“Crime Mapping” – UC Berkeley Parents Hire Private Security For Students As Crime Rate Surges

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana as they discuss parents of students at UC Berkeley hiring private security as crime rates in the area surge.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

University student parents hire private Campus security guard ammit crime Concerns concerned parents of University UC Berkeley have hired private security Guards to patrol the campus area Prompted by surgeon criminal incidents Safe Bears a parent group initiated the Program raising $40,000 for nearly 3-week pilot aiming to enhance safety For student safe cares president Sagar Jatani highlighted the urgent need for Improved campus safety emphasizing the Group's formation after violent attacks At UC Berkeley jatani underscored the Ongoing risks for students until border Safety measures are implemented border Safety measures on aoad broader safety Measures are implemented the security Initiative manned by six safety Ambassadors from Street plus includes Patrols from 6:30 p.m. to 3: a.m. daily Tom so let's see Berkeley is in California right it's San Francisco oh My gosh it's s just there's a little Bridge between the two of them Berkeley And San Francisco so apparently these Parents have been watching CNN and they Were concerned about CNN you know just For Ratings saying there was crime and They were so worried about the story Which was just ratings that they went And they've raised $40,000 this is another example not only Are people voting on measures but now

You got parents saying the college that I'm sending my kids to first of all why Are you sending them Berkeley in first Place that's the first problem but the Second problem once they get there They're wor about their kids not being Safe and they raised this so once again This is point number 22 why car swisser Was so wrong on this and trying to spin It but here's an example now parents Parents sending their kids to Cal Berkeley are so worried that they're Hiring security guards that's freaking Isn't that like can you imagine that It's not it's not bad but you have to Pay people to protect your like like Like they're the president of the United States that's unbelievable did they say Who was the on campus anybody I'm saying Is it is it the general criminal public Are they are they fellow students I'm Wondering no no no no no Berkeley is an Open if if you've been to Berkeley or Been around it I have I've seen it it's A very open open campus there sure There's security doors and there's Gates You have to get through to certain areas With dorms and stuff but you have Homeless people that are there and you Have people that are there that by the Way over in in California because of the I think it's $1,000 rule they just come Up and they break the window of the car To take a backpack they think there's a

A laptop in there that that they can Pawn for 200 bucks can you pull this up Can you pull this up Rob if you pull this up so what this is Is oh that's the campus can think about You can just walk up on the campus yeah There's a website on UC Berkeley there This is their website this is not Anybody else's website okay and this Website is crime mapping can you imagine How bad at the school is that you have To crime map oh my God website shown Public are mapped areas crime Mapp and Also offers some useful graphs of the Data the University of Berkeley Police Department is pleased to make this Resource available to the members of UC Berkeley Community while we're working Hard to provide accurate and up-to-date Information the data are PR preliminary And made change upon investigation all Crime locations are as they appear on The map should be considered Approximations and may appear according To the nearest so the call types Available for display are homicide Manslaughter that sounds serious robbery Aggravated assault sex offenses Rob go Up a little I like the two sex off non Forceable forcible and non Forcible like just go for it Vinnie were You raped well at first Yeah motor vehicle theft arson hate Crimes do not have a distinct Offense

Code and therefore cannot be Specifically dis so crime as well if I Can if I can just sum up what San Francisco or Silicon Valley has turned Into this point Berkeley it's just crime Maps poop maps and social media Overlords yeah and and that's nine That's nine separate wait you forgot and Reporters who are deniers yeah like and Again these are these are out of touch Human beings that don't they're not There she's not living there bro she has No idea what the hell she's talking About and she's there a lot she covers Silicon Valley she's there a lot she Knows exactly what she what I'm saying Is I'm saying she's probably secured She's having Security on her ass as well Tom so she's not really affected because The majority students 95% lives in a Protected building all that kind of Course so that this is It's just out of Touch people that until Tom I'm telling You guys it's and I don't wish it on People but I'd rather have somebody that Pushes for like an open border Lake and Riley's poor family has to deal with That it shouldn't be somebody like Like an innocent family it should be the People that are promoting this open Border that that should happen to Them so if anything happens to these People should be happened to the ones That are pushing for this stupid ass

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