College of Psychologists vs Jordan B Peterson | Mikhaila Peterson | EP 322

Dr Jordan B Peterson and his daughter Mikhaila Peterson explain the current situation with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. They have presented Dr. Peterson with an ultimatum- take part in re-education courses aiming to correct his “wrongthink”, or lose his clinical psychology license. This is unprecedented, totally unjust, and will not be taken lying down.

Mikhaila Peterson is a CEO and the host of “The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast.” As well as interviews, she hosts a series called Opposing Views, where she speaks to people with differing opinions on contentious issues to let listeners make up their own minds. She’s used a diet called the Lion Diet to heal from autoimmune and mood disorders and has educated people on that diet via TEDx and Oxford Union speeches.

Mikhaila is also the founder of the upcoming online education platform Peterson Academy, an online education place devoid of ideology, launching in 2023.

Dr. Peterson’s extensive catalog is available now on DailyWire+:

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(1:19) Coming up
(2:42) Intro
(3:14) Unprofessional conduct, re-education
(4:04) Why this issue matters
(6:09) Complaints, requirements, regulated professions
(8:19) Rage, 2016 process
(13:19) Claims of harm
(15:19) Poilievre and Trudeau
(19:19) False reports, third party “evidence”
(20:34) Unanswered questions
(21:31) Evidence of positive influence is apparent
(23:09) Strategy, anger, managing resentment
(25:19) New levels of crooked
(29:19) Canadian policy, poorly written and badly disguised
(31:24) Vague accusations, Joe Rogan transcripts
(33:59) Snowed under, a quasi-criminal investigation
(35:19) Political utterances, tyranny and control
(38:19) Regulatory bodies, lapse of trust
(41:19) Repeat offender, timelines and ultimatums
(44:19) Fighting, getting it out of the way
(48:39) Canada has become intolerable
(50:39) In the right position to fight back
(52:33) The bodies that govern psychology
(54:29) Communism after WW2
(55:19) Toronto, California, the weight of silence
(57:19) The direction of universities
(59:59) Giving up his license vs. having it taken
(1:01:019) The stress of accusation
(1:04:19) The Dark Tetrad
(1:06:19) Anonymous tweets used as complaints
(1:09:19) The psychopathic niche
(1:10:29) Nellie Bowles, strategy and nuance
(1:14:19) Writing Trudeau, hoping for the best


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