“Christ Is King” – Outrage As Candace Owens Leaves Daily Wire Following Ben Shapiro Feud

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana discuss Candace Owens leaving the Daily Wire after a fall out and feud with Ben Shapiro.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Candace Owens is fired with Jeremy Boring puts the Tweet out there that This announcement was made and the world Lost their minds and some say well we Knew this day was coming there's no way In the world this was going to be kept The way it was the way it was handled Wasn't fair wasn't this wasn't that but Let me kind of read it to you here there Will be no more Candace owns at Daily Wiid claims the conservative commentator Promoted anti-semitic rhetoric this is New York Daily News by the way the Right-wing political website announced Friday it has sever ties with Owens Known for Support for Trump and Kanye West famous For their own controversial comments Dy Wire and Candace Owens have ended their Relationship co-founder Jeremy boring Wrote on social media and Owens puts out There saying I am finally free she said In recent months Owen cited a Firestormer backlash with her Anti-semitic commentary about the United States rolling the ongoing war look at The war they're using in they love that Word Owens also Flo claims that with a Small group of Jewish in Hollywood and Washington DC were involved in something Sinister okay so now Newsweek keep keep In mind how they're all reacting to this Candace says she cannot be silenced After the daily wire exit daily wire SE

Blasts Candace ens after Christ as king This was a little bit of a weird tweet R Can you pull this up of Jeremy boring That Christ is King and uh uh is this The one yeah so how is saying Christ is King anti-semitic says the CEO Jeremy Boring of daily wire we've had a man Actually really enjoyed the conversation We had the same way anything becomes Anti-semitic when it is used for the Purpose of expressing anti-Semitism it's Like asking how does a shovel become a Murder weapon when it is used to murder Someone this isn't hard a shovel is not Innately a murder weapon saying Christ Is King is not innately anti-semitic It's all about how a thing is used Saying eat some cornbread is not racist If I say to my three-year-old when she Is refusing a dinner if I start saying It to a response on X post by black Commentators I don't like it has taken On a meaning beyond what is innate in Other words it is connotatively Connotatively racist not uh how do you Pronounce that word Den wait datively denotatively racist so To Christ is King may be anti-semitic in Connotation while not in denotation when It is used to express anti-Semitism when Did this become so it has always been so It is so yes innately additionally Saying Christ is King for an evil Purpose like using it as a weapon to

Express your I mean it's just like what The hell you could have stopped a long Time chat GB that's asking chat gbt so That's asking CH anyway I haven't Commented on this I'll give my thoughts Here Vinnie what are your thoughts about What's going on here with daily War I Just think I mean like you said the Moment the and listen let's all be Honest with each other I still to this Day have not found one person one person Not one that can have any critical like Negative thoughts about what's happening With Israel in Palestine and not be Thrown under the bus and considered an Anti- it's it's as if Israel can't do Anything wrong and if you do say one Thing about Netanyahu or you say Something about the tactics it's Automatically you're anti-semitic what's Happening like that Rabbi schi who is Just the more and more he speaks the More and more like people are turning Away like look look at this embarrass This is the video that he made okay by The way he's a Rabbi and I wanted to ask You Adam cuz I literally genuinely have Zero idea I'm a Christian our priests Are you know they're not allow to be Involved with writing sex books or Selling Lubes or whatever the hell his Sex this is what he Does hi everybody PM is a day of Celebration we feel bad for Candace

Owens that she lost her job so I figure With her image of what Jews are supposed To look like why not Val at least Validate her I am dressed up as a Candace Owens Jew now this is not a Christian Child this Jewish child but if It would be I got my Christian Blood what a disg spicy delicious I got My Jewish nose I have filth cuz Jews are All filth and more than anything else What does a have Money we Jews are all About money all about the Benjamin what Wait wait wait all about the Benes wait Wait I'm getting a little bit thirsty Where's the matah I got to I don't want To finish the whole thing and not mix it Into the mat so can someone just bring Me she did say one second she did say That I was Getting by the way it's kind of Disturbing you go on the bottom of the Clip there's videos of him grinding a 12-year-old boy sitting on top of Grinding boys like by way those kids What do you think those kids are are are Saying and thinking and it's like bro if You followed What Candace was saying if You followed this entire story all she Was asking was questions and she was Also saying you know what what's going On when is enough enough how many Innocent children have to die the fight That this guy's been going after can

