CIA’s Secret Weapon in the War on Terror

Talk show host by day, CIA woman of espionage by night. Watch as the CIA’s greatest asset, Jedediah Bila takes down international arms dealer and multinational terrorist, Abdullah Nassar in an unexpectedly hilarious way.

A @ValuetainmentComedy Production
Written by: Vincent Oshana
Directed by: Maveric O’neal
Actors: Vincent O’shana & Jedediah Bila

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We can do this all day all night tell us Where the goddamn attacks are gonna Happen now now never you could beat me You can electrocute me nothing nothing Will happen to make me tell you all Right leave us no choice Hello Abdullah oh no not jededia Billa Once you guys do get a hold of her agent Jedediah you wouldn't dare yes I would Yes the view on repeat Um What's up value trainers I'm Vincent Oshana if you enjoyed the video click Here to watch another one on Valuetainment Comedy and don't forget to Subscribe or Patrick's gonna fire me Was it Patrick Hello Foreign

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