Cuomo’s Comparison: Trump vs. JFK

In this compelling blog post, we delve into the intriguing parallel drawn by Governor Andrew Cuomo: comparing President Donald Trump to the iconic John F. Kennedy. Exploring the similarities and differences between these two influential leaders, we examine their political styles, policy choices, and the impact they have had on the nation. Join us as we embark on this thought-provoking analysis, shedding light on Cuomo’s thought-provoking comparison: Trump vs. JFK.

Cuomo’s Comparison: Trump vs. JFK


In a recent speech, Governor Andrew Cuomo made an interesting comparison between former President John F. Kennedy and current President Donald Trump. Cuomo highlighted their non-establishment status but emphasized that Kennedy’s approach was different from Trump’s. He also mentioned Ronald Reagan as another non-establishment president. Let’s delve deeper into Cuomo’s analysis and examine the disparities between these two leaders.

Kennedy’s Anti-establishment Stance Not Comparable to Trump

Cuomo pointed out that while both Kennedy and Trump were considered non-establishment presidents, their approaches were fundamentally different. Kennedy, as a young senator, fought against the political machine in Massachusetts. He challenged the establishment’s status quo and was known for his independent thinking and charisma. On the other hand, Trump’s anti-establishment stance largely stemmed from his business background and lack of previous political experience. Cuomo suggests that Kennedy’s motives for decision-making were driven by a commitment to public service and improving the nation, whereas Trump’s motivations may be influenced by self-interest.

Cuomo Emphasizes Kennedy’s Reasons for Decision-making

Cuomo further underscores Kennedy’s ability to make informed decisions by highlighting his eagerness to seek advice from experts and defy the conventional wisdom when necessary. Kennedy surrounded himself with a diverse group of advisers who brought varying perspectives to the table. He valued intellectual honesty and was not afraid to challenge his own assumptions. Cuomo believes that this open-mindedness and willingness to learn from mistakes formed the core of Kennedy’s leadership style.

Trump Seen as Different From Kennedy in Terms of Personality

Cuomo also draws attention to the contrasting personalities of Kennedy and Trump. Kennedy was known for his charisma, wit, and ability to connect with people. He exuded a sense of optimism and inspired others through his speeches and actions. While Trump may also possess a unique charisma, his approach and communication style differ greatly from Kennedy’s. Cuomo suggests that Trump’s brashness and aggressive rhetoric may hinder his ability to build the same level of consensus and inspire the nation.

Differences in Approach to FED, CIA, and War

Cuomo highlights some areas where Trump’s approach diverges from Kennedy’s. For instance, Kennedy was critical of the Federal Reserve and voiced concerns about its influence on the economy. In contrast, Trump has been known to criticize the Fed openly and question its policies. Additionally, Kennedy’s relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was complex, and he actively sought to rein in its excesses. On the other hand, Trump has had a contentious relationship with various intelligence agencies and has been involved in several highly publicized conflicts with them. These disparities in approach extend to the realm of war as well, with Kennedy’s cautious approach during the Cuban Missile Crisis standing in contrast to Trump’s more aggressive stance on international conflicts.

Ronald Reagan as Another Non-establishment President

Cuomo brings Ronald Reagan into the discussion as another non-establishment president with a different approach. Reagan, an actor turned politician, challenged the political norms of his time. His communication skills and strong conservative beliefs resonated with many Americans. However, Cuomo is careful to clarify that he is not taking a partisan stance but rather pointing out comparisons between these non-establishment presidents.


While both John F. Kennedy and Donald Trump can be considered non-establishment presidents, Cuomo aptly highlights the differences in their approaches to leadership. Kennedy’s commitment to public service, willingness to learn from mistakes, and charismatic personality set him apart from Trump. As Governor Cuomo suggests, the comparison between these two leaders should be seen in the context of their individual motivations, decision-making processes, and interactions with key institutions. Understanding these disparities provides valuable insight into the complexities of leadership and the impact it has on the nation.


  1. Q: Was Andrew Cuomo’s comparison between Trump and JFK in a partisan context?
    A: No, Cuomo clarified that his analysis was not politically biased and aimed to draw comparisons between two non-establishment presidents.

  2. Q: How did Kennedy’s anti-establishment stance differ from Trump’s?
    A: Kennedy’s non-establishment status was driven by his commitment to public service and a willingness to challenge the political machine. Trump’s anti-establishment stance is rooted in his business background and lack of previous political experience.

  3. Q: How did Kennedy approach decision-making?
    A: Kennedy sought advice from experts, surrounded himself with diverse advisers, and was open to challenging his own assumptions. He valued intellectual honesty and was eager to learn from his mistakes.

  4. Q: How did Kennedy’s personality differ from Trump’s?
    A: Kennedy was known for his charisma, wit, and ability to connect with people. Trump, while also possessing a unique charisma, has a different communication style characterized by brashness and aggressive rhetoric.

  5. Q: Did Kennedy and Trump share similar approaches to institutions like the FED, CIA, and war?
    A: No, Kennedy had a more cautious approach to these institutions and sought to rein in their excesses. Trump has openly criticized the Federal Reserve, had a contentious relationship with intelligence agencies, and has taken a more aggressive stance on international conflicts.

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