This because again you cannot say Anything you cannot can you pull up the Clip of of how this got started I think This got started with uh Ben Shapiro Being recorded on camera y standing on The table standing on I don't know can You pull up that clip I think that's how This this whole thing started I don't Know if you'll find it or not uh while You're looking for that Tom what what Are your thoughts about this year so I Don't want to talk about that Rabbi and That Disgusting you know caricature that he Portrayed there if anybody did that About any other group in any other way You'd be subject to such such response And even attempts to cancel and all that So let's set that Aside I I look at it this way uh Jeremy And Ben run a media company they're the Bosses they employ Candace Candace does Her shows Jeremy and Ben have positions On things in their Media Company Company Candice ends up counterto Ben on Some positions the CEO can say you know What Candice you have the freedom to say What you want but on our show here on That I disagree with you and you know What I disagree for the following Reasons you know what maybe this isn't The best place for you happens at Salem Broadcasting it happens at a lot of Places that's how Russ limbo ended up on

His own Network this happens in media all the Time Good CEOs go behind closed doors and sit Down with people and say maybe this Isn't working out maybe we shouldn't do This why don't we why don't we take care Of it like this instead I fa Ben you're The founder or co-founder whatever you And Jeremy refer to that as and you were The CEO or are the CEO or have the Influence of the CEO and you make a Comment about one of your employees in a Public way and suddenly you spark and This thing spills out in public and I Don't think that that was particularly Good management and I don't think that Was particularly good leadership and it Ends with the employee leaving I kind of Boil it down that simple Pat and what About and what about Tom when she says Christ is King where where do you see The anti-Semitism no matter how she did All she did was pull s all the rest of The sub points how they play out it's Going to be oh well that's like this or This is like that that's like this once You play it out and you start what I Call call phrase picking and saying well That on that day in that way was Anti-semitic or this in this day wasn't Very nice or this on this day wasn't Supportive of leadership you know what No one is saying no one's backing up and

Saying hey Ben hey Jeremy you're running A company aren't you the leaders why are You doing this thing in public if you Want to build your media company and Build things what you stand for you've Got you've had some really good films And come out making very important Points why don't you guys just kind of Calm down go behind closed doors and Have a conversation with each other and Figure it out why spill this out in Public like this so so Rob if you if you Can play the first clip if you have this One play this clip cuz this is how it Starts right play [Applause] This my company I think she's been Absolutely disgraceful I think I think That her her F sophistication on these Particular issues has been ridiculous It's not full sophistication it's Ridiculous everybody can see the moves That she's making and the things that She's saying and I So then right after this comments are Made the next day she's on she's on tuer Carlson and this wasn't obviously Planned you don't just go on Tucker Crossing the next day because Tucker's Got a schedule she's got a schedule this Was probably poked booked six weeks or Two months in advance like we had Dave Ruin the other day the day before the Markus like oh did Dave reach out to

Come on today no we had Dave booked how Many weeks prior to that Rob like it was A while about a month about a month Prior today that he was booked and he Came with the calendar play this clip Here with Candace To call somebody quote absolutely Disgraceful particularly a cooworker Seems like a pretty big step what and And I really don't know the background Here what is that about you know there Isn't much of a background I saw the Video when everybody else saw it when I Woke up um no one he no one warned you About it nobody warned me about it I I It looks like maybe he didn't know he Was being recorded it it was some sort Of a private event I got no Clarity on The issue that he was particularly Speaking on and in what was said I also I can't respond to it beyond what he's Saying because it's just adom attacks I Don't know because it's not you know we Disagree or I you know I I don't think She's correct or know what you're Talking about it's absolutely Disgraceful yeah exactly and so I can't Respond to it on a level of intellect Because there there's nothing that he Has expressed in at least in that short Clip that he fundamentally disagrees With in terms of what I said but I will Say that I'm not going to respond with The same at hinant attacks I don't think

