CONFIDENCE IS EVERYTHING – Best Motivational Video

Do not let the memories of your past limit the potential of your future. There are no limits to what you can achieve on your journey through life, except in your mind.

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Trent Shelton

Clifford Starks

Chris Ross

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Foreign You don't need people to give you Happiness And of course we would love it of course We would like it we're all human beings But as long as you depend on somebody Else to give to your life what you Should be giving to yourself you place The power in their hands don't allow What people try to give you Become you Okay don't allow that and I just want to Encourage you today to make your today Like make today new make that decision a Conscious decision to make today new Today's a new opportunity like every Single day every breath every moment Time is a blessing like time is a Blessing And I feel like the biggest blessing we Have honestly is time And I feel like it's a disservice A slapping waste of time that he gives Us Uh being unhappy not appreciating Ourselves that is a quote out there that Says you know don't put the key to your Happiness in somebody else's pocket and That's so true you know so many of us Have become so good like so good at Judging ourselves we become so good And down in ourself we become so good on Uh thinking that we're not enough how About you like lose that Talent today

And become great at loving yourself Become great at appreciating yourself Become great at accepting yourself don't Bring in yesterday's troubles and make It today's struggles like leave it Behind because the more you bring your Yesterdays into your today's the Negativity of your yesterdays until your Today's The only thing you're doing Is killing your future that's it the Only thing you're doing is killing your Future So don't allow you know yesterday's pain Yesterday's pain no matter how hard it Was for you no matter what you went Through Don't allow yesterday's pain to take Away today's trip I need you And you need you To focus forward I want to give you one thing that will Change your life guarantee it guarantee It will change your life and what is This one thing So what I want you to do there's a Saying If it is measured it becomes managed Now if it's met if you're measuring too Many things it becomes unmanageable And oftentimes I think a lot of us are Trying to measure way too many things So we just focus on one thing one thing

There's one thing that I do Is I focus on what's the one thing That I can do my best at my absolute Best at and not only the one thing am I Measuring that thing to make sure Not only I'm doing my best but I'm Getting better as I'm doing it And I think too often We point fingers and we look at Everybody else And what everybody else should be doing And why they don't see the world the way We see it Instead of looking within and saying how Can I do better You know oftentimes when when I've done My best work it's when I look within and Say how can I do better what can I do Better how can I make this situation a Better situation I was so crazy about this I've gained a Lot of wisdom on my journey I've gained a lot of wisdom Not from myself not by myself From everybody I come in contact with From all the actions and the Consequences that have been put about From family members friends enemies Whatever it may be I'm always looking Without so I can look Within There's some of you who are out there Who may see this video And you may be great already but there Are those who

Are on the path of greatness and you may Feel like giving up today That one person may have gotten on your Nerves and you feel like this is it I Can't do it I can't reach my goal I Can't reach my dream there's no way I Can get to where I want to go because of What I'm going through But I beg to differ If you don't fail If you don't go in circles if you don't Get knocked down if you don't have those Haters if you don't have anything going Against you there's nothing that will Push you to get you to get you to where You need to go anyone that's successful I don't care if it's a business Entrepreneur an athlete Or someone who's maybe a doctor or Whatever you think success is to you Whatever success is to you Somebody had to go through something to Get to where they are You you're gonna have to go through Something to get to where you want to go It doesn't matter how hard it doesn't Matter what you have to go through you Have to get up You have to it is not just for you it May be for your family it may be for Someone who's out there that's homeless Right now it may be for that little boy Or that little girl that's looking up to You

So no you can't give up Yes it's hard Yes it's depressing yes it's stressing But there's a blessing in all of it and You will realize it once you reach your Greatness Thank you Yesterday is yesterday stop trying to Control the things that are out of your Control stop allowing the things you Can't control to control your life You can't do nothing about that And it's always a decision to what you Carry into today You always have that decision always no Matter how hard it may be You always have that decision of what You carry into today So for some of us we need to stop Carrying in today all this stuff that Does nothing but burden our life We need to stop carrying into today all That stuff that does nothing but weigh Down our life we need to stop carrying It today all that stuff that makes us Feel like we're not enough Burn the bridge Burn every bridge that leads your life Back to destruction Burn every bridge that makes you feel Like you're not enough and burning a Bridge is hard But when you burn a bridge you have no Choice but to focus and move forward

With your life Some of us were complaining but we're Not changing Some of us we want some different we Pray for some different but we're not Doing nothing different If you want change You have to make it and make a change Or else nothing will change it doesn't Matter how many videos you watch it Doesn't matter how many inspirational Posts you post it doesn't matter none of That because if you're not making a Change offline If you're not making a change offline it Don't matter what you do online and what You post online Because offline you're gonna suffer I always say how does this apply to me How is their situation applying to me How do I take the steps necessary to Move forward to my journey And I thank all of you for it Because I wouldn't be Me Without You And the funny thing is you wouldn't be Me you without me so I want to spread a Message to remind you there's a light in You there's a power in you That only you can truly bring out But you bring it out By the people you surround yourself with Surround yours yourself with those Who are going to force you into you Being your best you

Because you know when you're at your Best you can feel it there's a pride That comes into you When you're laying down And you realize I did that So go crate go create great things in Your life Why because you deserve it Become the best person you were meant to Be show up For those you love you care about And share your greatness share your Light

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