Chris Cuomo Discusses Controversial Brother in Insightful Blog Post: “It’s All Terrible

In a thought-provoking blog post, acclaimed journalist Chris Cuomo dives into the complexities surrounding his controversial brother. Titled “It’s All Terrible,” Cuomo offers a unique perspective on the ongoing discourse, providing valuable insights and shedding light on the challenges faced by his family. With his astute observations and articulate writing style, Cuomo navigates the delicate balance between personal loyalty and professional objectivity, provoking readers to reconsider their own perspectives on this headline-grabbing matter.

Chris Cuomo Discusses Controversial Brother in Insightful Blog Post: “It’s All Terrible”


In a recent blog post, Chris Cuomo, the renowned journalist and anchor of CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” provides a heartfelt and introspective look into his challenging role as a brother and a news anchor. As the younger brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Chris faces a unique predicament of balancing his family ties with his journalistic integrity. The blog post titled “It’s All Terrible” uncovers Cuomo’s experiences and struggles, shedding light on the complexity of his situation.

PBD and Chris Cuomo Discuss Trump’s Handling of the Pandemic

During his blog post, Cuomo elucidates his conversation with PBD (Patrick Bet-David), a prominent entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. Cuomo and PBD delve into a significant topic, namely, Trump’s handling of the pandemic. With their insightful discussions, they aim to provide the audience with a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects surrounding this controversial issue.

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Chris Cuomo’s Role as a Journalist and Brother

As Cuomo shares his thoughts, it becomes evident that he grapples with the duality of his role as a journalist and a brother. He opens up about the challenges faced when reporting objectively on his brother’s actions and policies as the governor of New York. Cuomo ponders on the fine line he walks in ensuring that his loyalty to his brother doesn’t affect the impartiality demanded by his profession.

Cuomo’s Offer to Resign from CNN

In a surprising revelation, Cuomo discloses that he twice offered to resign from CNN to protect the network from potential harm caused by his association with his brother. This gesture showcases Cuomo’s dedication to his profession, as he strives to maintain the integrity of the news organization. Despite the turmoil he faces, Cuomo’s commitment to the truth remains unwavering.

Cuomo’s Denial of Bad Faith and Manipulation

The blog post addresses allegations of Cuomo acting in bad faith or manipulating the media to favor his brother. Cuomo strongly refutes these claims, emphasizing that he has always approached his interviews and reporting with utmost sincerity and journalistic integrity. He further expresses his respect for CNN and his former boss, Jeff Zucker, who he considers a great mentor.

Transparency and Relatability for the Audience

Cuomo sheds light on the reasons why he decided to interview his brother, claiming that transparency and relatability were the key objectives. By engaging in a candid conversation with Governor Andrew Cuomo, he sought to provide the audience with an intimate and unfiltered understanding of his brother’s responses to the challenges faced during the pandemic. Cuomo believes that this approach fosters trust and connection with viewers.


In conclusion, Chris Cuomo’s blog post, “It’s All Terrible,” offers readers a captivating glimpse into the conflicting roles he assumes as a brother and a journalist. His heartfelt reflections and candid discussions with PBD open doors to understanding the complexity of his situation. Cuomo’s unwavering dedication to his profession and commitment to truth-seeking are apparent throughout the blog post, showcasing his resilience and professionalism.

FAQs After The Conclusion

  1. Q: What is the PBD Town Hall?
    A: The PBD Town Hall is an upcoming event featuring Vivek Ramaswamy, focusing on economic and social insights.

  2. Q: How can I get tickets for the PBD Town Hall?
    A: You can secure your tickets for the PBD Town Hall by visiting the website

  3. Q: Has Chris Cuomo ever offered to resign from CNN?
    A: Yes, Cuomo revealed that he offered to resign from CNN on two separate occasions to prevent any harm to the network.

  4. Q: Why did Chris Cuomo interview his brother?
    A: Cuomo interviewed his brother to provide transparency and relatability for the audience in understanding his brother’s actions during the pandemic.

  5. Q: How does Chris Cuomo address allegations of bad faith and manipulation?
    A: Cuomo firmly denies any claims of acting in bad faith or manipulating the media, emphasizing his commitment to journalistic integrity.

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