“China Needs To Be Held Accountable!” – Covid-19 Chinese Lab Leak EXPOSED

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Vincent Oshana and Tom Ellsworth react to the Covid-19 Chinese lab leak exposed.

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Lab leak lab Elite most like the origin Of covid-19 pandemic energy department Now says this is a Wall Street Journal Story when this was said people lost Their minds how dare you tell me racist I made the wrong decision following Fauci and science how dare you do Something like that well the U.S energy Department has concluded with low Confidence that the covet pandemic most Likely erodes from a laboratory League The conclusion is the result of new Intelligence and is significant because The agency has considerable scientific Expertise and oversees a network of U.S National Laboratories some of which Conduct Advanced biological research the FBI previously came to the conclusion That the pandemic was likely the result Of a lab leak in 2021 with moderate Confidence and it still holds this view The energy department now joins the Event saying the virus likely spread via A mishap at a Chinese laboratory China Which has placed limits on Investigations by the World Health Organization has disputed that the virus Could have leaked from one of its labs And as suggested it emerged outside of China Do you hear what you're saying the low Confidence moderate confidence and I Hate when people say stuff like man I Hate to say I told you so I don't like I

Don't know if I'm a I'm a psychic or or What's going on with me panel I'm pretty Sure you're in the same camp we were all Right we were right about the lab League We were right about natural immunity we Were right about the mask we were right About lockdowns we were right about the Vaccines the boosters Ivermectin Dr Fauci being a little rat the who like How am I just so right about all this Like do I have a crystal ball like how Do we know but all these people didn't And the fact that they're still coming Up was I think it was John Kirby Yesterday Pat he comes out and he's like Because somebody from I'm shocked that They asked him they're like how do you Guys feel about the gain of function Richards are you guys doing it he said It's necessary for us to now they're Saying that yes we we do Um gain a function but we have to figure Out this next step and I sent Rob this Link Rob on on slack I'm worried Pat Because Joe Biden said eight months ago I think what's up a year ago he goes hey Guys we need the money for all this and All that because a second pandemic is Coming Joe Biden said that verbatim and It scares me Pat because we had people Like uh Leeming Dr Yemen uh uh Yong she Was on uh Tucker Carlson last night she Worked for the Chinese uh government and She said this was she's this is a doctor

Pat this is not just a regular citizen That I had to run I had around two and a Half years ago okay so you know and what Did she say she goes the government Leaked this to destroy the economy we Got a strike for that and they took it Down within 48 hours and do you remember That virologist yep you got a strike and They took it out within 48 hours and Something and so and going to my next Point yeah doesn't that scare that Should scare the average American that This all came out China is so protected By our media by our government and I Just it just goes to me to ask the Question why what hold on Tom why why is It because we owe them all this money is It because they they know certain things About it like can you somebody make make It make sense to me how why you know you Know what you know what I think is Needed Tom Do you know uh that uh movie Aaron Brockovich is that the movie Aaron Brock Yes it's the story I mean obviously Julia Roberts but what is the story About the story is about uh chromium Which is a there's a chromium chemical That was used to help lubricate pumps at Water uh treatment and water pumps that Was in um in desert community in California that chromium at a certain Percentage caused tremendous Cancers and Sterility as and uterine problems in the

People and Erin Brockovich and another Attorney went out there and discovered That they had covered up the spills in The disposal of the chromium yeah and so Aaron Brockovich brought it to light and Who was Aaron Brockovich Aaron Brockovich was basically a paralegal That had the guts to go out and do the Research and she partnered with a law Firm and you can read the true story of Her uh well covered by the LA Times I Don't usually give them credit but They've written a lot of stories about The real Erin Brockovich and the real Story she was a whistleblower so here's What she ended up doing right she went Up against the most powerful people a Case against Pacific Gas and Electric Company which is basically a government Entity California and involving Groundwater contamination in Hinckley California and did she end up winning Did she end up exposing them did Lobbyists lose their minds did they have To settle for 333 million dollars the Largest settlement ever paid in a direct Action lawsuit in the United States History to that date yes she did that You know what's needed today what's Needed today is one of these Relentless Lawyers who is not going to give up Until they get to the bottom of it I Don't want to say the following line That many of us have said including

Myself you think they're ever going to Be held accountable no they're not I Don't want to say that I'm convinced Somebody lost a relative a family Based on the decision that was made it's Going to spend and dedicate the rest of Their lives to proving all the stupid Things that they did Force manipulate And that person is going to dedicate Their lives to it until we find out About it I think the the market today Just think about this was a niche market In California we're not talking about a Huge yeah we're talking about and this Ended up becoming a national thing right We're talking covet that came from China That the president said the China virus And the lady says you can't call a China Virus why do they call it China of arts And he said because it came from China China the flu called the Spanish flu It's not offensive when they say the Spanish flu because that's where it came From so moving forward everybody has to Start calling it The China virus this is That somebody I believe that's a True Believer is going to go investigate this And then all of a sudden they're going To say holy [ __ ] if a True Believer if The True Believers rise up and go out There and do this it's going to be a Scary sight for a lot of people yeah I Feel like we're living in reality Programming and this is a Netflix

