“China Is Killing Americans!” – Reaction To Xi Jinping Unifying U.S.’s Biggest Enemies

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Allen West, Tom Ellsworth and Adam Sosnick react to Xi Jinping unifying U.S.’s biggest enemies.

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President Xi Jinping announced that China would make full use of the Shanghai exchange as a platform to carry Out one settlements of oil and gas Trades uh how bad can this be if they're Able to accomplish this and this becomes A reality I mean obviously you're seeing Again China Russia Saudi Iran Saudi and Iran is like Saying Red Sox and Yankees having dinner Together and doing business together That's like saying hey you know Lakers And Celtics at the Prime on how pique It's like you guys are willing to get Together and do business together yet at What cost anything to go up to see what America is doing right now China is Winning these guys over the enemy of my Enemy is my friend well no question About it so but why why is it that Something like this isn't unifying America the reason why I want to ask This from you is 9 11 unified us in a Way we kind of like listen I don't care Who you voted for man that's the enemy Yeah okay and you're red white and blue You're red white and blue I don't who You voted for we're on the same team Let's roll okay covid was more political Because Trump was hated so much was like No no China cannot be the enemy Trump Has to be enemy because we got to get Rid of this guy we had a shot at Unifying during covet to have Dems

Republicans conservative Libertarians Forget about it Americans against China That's the enemy there was a hesitation To make an outside influence the enemy It was easier to have somebody like Trump because they didn't want him to do Whatever he was working on do you think This could be something that unifies us Or no this is still going to be Something that's going to stay divided It could be something that unifies us But it's not going to happen out of the White house because they're not going to Talk about this I mean the White House The enemy of the progressive social is Left is anyone that opposes their Ideological agenda you know think about This how interesting it was that during The uprising of the protests in Hong Kong you had those students there in Hong Kong carrying American flags and Singing the National Anthem you can't Get kids on our College camps to carry American flags and sing in the national Anthem because we don't talk about Liberty we don't talk about Freedom we Don't talk about totalitarianism and the Purveyors thereof and we we don't have Even a president that talks about China Is killing and murdering you know Americans 18 to 14. what's the number One killer of Americans 18 to 14 right Now I mean 18 to 45 I'm sorry 18 it's Fentanyl but we don't have a president

That talks about it we don't have a President that goes down and says that You know the drug cartels are you know They're a terrorist organization that's Pushing human and sex trafficking that That should unite us human and sex Trafficking uh the drug trafficking but That's not the enemy that's not the Issue because what they want is complete Total Control of America so so so this is this Is what becomes a concern I sat down With General McChrystal I think five Years ago six years ago and he's a four Star and he's good friends with Obama And he is a Democrat he's on the left And I think his father was a two star Uncles all this stuff were like one Stars or kernels and all these things And then you'll learn you're like okay How do you become a two-star there's a Difference between a two-star and a one Star two star you need to you know but One star you can kind of do your own Whatever you need to do to get there but Two three four star I need these guys to Like me to kind of say yes you're Approved to get this So to me the compensation structure is Almost structured in a way Where You have to compromise your values to Get the next level promotion If that makes any sense it does so it's

Set up in a way where I have to be Willing to compromise what I love most About this country and what I Protected all these years For my own individual Legacy and I go From being a Statesman to a politician To hey there's no way in the world you Can get me to do XYZ no listen if you do That we'll do this no problem and so how Much of this stuff is where you know a a Person is sitting there saying listen China if you do this I want to be a President just let me do this how much How dirty behind closed door does it get Where it's holding people hostage over a Promotion holding people hostage over What they know of what she did 17 years Ago holding people hostage of saying let Me tell you what I got about you what Happened 18 years ago if you don't keep Your mouth shut that's going to come out How much of that holding hostage happens Where somebody Powell you're like what what just Happened to you how did you go from this To come this doesn't sound like the same Person here how much of that happens Behind closed doors a lot and but it's Not just behind closed doors it happens In open doors and I think the American People are starting to see that I mean It's becoming more and more transparent Why do you have a chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff making uh unsolicited

Phone calls to the uh General over in China I mean you you I mean back in the Day I mean you get You know hold hold up for for treason You don't do that look There's too much self-interest and Special interest that's hurt in the United States of America and you just Brought up something great we don't have Statesmen in States when we have Politicians and the difference between a Statesman and the politicians that a Politician is going to tell you what They think you want to hear Because they want to vote But a statesman's going to tell you what You need to hear regardless of the Circumstances and the consequences can Statesmen get elected today and that's The problem it comes back to us the Compensation plan is not set up but it's Also you know our societal model is that We want to be told what we want to hear What makes us happy what makes us Comfortable But you've got to be able to look at Yourself in the mirror look I was Redistricted out of this District that I Represented it and and I was honored to Do it by Republicans And I was the first black Republican Member of Congress since reconstruction Now you had have to ask yourself why Would the Republican Party The Party of

