. On the other hand, DeSantis, despite his policy achievements, may struggle to resonate with people due to his perceived lack of charisma.

Choosing the Right Enemies and Anti-Establishment Appeal

Another aspect discussed by Owens is the importance of choosing the right enemies and having an anti-establishment stance. Trump, to a great extent, positioned himself as a champion against the political establishment, which resonated with many disillusioned Americans. DeSantis, although popular among conservatives, may not possess the same anti-establishment appeal that helped propel Trump’s political career.

The Advantage of “FU” Money

Having financial independence can also give a significant edge to a politician. Owens points out that Trump’s wealth and self-sufficiency played a crucial role in his campaign. With “FU” money, politicians like Trump aren’t beholden to special interest groups or traditional establishment support, allowing them to make decisions solely in the interest of their constituents.

Instinct and the Ability to Read the Base

One quality that sets successful politicians apart is the ability to tap into their instincts and understand the desires of their base. Trump demonstrated an uncanny ability to read and respond to his supporters, which fueled his success. This intangible skill kept him in touch with the pulse of the nation and allowed him to align his policies and positions accordingly. It remains to be seen if DeSantis possesses a similar instinctive connection with his base.

Running a Presidential Campaign Like a Startup

Owens suggests that one of the reasons Trump was able to achieve success was by running his presidential campaign like a startup. His focus, determination, and willingness to take risks allowed him to navigate the political landscape with agility. DeSantis, on the other hand, may need to adopt a similar approach if he wants to make a serious presidential bid.


In the world of politics, the “it factor” is a defining quality that sets politicians apart from their competitors. While Ron DeSantis has gained popularity for his conservative policies, he may lack the personal magnetism necessary to connect with voters on a larger scale. Trump, on the other hand, possesses the elusive “it factor” that captivates audiences and sets him apart as a unique political figure. As we look toward the future of the Republican party, it will be interesting to see if DeSantis can bridge this gap and cultivate the charisma necessary to gain widespread support.


  1. What is the “it factor” in politics? The “it factor” refers to the intangible qualities that make a politician captivating, intriguing, and able to connect with the masses. It includes charisma, personal magnetism, and the ability to resonate with voters.

  2. How does Ron DeSantis, compared to Donald Trump, fare in terms of the “it factor”? Candace Owens suggests that while DeSantis has gained popularity among conservatives for his policies, he may lack the charisma and confidence exhibited by Trump.

  3. Why is personality important in politics? Having the right personality can make or break a politician’s success. It helps them connect with voters on a personal level and capture their attention.

  4. What advantage does “FU” money give to politicians? “FU” money, or financial independence, allows politicians to make decisions based solely on the interest of their constituents rather than being dependent on special interest groups or establishment support.

  5. How did Donald Trump successfully read and respond to his base? Trump demonstrated an instinctive ability to understand the desires and concerns of his supporters, aligning his policies and positions with their expectations. This connection fueled his success.

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