It helps further discussion and if that Was me that was caught on a video saying That about colleagues that I work with I Would be embarrassed I would so I think That the video speaks more to Ben's Character than it speaks to mine do he Text you to apologize or explain or Anything no nothing I haven't heard a Single word it just was sort of Something that he said and you know what Ben I disagreement so I don't think that That's particularly something that's Interesting um we disagreed on the covid Vaccine we disagree on Ukraine and Russia he has taken virtually every Stance that has been the opposite of Mine on every issue over the last five Years so I don't think that that's Particular really I didn't remember that Yeah he was Pro the covid vaccine the Vaccine you I'll get I'll give my Thoughts um and then Adam I'll come to You sure okay so here's here's kind of How I process this um I I enjoy watching Candace a lot I enjoy watching Tucker And I enjoy watching Ben Shapiro uh There's been things I've agreed and Disagreed on with everybody when you see Something like this happen you don't Want to see something like this happened But it's from from more the Strategic Standpoint when I watch this I see a Couple different things one is the way The way this was handled with Candice

Saying what she said and then hey uh Privately call on them out call on her Out disgraceful in an event and you guys Disagree on certain issues politically Okay no problem there's nothing wrong With that that's okay if you got we sit Here in the podcast today me and Adam Disagree and then Adam ofin will Disagree Adam and you know Vin whatever It is we'll have the disagreements we'll Hash it and we'll move on and and it's Totally fine uh Ben Shapiro to me like I Said to Dave Rubin is a number one voice For the Jewish Community worldwide I Don't think he's got a louder voice Nobody's got a louder voice than he does Very influential but Jeremy boring you Know it's a different story if the CEO Jeremy boring putting himself in a Position like this that he defends Automatically Ben Shapiro and you know the positions she Takes with Christ as king there's so Many different elements here to unpack Christ is King okay people can have uh Differences in their faith you can have A difference in your faith on what you Think with Jesus what you think with you Know Jews Christians Scientology you we I was in an office for 3 years and I was Working with half the office we all Scientologist I was in another office Where everybody was Mormon LDS Joseph Smith book of everything we talked about

Was that and we were able to coexist There is nothing wrong with that if Debate is the issue the position D wire Took which is going to be very Interesting to see How that whole organization is going to React to it Jeremy boring moves are Coming across more as being a a manager To Ben shapir and only Ben shipiro than A Dana White being put in a position to Manage and drive a company now if he Makes this decision as the CEO I don't Know if they have a board I don't know If the board has a voice I know the wils Brothers who are uh uh this billionaire Family that have been investors in their Organization they've been investors in Prageru organization they've been Investors in many different Organizations their their faith if I'm Not mistaken the wils brothers Rob if You can pull them up I think they're one Of those the what's what's that not 7day But time you know the Jews for Jesus Organization which there oh Messianic It's called the Assembly of Yahweh 7 Day Which 7day Adventist uh uh which they Are Jews for Jesus type of a Organization which these are the Founders these are the uh investors that Are within the organization when you Make a position like that and you're Defending Ben Shapiro the way you did And you're obviously going against

Anybody that says Christ is King and one Of their talents comes out three days Ago I don't know what his name is he Makes a video saying Christ is King is Anti-Semitic Rob if you have that clip If you I know you have this clip if you Can send it to rob you you watch all of This stuff this is the one if you can Play this clip here go on and play this Clip what is his name clayon when I did This by the way the priest who baptized Me said you know Christians won't accept You they you'll still be a Jew and I Said well I am that's my race I'm a Jew I'm proud of my race it's a it's a great Race has done many many great things Including write the Bible and you know I Am but that hasn't happened at all Christians welcome me with open arms Except this Christ the King anti-semitic Crowd Oh God Christ is the king and one Day every knee will bow and recognize That because he's not just my king he's King of the universe but when you use That phrase to mean that God has Abandoned his chosen people the Jews Through whom he came into this world Incarnate and that he's broken his Promises his Covenant with the Jews you Are quoting scripture like Satan does in The Bible what are you let me tell you that Is super heavy that is super heavy when You make a comment like that and by the