Lincoln the party that us you know free The slaves and everything why would they Take the first black Republican member From Florida since reconstruction and Redistrict him out and then I was the Number one target for the Democrats in 2012. because people don't want to have Folks to have the courage and the Conviction to stand up and say what Needs to be said That that that that that shines a light On them that they're not comfortable With and and we have got to get a mature Level again it comes back to being Adults Patrick we got to be mature in America we got to start looking and Saying AOC That's the best that we can have in America you know uh what's her name uh From Minnesota Omar Omar Omar uh Rashida Talib Rashida Talib press I mean I can Go down the list and I can go on on the Other side but we we've got to have People that are concerned I mean Once Upon a Time you could not be president Of the United States of America if you Had not worn a uniform If you're not fought in combat you People would laugh at you Once Upon a Time 50 years ago over 70 Percent of the members of Congress had Served in uniform today that number's Like 18 get out of here

18 to 18 no I'm from 70 yeah 50 years Ago to 18 absolutely go back and look at That And and so you know what is happening is That the people that this country Trusted the people that said you know I'm going to raise my right hand I'm Going to take a note to support and Defend what the rule of law the Constitution the United States of America I'm not taking enough that says I'm going to support me my pocket these Special interests that come up here You're right 18.4 percent The incoming U.S House of Representative Will have 80 members who've served in The military at some level or 18.4 Percent of total membership according to Pew research that's embarrassing that's That's that's embarrassing but but who But but again that's a reflection of who Us as the American people You know we've forgotten what leadership Is we we have forgotten what service and Sacrifice and commitment and that that Was you know Yesterday was the the 50th anniversary Of the end of the Vietnam War my older Brother came back from Vietnam and took His dress Marine uniform and threw it Into the closet And and the most important thing you can Say to a Vietnam veteran is welcome home Because they didn't get to hear it

But we have forgotten about those men And women and what they are willing to Do with the sacrifices to the point Where now someone can say who cares that You lost a friend in Afghans who cares If you lost limbs in Afghanistan I'm Going to give Afghanistan back to the People that you fought to get out of Power Imagine what that means to a young man Or woman that spent years of their lives Over in a place they saw their buddies Die or or like I said lose limbs and now We put the exact same people back in Charge And left them your equipment First of all this is this is staggering To be thinking about how a few people uh One of the best things that happened to Me the two and a half years I spent in The Army as a 63 Bravo Hummer mechanic At Fort Campbell Kentucky AIT and boot Camp Fort Jackson 101st era assault life Changing I went from a boy into a man And I remember drill sergeant Purtle I Befriended him on Facebook 15 years Later I'm like do you remember me a Drill Sergeant Green drill sergeant all These guys I remember what they did an 18 year old kid that's undecided on what To do with their lives with their career There's a lot military can do for you I Don't know about today's military It's slightly different today with what

They're doing totally different very Different than than when I went and I Like the fact that they were scream and Hollering challenging you trying to Mentally break you down to see be all You can be all that you can be in the Army but here's a question so it's easy To sit there and say Democrats Democrats Democrats socialist socialist socialists All these guys okay I'm a business guy When I lost market share in a area I Would say what did we do wrong to lose That market share you know like what did We do like you're saying this as well The first thing you talked about is it's On us Pat it's on you and I what what do We do why are we allowing this thing to Happen right but some people may say Dude I'm not Karl Rove who was the Strategist I'm not you know David uh Dave uh who Was the the George Bush the guy that was A heavyweight guy for many years I'm Forgetting his name the book was written About a phenomenal book who was his Chief of staff I think the chief of Staff for President Bush what was his Name uh uh uh not not uh anyways I'll Think about the name Al Tater name you Know exactly what I'm talking about uh Uh uh what is what is anyways I'll put It up I'll give you the name these guys Were strategists behind closed doors you Know these guys could take somebody and

Bring them up and they're saying hey we Should do this or we should do that hey You saw this week we were talking about Silicon Valley companies how Larry Ellison and five of these other Companies all use the same word to say Moving forward you're working from Office or you're not because we need a Collaborative environment for you to Work out at the office you can't do it Through Zoom those guys had a Conversation together and said guys we Got to use a similar word collaborative You see these channels that say You know the same phrase and you see one Video One reporter says it then nine Then this and they're all saying the Same thing where did Republicans lose it What strategy because Democrats Outflanked they had a better strategy Than Republicans where their offer was More attractive to people the last 10 20 30 40 years the Republicans sit on the Sidelines were they getting casual did They get soft did they not really value The enemy that they think the enemy is Not that important that they have a Blind spot if they did where was that You know I just finished the book that Was written by a republican California State Senator H.L Richardson it's called Confrontational politics You know right now it is less Patrick About Republican and Democrat it's less

