@CarrieRoseRiseatSeven On The Gender Pay Gap #shorts

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A lot of people say women are paid less Than men I actually observe how people Behave or women behave versus men behave And men are more likely to ask for a pay Rise because they're more confident to Ask for more money women naturally have A maternal Instinct so they're often Open to doing things for free because It's a maternal Instinct I'll look after You I'll do that don't worry about it Without asking for more pay a lot of men Would not do that for free so I do think There are certain traits in men or women That mean that men do get more money Than women so I guess one thing that I Like to do is tell women about that if You can make them aware of it by the way That guy over there he wouldn't have Done that for free he would have said You could pay me another 50 Quid or Whatever if I can let women know that Then like oh I didn't realize someone Else would ask for money for that like I'm happy to do it for free and I'm like No no so you've got to accept those Examples but I do see also the traits That I see in women and men and how men Are more confident to go wait you want More from me yeah you can pay me more Money

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