Way you know where this goes let me tell You where this goes so it would have Been difference if Jeremy takes a Position to say yeah we have different Denominations here everybody has the Right to defend whatever faith and Religion they have and you know and by The way this guy used to be the pastor For I think the what is the Republican Club in in Hollywood Tom in uh uh uh Prince of Abe Prince of Abe right I Think he was one of the founders and he Was the pastor of that group if I'm not Mistaken Jeremy boring with Kelsey grar Yes I mean Jeremy boring is a within This space he's a heavyweight on what he Did if you there you go executive Director Jeremy boring I think he was Their Pastor so Christian he's well read On the faith and all this other stuff so I don't know when you handle it that way What you're pinning your brand as is I Will 100% defend Ben Shapiro and that is It and it's going to be very hard for Other people want to coexist now they May will sit there and say we can lose Everybody but as long as we have me and Ben we're going to be all right and We'll go till the very end great it's Going to be tough to have other people Want to coexist if you brand yourself That way it's very difficult now they May also look at Candace because if you Look at their lineup Ben is considered

An intellect Jordan Peterson considered An intellect right A lot of these guys May be considered an intellect maybe to Them they don't view Candace as an Intellect maybe they look at Candace and Say she lacks intellect she is not as Scholarly educated on the history of This and this and that and P and you Know and that's who it is well I think America probably relates more to Somebody like her and everybody else who Thinks they are the intellect because That is a form of being an elitist if You think everything you do is right and You're not willing to have those types Of conversations with others so I Actually don't know the decision they Made however here's how business Works Tom you and I know this If your decisions say whatever number They have you know a lot of people Online are throwing around a number that Their top line revenue is 00 to $250 Million per year okay it's a real Business2 to 2050 $250 million per year No problem they got a lot of big Projects going on I think most of them Are committed for movies this this and That okay no problem everyone's going to See the effect of Candace ens what it's Going to cost in subscribership in Dollar amount in Revenue maybe they're Right maybe she's right Market's going To decide but if you make too many

Decisions like this and it's one-sided And you OU the other side it feels like If I'm going here I can only be on one Side and if I'm not I'm not safe CU I Could go somewhere else it it this again The series of the way they made their Decisions uh is questionable but every Time you run a business I'm I'm also on The other side when I run a business and Every decision we make it's easy to Target hey look at what they do with the Insurance company look what they did and They the pat wrong and this is why They're losing a people are leaving it's So easy to also take shots while you're Actually person running the business it Is very hard to run a company it is very Hard to start a company and grow to $250 Million whatever the topl line revenue Is and have the employees and especially In a space that you're giving your Opinions it has got to be super hard and You're constantly going to be having Shots being taken at you but that's the Job you chose to have the market will Look at you and see if you think this Was the right decision to make let's see How the market reacts to it and they Will with numbers with subscribers and Dollars Tom and that's the market and I'm I've looked at I've been very clear Daily wi has made some great content Great films that I think need to be made That are very helpful to Their audience

What I look at is the how and Pat I've Watched you over the years you've had Very difficult discussions have had to Happen with some sales leaders I've Never seen you put out a tweet that like Rip somebody up or or or or call them Publicly disgraceful I've seen you take Names out of it And speak to a sales meeting you know Some of you I'll be speaking to because We need to make the company better and I Don't think you're as good as you can be I've heard you say things like that That's a general statement where Everybody sits back there boy I hope That's not about me maybe I should Reflect on how I'm doing and then I've Seen you in private at private meetings Sit down with people no microphones no Camera and look somebody now and say What are you doing what was this all About and then take them through the Facts how do you think that looks to Your team how do you think that looks to Other people how do you think that Reflects on the company those are best Done privately to move a company forward And I think the leadership I I I if I Was Ben I wouldn't have done it that way Because you're in a media company it's Going to explode and you can have those Conversations quietly see the difference Is Tom I'm okay with Ben saying that I'm I'm actually okay with what Ben said

