Complainers Have ZERO Credibility


Complainers Have ZERO Credibility

If a person complains about every single Issue they have this much credibility But if a person who doesn't complain Once a year they say Pat can I just Bring something up I don't like the way We do this here you know what I do I pay Attention to what they have to say Okay So let's set aside the complainers that Just complain about everything in life What do we learn about people in America Hey this abortion thing listen it's Legit kind of pay attention to it it's Very important to us check get it Respect Uh hey this uh this thing with uh uh Covet that ruined our lives as a mother I had to stay home and had to do this And had to cost my job and I didn't want To take the vaccine but I did take it And I had to do this and I I didn't like That part can you guys please not do This again and give me a different Option the next time around you know What this is not a complainer this is a Positive citizen they go to work they Raise their kids they pay their taxes Check let's pay attention to this all I'm saying is let's pay attention to the People that are saying those things Let's investigate that and give them a Opportunity to see the opposing side

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