Candace Owens Reveals Shocking Truth About America’s Social Credit Score in ‘Already Here’

Patrick Bet-David hosts Candace Owens and Chris Cuomo LIVE from Valuetainment’s 5990 Live!

Joining Patrick, Candace and Chris are Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana. In this clip, they discuss China’s Social Credit Score and whether or not America is facing the same threat.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

China social credit system how much are You following that are you following Pretty closely okay so so let's kind of Process with how many you guys are Familiar with the China social credit System if you don't let's kind of go Through it together so an estimated 80% of the provinces regions and cities Have some sort of this social credit System more than 33 million businesses In China have to follow this system now You may say what does this look like There's such things in America that we Have a FICA score Experian TransUnion Equifax these guys take you to hold Different level let me unpack that for You for individuals it's got data Collection scoring ratings uh rewards And punishments and for business to have Their own things as well here's for Individuals if you have a bad score what You don't qualify for you ready bad Driving and traffic offenses okay uh jay Walking smoking on trains okay not Cleaning up after your dog uh I'd be in Trouble not having your dog on a leash I I wouldn't get Any not Not paying debts not paying taxes Playing too many video games a lot of People would be have in trouble there This next one guys ear ear muffs ear Muffs watching pornography okay making Frivolous purchases consuming too much

Alcohol or junk food criticizing the Government criticizing the social credit System visiting unauthorized websites Being friends with or messaging others With low scores or Those who commit the Above offenses your score goes lower Okay so now let me give you a couple Testimonies on how this happened so one Of them is according to the National Public Credit information center Chinese Courts have banned wouldbe Travelers These are people that wanted to travel From buying flights 17.5 million times By 2018 we're not even talking today That's six years ago okay and citizens Placed on blacklists for social credit Offenses Have prevented were prevented from Buying train tickets 55 million times Okay there's a story of a lawyer Leah Jolin a lawyer who was deemed Untrustworthy after not fulfilling a Court order in 2015 was placed on the List and was unable to purchase a plane Ticket home while on a work trip Human Rights Watch reported he could also Apply for credit card so this is the Social credit system now I said come on They would never do this in America let Me kind of give you idea where they're Testing this and how it's looking Australia for sure Germany India other Areas they're testing this out Canada we Know what they did with the truckers in

US fed this was a report fed monitor Bank records for guns and Bible Purchases words like Maga and Trump Customers are calling for boycott of Bank of America after report that the Bank handed over the account information Of hundreds of innocent people in Connection with the January 6 riots at The request of the FBI the country Second largest bank allegedly snooped Through information of anyone making Certain purchases in and around Washington before and after the rights And handed over information of 21 people This was a report from the guys show you Were just on Tucker Carlson and some are Saying well listen I'm worried about This potentially coming down here now The great news is that's never going to Come here because you know Chris doesn't Like IDs so we don't have to worry about Something like that here because it's Just not going to happen here concerned About this and by the way Jordan Peterson was at Congress yesterday I Believe Rob if you have that clip if you Can just play it real quick and then Candace I'll come to you for reaction I I don't think people understand the Degree to which they are profiled online And to which their virtual Representation is now a iconic Representation of them nor do they Understand that they have no rights

Whatsoever to that representation so for Example let's say we turn our Information about our purchasing habits Over to the bank when we open the bank Account 30 years ago that wasn't such a Big problem with AI systems it's a Problem that's so big you can't imagine It I mean I'm certain that I my staff Could find the data online to absolutely Predict your voting patterns with 95% Accuracy you have no idea what sort of Digital footprint that you're you're Leaving behind you and there are almost No protections for that and So now that and you also asked about the First Amendment yes well we have very Weak Free Speech Protections in Canada And I can tell you that is not going Well and so the comination in my country The combination of that Candace uh your Thoughts on the social credit system and Potentially coming down here down here It's it's already here it's it's very Slowly the the they tried to radically Introduce it during the times of Co if You want to go back to one of their lies The dollar bills have the you can get Dollar from dollar bills we have Everything has to now be electronic Don't use cash one way that you can Fight this system system that is Definitely coming is to use cash as much As possible I keep cash on me now oh am I going to get robbed this wasn't smart

This is secure right um and and at the Time of covid I was I was also pregnant And when we went to the doctor suddenly They didn't want you to fill out forms So they got a bunch of people to agree To myr all of their stuff online their Health information online and I refused I was like print out paper I like little Things like this make a difference read The small print speaking of doctors went To the dermatologist the other day read The small print the fine print on what You are agreeing to everyone just fills That out really quickly unbelievable I Was I literally sat there and she's like I've never seen anybody read it right I Read it and I was like I absolutely Agree to none of this so I can't sign This are you still going to be able to Check my face because I don't want to go Into some system we can use this Information to do we can share this Information with the government to put Into their systems for check a pimple Like just one pimple like I really I Don't want to do that so you have to be Especially aware they are already doing This and he is absolutely correct Dr Jordan Peterson in in saying that the Threat of that of them just constantly Being able to take this data for you to Follow your digital footprint online This is why it's really important to Have like a VPN server I mean I I put