Because you know what Ben Ben says Ben Says number one priority in my life is My faith and I'm a Jew that's my number One priority it's Israel it's my faith It's where I stand fine I no problem With that right do you number two is my Conservative beliefs etc etc where I'm At number three is daily wire and the Other Talent obviously you can put Family in there as well I'm taking Family out but that's how he's no Problem you can do that if you the guy That's running the business then can Kind of bring everybody together to Dinner that's a part of your job to do The dinner and nobody needs to know and But by the maybe they had the dinner Maybe you know Candace and George had Dinner with Ben and his wife and Everybody's around sitting there talking And saying guys what's on your mind What's going on well look here's where He stands here's where she stands can we Coexist can we co at the end of the day Guess who's the enemy the enemy is not Daily wire the enemy is not Candace the Enemy is not Ben shap the enemy the Enemy is what the manipulation is taking Place amongst your kids on what they're Doing with religion with faith with Families with policies with border that Is the enemy can we unify against the Real Enemy if then one says nope this is Where I draw the line you screwed up I'm

Done with you then we got to make a Decision right and if that if that Meeting's been had Guess What salute Good for Jeremy for having that but if That meeting's not been had and maybe They're having it right now I don't even Know what's what's but the point is it's A little bit U strange but the market Will react and uh we'll see what they're Going to say we see what they're going To say Adam all right well we've spent some Good amount of time with Candace and let Me just say off top I've enjoyed my time With Candace I thought she was great We've done content we've done interviews We did the live Podcast really enjoy Candace um she has Problems with certain Individuals not groups and I think That's an distinguishment everyone needs To made I often say some of my favorite People in the world are Jews some of my Least favorite people in the world are Jews some of my favorite people in the World are Mexicans least favorite Mexicans goes down the list Muslims Arabs Christians Catholics all that they Have problems with individuals the thing With Ben and Candace if you would have Said a Syrian or Armenian this Would have been ugly real know about Those Assyrians we all know about the

Assyrians they're very hospitable um and Hung But we all like so stupid just finish Private information no why you going to No go ahead Makeing um we've all seen Relationships that publicly like I'm Talking dating husband wife where They're fighting it's ugly they're talk It's like if this is what's going on in Public what we see What in the world is happening behind Closed doors once the B and Candace Thing started going on I think we all Knew this thing was not going to last Long it was not inevitable and what was It though it was the isra it was the Israel conflict and I'll get into their Policy difference in a second so number One the rabbi Situation uh one guy one Rabbi doesn't Speak for an entire religion this guy is An Entertainer at first and foremost That's what he is shly shie exactly what People don't know is that why is he Dressed up like this did he just decide One day to be a great costume the Current holiday that is going on in the Jewish world is called purum purum is The Jewish Halloween so this was his Cute little Halloween thing I think it's Beneath a rabbi that I I think any Rabbi Of mine should never do anything like This but if we want to go down the

Slippery slope of religious leaders Doing the wrong things yeah okay your Catholic priests they don't represent Every Catholic person out there don't Get me started on the imams calling for Jihad they don't represent every Muslim Arab out there so this guy this guy Doesn't represent Judaism or Israel he Represents himself that's it period um Number two um Candice she did a uh about A month ago she outlined exactly where She stood on this overall topic and the First 10 minutes she talked about her Entire life she was surrounded by Jewish Friends my best friend is Jewish I went To more uh Roshes sh dinners than than Any non-jew should ever go to my first Job my first job in finance Jewish Person she befriend she said she lived And dated with a guy who was Jewish so I Don't think someone like that just goes Down to anti-semite I think she's Fighting specifically about policy Disagreement specifically with Ben she Talked about the co thing she talked About the Russia thing she talked about The Ukraine thing she talked about the Israel thing at the end of the day she's On the isolationist Camp don't do Anything don't fund anything Ben is Clearly on the interventionalist camp Fund This war in Israel war in Russia that's What they had a disagreement on they

Could not work that out I believe Adamantly in free speech there's people On this chat right now calling me a gay Jew okay only one of those things is True buddy I'm a proud Jew I actually just I Actually just messaged it in gotcha guys Keep it coming I love the haters I love The ad you have one minute amazing That's fine I'm totally cool with Rhetoric where it gets very ugly is when Rhetoric turns into actual violence so Rob if you want to show these stats I Don't give a what you say but when We start talking about hate crimes Actual hate crimes nobody is doing it Like how they do to the Jews you see That big blue number in the middle of The pie that's the Jewish hate crimes And where that that's worldwide or United States this is worldwide okay so There's Muslims in there there's Christians in there Jehovah rob you Check this Rob could check it on that by The way that's a blurry ass photo There's a million different stats I Believe it I just want to know who it's From so we can tell the audience Rob can Do that check that Rob so in fact check That I believe it's CNN okay weird well If they said it it can't be true Obviously obvious so I I believe that Candace should say whatever the hell she Wants to say I believe you the haters

