Content Creators Need To Constantly Recreate Themselves

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I have a guy comes up to me I'm not Going to mention his name but you'll Know who this guy is we're having a Conversation together and he says man my YouTube channel went from having we went From 200 000 to million and a half Subs In 12 months and we were getting Millions on top of millions of views 25 000 people would stay alive when I was Doing any kind of thing and I'm lucky if I get 50 60 80. I said yeah I said can You pull up those videos that did very Well he pulls out the videos I said okay 5G masks covet no one cares about those Three today nobody does And you still want to talk about 5G Masks and covet once you go into a Certain box like that and you don't Adapt quickly you're gone yeah so as Content creators we have to constantly Recreate ourselves

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