Myself in all different countries all The time because I'm very aware that They're that they're doing this and you Will see ironically that the same people That are telling you that they do not Want people to have IDs are going to be The same people that are advocating for This system they are they're the exact Same people who would say such a thing To have not have ideas know this is Great we should we should be able to do This and monitor they want they want to Know where you are every second of every Day they already do though the idea that This hasn't happened already VPN doesn't Insulate you I don't know how much it You do VPN is not going to keep you away From this we've talked about this you've All had this conversation where you're Talking to somebody on some digital Media and all of a sudden you start Getting ads that are relevant to the Conversation you were having um why Because they're monitoring what you're Saying which is why uh I thought it was Such a sham that you had the heads of The platforms come down and say yeah we Don't really know what to do in terms of Content moderation and stuff um you know You say we we go for the majority with Our rules not the minority that's not Always true we pass a lot of laws to Protect minorities we passed a law to Give all of the platform providers

Complete insulation from any litigation About what's on their no no I said that In a functioning government we should be Passing laws that I'm aware sometimes You got to protect the little guys no Question but we spend a lot of time Protecting the big guy they can't be Sued for anything on that's on their Site okay content wise do I like that Rule no I understand it they're not Exactly Publishers but I think they're Closer to Publishers than uh we're Giving them credit for but they are Using all of our information for their Own needs and benefits Candace is right To read her thing uh and every time they Say we've updated our terms and Conditions you got to click this to keep On existing you click that you know You click it because you want to keep Going and they are selling it they're Using it the cookie preferences all These things it's already happening uh The China thing is scary right uh could It happen here oh yeah oh yeah why Because the more we get into silos and We punish conversation like this and we Punish positions and we punish thoughts The more you're asking for it and the More that you will allow Fringe Minorities to wind up overtaking the Overall Dynamics and you see it in your Government already you see your elected Rep Representatives reflect the

Interests of motivated minorities more Than they do the majority so much so That now the largest voting Block in This country is people who say they Don't want to be democrat or republican It's the first time in our history so is There hope for Candace to get up in the Morning and dance around yes because More of you than ever before don't want To be part of the game anymore but that Doesn't mean the game's over and in Terms of this it's happening every day In all kinds of ways and they definitely Know who you're going to vote for you Didn't need Jordan Peterson to tell us That they know they Bank on it literally They literally take it to the bank the Sophistication that you get when you sit Down with um get out the vote analysts And pros and the technical data of how You shape messaging online they Pinpoint millions of people that will Respond to certain messaging certain way Ways so the question is what do we do About it because it's already Happening this is your thoughts on here Yeah this is why Bitcoin has been very Popular not because oh it's a rebel Currency but also because it's aligned With the blockchain and the blockchain Not only gives you certainty of certain Transactions it also gives you Confidentiality why do you think Governments don't like blockchain

Because it gives citizens unique Confidentiality in certain Regards however that same blockchain Could ensure complete Integrity of Elections which is also why both sides Of the unip party don't want it because They're both in a war to kind of game it From two sides of the street and I I Think what's happening in China is the Dark side anything that's good could be Used for bad and from the very very Beginning if you knew the origins of Facebook you know he referred to people Who were so dumb to be allowing the Information to be there the founders of Facebook referred to oh they are so dumb Just to put everything here because if You're getting something for free you're Not the customer you're the product and You're being sold to The Advertiser um When you think of it that way and what's Happening in China is the Dark Side of All this coming to light where the Pendulum will go back and forth you'll Have you know conservative side of the Unip party in power and they want to use The information on the entire populace This way then everybody will get upset And the liberal get elected and then the Liberals want to use use it this way on The people and it's horrifying what's Happening and so I I want as small of a Digital footprint as I can have in terms Of my personal information but it's

Getting harder and harder to do it why Isn't the rule that everybody in the Country gets given an identification why Isn't it instead of putting it on the Individual to go and get the ID why Don't you reverse it and have it where When the baby's Born uh that kid is given an ID and Obviously you update the photo you get a Social Security number right but I'm Saying uh if what we want is this type Of transparency mechanism why not Reverse the onus and instead of it being On the individual to go and get an an ID Or whatever it is why isn't it on the Government and have it be automatic why Isn't it that way maybe I don't Understand what you're asking because I Think we're we're doing an element of it With Social Security when we've had four Kids California Texas on that okay so You're saying right off the bat to do What to get why not by the way I Actually like it because see if I'm kind Of reading into it if I'm going a little Bit too much with iwasa Community bring Me back okay is your concern that you Want to figure out a way for the left to Get newborn babies to vote cuz that's Brilliant bro if that's like what you go To reduce the dog I Mean reduce the vo where he's going the Voting age to 8 Months so if you like this clip and you

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