Out there should say whatever you want To say at the end of the day as far as a Business situation goes imagine me Sitting next to pbd for four years now And all I talked about was I hate Capitalism I love Dei I love wokeness my Hero is Dylan wany I probably wouldn't Be here too long and that's what Happened with wait wait wait you don't All that is not but but the that broke The C back was the one thing I think I Think calling her anti-semitic is Completely BS and then searching for in podcast with the rabbi Barkley When she goes yeah the the the shi's Daughter's a hack and he goes wait a Minute did you know in 1700 it's there's I understand anti-Semitism but to be Searching and digging to make that Happen because that's the straw the Straw was I I could give two shits about What that one Rabbi had to say to kace I Don't care these are one rabbis that her Job her in conv roll the tape of all the Imams calling to kill the Jews uh you We're going to be here for the next 10 Years we're talking about Candace but my Point is my point is This hey words are not violence separate The two the bottom line is this Candace Is looking for a new job I'm sure There's plenty of reputable media Companies that would love to hire so so So here's here's a uh here's where we

Can wrap this uh story up here here with Candace Owens and daily wire okay the Numbers will dictate if it's a good Decision or bad decision the reality of It is Ben Shapiro's there's always going To be an audience for what he has to say Uh Candace Owens there's always going to Be an audience for what she has to say I Think Candace is just getting started I Think she's in her how old is Candace Early 30s like is she in her late 20s Early she's early 30s mid-30s uh uh uh 34 okay well good for her she's 34 years Old she's going to be around for a long Time to come Ben Shapiro how old is Ben Shapiro can you type in Ben Shapiro 38 No no no he's in 40 he's 40 years old They're six years apart they're both not Going away okay they're both not going Away anytime soon and the market needs To hear both sides of their stories We're going to see what happens here and How the market reacts numbers wise it's Very simple the the good news about uh Uh podcast and shows and everything Nowadays you can pretty much track on Who's doing right and who's not because The data is public you cannot hide There's nothing worse than seeing Numbers being live and they're growing Or worse and you're like oh my God the Market can tell I'm not doing good That's what sucks about capitalism Everybody sees it this is why a lot of

Singers that were once big hits that They used to have sell out crowds now They're selling out small audiences or Whatever they go it's a very difficult Phase to go through and the Market's Going to be very direct to all of us in The next few years based on the Decisions we make that's what I Bank up For those of you guys that watch the Podcast regularly and maybe you have hot Tea like me with honey or you drink your Coffee to the coffee Community I'll most Likely join you guys in 5 years but at This point I still don't e Coffee we Have these new mugs and by the way this New mug that just came out it's the pbd Podcast mug with future look Sprite on It so let me kind of show this to you And I'll tell you what we're running on This podcast and Kelly took care of this Let me pour this so I don't burn myself I'm taking I'm I'm acquiring one of Those after this here so you pour the Hot water in there if it's hot and guess What it turns into by the way while You're having this hot tea order drink Let me see if this thing is hot it is Hot all of a sudden slowly but surely You see the color changes I see it to The pbd podcast Colors oh that's sick And yes you'll see the red and the blue Of pbd podcast color coming in I don't Know you like one of those models on Those late night like bu the QVC back in

The day your pbd QVC here's what we're Doing we got the value tment mug you Have two different op four different Options on whichever one you want to get Whether it's the gold the black the red The OG red or the black you buy two you Get the third one for free pick and Choose which one you want the Link's Going to be below the discount code is Going to be pbd mugs I believe right Rob Pbd mugs plural pbd mugs and what's the Website to go to VT merch.com find the Mugs order two and you'll get the third One for free so if you like this clip And you want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right Here

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