About political parties it is more about Philosophies of governance the United States of America was founded on a very Incredible revolutionary premise that The individual is supreme and Sovereign Over the institution of government now We have people that believe that the Institution of government being at the Federal state local levels are Supreme And Sovereign over the individual that They make decisions based upon that They're more so concerned about how do We make the individual wedded to us how Do we make the individual dependent upon Us and you can look at the policies that Come forward we have got to get uh to The point where we go back and talk About individual rights freedoms Liberties uh and we have been lacking in That we we are always chasing the uh the Other side the the left and you know one Of the things the Army taught me you Could carry your three by five cards Around because you know army guys ain't Really smart Air Force guys are real Smart they don't need three by five cars But army guys got to carry around three By five cars let me let me just share This quote with you this quote is from The 1950s the uncontested absurdities of Today Are the accepted slogans of tomorrow They come to be accepted by degrees by Dent of constant pressure on one side

And constant Retreat on the other until One day when they are suddenly declared To be the country's official ideology Wow 1950s Iran And that's what is happening that's what You're talking about you're talking About the last 50 60 70 years slowly but Surely this little incrementalism we Keep creeping along we destroy the Fountain we take over Hollywood we take Over the media you know we take over Every aspect of our operating culture Now we take over the the military And this is where we find ourselves and So we don't you know we may be Successful in a political cycle but We're up against people being in China Russia whomever and also people here in This they don't think in political Cycles they think the 300 meter Target Remember we used to go to the rifle Range you had a 25 meter Target out to The three they think about the 300 meter Target if not longer by the way if not Longer but they will you know make sure The 25 meter Target they're proficient At it enable to go out to the G and Putin say 100 years absolutely they're Not going to be alive in 100 years look How pretty that would be alive in 25. But the point is look how Tom look how Proud they are of their country that it Is their country they're not going to

Let somebody else come and be above it Over their own lives a hundred years is What they're talking about and we are What 246 years old As a nation 43 now 246 247 I think right 2020 yeah 20 23. yeah you said something Very important you used to phrase Cultural Marxism a cultural Marxism Really has two tenets and the first Tenant is there is no absolute truth and The second tenet is that the state is Supreme so when you take those two Pat They're so simple to say and you can put Everything follows underneath it and it Says how do you break you break Religions okay no absolute truth the State is supreme that's how you break Family that's how you break the Authority of parents that's how you have The authority over kids those are the Two truths and I look at it and I was Reading this week because we were Looking at all this stuff and I'm like Who is telling The person That is coming to the United States Today to immigrate you know the Political Refugee or whoever they are They're coming to this American ideal so Somewhere in the world there is still This concept of freedom and liberty and An enablement and I want to go to America because they're still coming Here and I don't mean the ones that are

Being trafficked here Southern border I'm talking about ones that still Legitimately want to come here for what It is out there in the world there is a Greater reputation of America than we Have among ourselves you know I had Gordon chenon uh during covet two and a Half years he used to live in uh he was A lawyer in China I think for like 20 Years or something like that he said the One number that's changed Tom a little Bit to pay attention to is before kids Would come from other countries here and They would go to school here And then they would say damn this place Is great and then they would stay here Versus now kids are coming here To our schools learning what we're Teaching them and now they're taking What we taught them back to their Countries yeah so meaning the brightest Are no longer staying there going back That's the argument that he was making That they're now able to bring him back To their country versus before now you Can look at the statistics of China Their net migration right now is Negative they're losing people I don't Know if you saw the stats for 2022 Wasn't a good look they're losing people So is Russia Russia lost a lot of people That left them as well so some can say Statistically you know you know Russia There it is so current net migration

Rate for China 2023 minus 0.256 per Thousand population uh a 0.79 increase From 2029 net migration for China is do You have the one for Russia as well Because I think both of them are down They're not looking good well you're Looking this up remember this comes out Of readily available country information The actual truth of these numbers is Probably higher because China and Russia Are skewing down the numbers they report Well this is you have 2022 which you Don't have Is 2020 uh 2022 was 0.78 per Thousand a decline of 14.42 And you know it's going to be higher This year as well obviously with what's Going on there but America is still that Country but Um I you know you know sometimes when You're Mike Tyson You're going to a ring people are Shivering they're shaking they're like Oh my God it's Mike and you're debating Do I buy this pay-per-view or not Because it's going to be less than 30 Seconds is it worth it and guess what Guys if you're going to come over to Watch the fight bring dominoes bring Scrabble bring Spades because we're Probably going to be playing cards we're Only going to be watching the fight for Less than a minute okay And then this guy shows up that he

Proved the Tyson is human Rights and he comes here like This guy can be beat what are you Talking about right And then next thing you know Holyfield Couple other guys they're like oh you Know I can get them Jon Jones has proven He's the scariest man in the world He looked out of shape this time some People said there's no way this guy's Going to be you know or whatever yeah And I was kind of like concerned because I'm like I've not seen this guy be this Heavy for a long time yeah boom what Does he do wasn't even close right they Still fear this man the problem with America is if America was a fighter the Last few years America's had losses in The ring and people don't fear America Anymore and we've allowed that to become A reality that's my only concern when You walk into a bar and everybody knows You are America and everybody kind of Like hey hey hey guys listen the US is Here now it's kind of like hey yeah What's up how you doing you want a drink Get him a drink on us yeah you don't Talk to America like that now they are So if you like this clip and you want to Watch another one click right here and If you want to watch the entire podcast Click right here [Music]

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