Special called covid confessions and We're in the middle of season one Episode six masks don't really work the The virus did come from a lab in China You know the vaccine will not prevent You from getting it the vaccine has side Effects my goodness I just feel like We're in covid confessions season one Episode six and it just keeps going but It really makes me nervous about because We know why do we get flu shots back in The day each year because the flu Runs around the globe the normal annual Flu runs around the globe because you Have winter in the southern hemisphere Winter and Northern Hemisphere starts Australia comes up to us they know what The strains are going to be and you're Going to get your simple little 15 flu Shot These things influenza and flu-like Viruses and I'm not an epidemiologist or Anything but The next version of it you know is Usually tougher and so I just this part Of it makes me nervous but the front Part of it makes me disgusted because I Think we every week there's some sort of A discussion By the way can you pull up what I just Said I think this highlights exactly What we stand for here is the concept of Open discussion and debate so for years If you had an opinion nobody knew for

Sure like I agree no matter what you say You didn't know for sure you had an Opinion but you're entitled to your Opinion the problem is what happened With big Tech and collusion with the Government is that They shut down opinions they shut down Discourse you were Shadow banned you Were flagged you were censored you were Striked Um you were potentially canceled for Expressing an opinion okay and I'm Highlighting that opinion here I love That and that is exactly what we stand For here is like you tried to set up a Debate with two different types of Doctors and one wouldn't come on pretty Prominent doctor because he didn't want To go against The Narrative of the uh Basically the bat versus the lab Situation yeah one with Dr Mike yeah Who's a famous YouTuber the other one Was Dr Paul office Dr Mike agreed to Come three times he said yes yes yes Then he said he's busy and then he made It 50 other videos two weeks later and As busy as he was he was not busy he was Frightened yes he was afraid is what he Was and every other week fauci would be On his YouTube channel so God forbid if He was disloyal to fauci and the CDC Dr Mike is not somebody who uh uh was Willing to sit down and have a real Educated debate with another qualified

Doctor with a nice resume of Stanford Harvard educated no because anybody that Disagreed with uh uh fauci was not Really they really didn't trust science That's what they've given a platform That a lot of people on those things Including Robert Kennedy I mean so the Invitation has been open to come have Pbd moderate you know productive debate Between people and and you've you've Spoken you've had interviews with Robert Kennedy and others yeah but here's my Question too about what why and I'm Going to keep saying why why is the Government so low moderate they don't Want to point out at China and why does The government the government and fauci Still have that stance they got skin in The game that lab we were sending money Our government with fauci right with the Equal Health Alliance I guess to do gain A function and it leaked they have skin In the game they have to be like well we Kind of it's not it's not going to be a Definite point but we're not stupid we Get it you know what I mean but like you Said it's gonna take one person hope to God to be like okay listen enough is Enough point the fingers still to this Day you mean three years later I can't Say it came from China do they own us That much that I can't say it a lot I Think without being racist or conspiracy There is because on the way here Pat I

Watched like eight videos of Just MSNBC And everybody going Trump whatever what A race what a racist divisive and if we Let him say China and call the China Virus I don't give a [ __ ] maybe we'd be You know we'd be closer to finding out Hey who leaked it who's the person that Lab doesn't have hundreds of thousands Of people how many of you people were in There which one of you did it and why Who the hell are you do you have ties to Anybody if we don't get to that that Point it's gonna happen again just like Joe Biden said it's gonna happen again And Rob at one point could play that Video the president United States said Eight months ago another pandemic is Coming can you play Pat this is this is Joe Biden eight months ago saying he Needs more money and this is what he Said about another pandemic watch we do Need more money is it we don't just need More money for vaccines for children Eventually we need more money to plan For the second pandemic there's going to Be another pandemic we have to think Ahead what and that's not something is He a psychic how do you know a second Pandemic is coming really well that's Why you can stop how does he know how do You know I I don't I mean because we've Had Ebola and SARS the things occurs so It's not I'm not they're not back to Back I'm not gonna go conspiracy theory

That's planning the next page no no I Didn't say he's planning I'm saying how Does he know hold on don't I hate when You do this conspiracy [ __ ] it ain't a Conspiracy he pandemics don't happen Every year Adam they happen in 10 years And 20 when's the last pandemic was it 2001 Global 100 years ago but if you're Talking about SARS and Ebola 2001 2001 Obama but how does how do you how can You say what's your point my point is He's there if we don't get to the root Of it and say okay this is what happened Because we're scared about offending a Country that I don't give a [ __ ] about Who gives a [ __ ] well then now I agree With you okay if you want to get to the Point let's get to the point thank you The point is this yes China needs to be Held account a period okay seven seven Million dead that's where I'm going with It okay I'm not going to yeah I got to You know all different sorts of places So the problem with trying to Pat hit The nail on the head with the Aaron Brockovich thing China has denied denied Denied they've covered up they've been Uh not not cooperating with any of the Organizations they're not letting people In there to to basically find out Exactly what happened here and in any Unsolved mystery you want to know what The hell happened who did it what's the Reason why now intelligence 80s uh

Agencies committees have With confidence have basically said that It is that is a lab mishap not a Act of Aggression or a bio weapon purposely put Out there but why would China want to Basically promote more of the bat Theory Than the lab Theory because if it is the Lab Theory They are 100 accountable because that's A government agency within China part of The government if it is the bat Theory Bats [ __ ] fly it could have come from Anywhere mongolia's Korea whatever one Of those things you're one of those Things that happened to be here some Hungry Chinese guys saw the bat that Flew in took a bite out of its head in a Wet Market it's easier to kind of Maneuver your way out of that so that's China's premise but at the end of the Day I'm not going wild conspiratorial Thing here what I do want to find out Much like you is what exactly happened With China and get some answers yeah Because the end of the day and then Here's the biggest thing is How much money was printed how many Lives were lost how many potential Lawsuits Global lawsuits could be held Liable against China so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here

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