Cosmology, Theology & the Multiverse

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So we live in a Quantum Universe imagine The universe the cosmos as you know it Is filled with an infinite tapestry of Potentiality that's so interesting that Idea of an infinite expanse of Potentiality because potentiality is a Very strange scientific materialist Concept because only what's real can be Measured materially there is a Cosmological hypothesis that permeates Religious speculation that the cosmos That's inhabitable so the structured Material world is a manifestation of a Multiplicitous potential that's the Infinite chaos right and so in Genesis For example there's a process that looks To me to be akin to communicative Consciousness the order that is good is Extracted out from this multi-potential Field of potential as a consequence of The of the action of some structuring Force it's very interesting to me that In the realm of physics itself there is The notion of expansive potential and You Associated that with Quantum fields And also with the Multiverse let's walk Through all of that

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