Candace Owens Exposes how LBJ Was a Destructive Force Against the Black Community

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Ban Johnson as I said factually the Reason why they don't want people to Know their history or learn history or Be able to read books is because when You have those capabilities you Recognize how absolutely Sinister and How avowedly racist Lyndon Bane Johnson Was don't believe me check his record in The Senate right every time there was a Measure to help black Americans he voted Against it uh virulently and so you have That they create this system and the System literally says we will give you More money if you don't marry the father Of your children to break down the black Family you fast forward today you you Look at the circumstance in Black America how black Americans are Suffering and how they can't attribute It back to the very same people they Actually go say we need more governance In order to fix this right because you Have these things like BLM that pop up That are sponsored by the government That convince black Americans to Riot And to loot down their own neighborhoods To set them backwards even further and They are completely diluted in believing That it's the white man that is causing These issues when it has always been the Government

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