“Cynical & Awful” – Chuck Schumer Calls For Israel Election To Replace Benjamin Netanyahu

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by political commentator Dave Rubin as they discuss Chuck Schumer calling for new elections in Israel to replace Benjamin Netanyahu, and Donald Trump saying Jewish people who vote democrat hate their religion.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

President Trump comes out in an Interview with Sebastian Gorka Rob if You can have this ready and both Clips If we can go to it so this is one them Go and play This talk hate BBY Netanyahu I actually think they hate Israel yes I don't think they hate I Think they hate Israel when you see Those Palestinian uh Marches even I I'm amazed at how many People are in those marches and guys Like Schumer see that and to him it's Votes I think it's votes more than Anything else because he was always Pro-israel he's very anti-israel now any Jewish person that votes for Democrats Uh hates their religion they hate Everything about Israel and they should Be ashamed of Themselves now now go play the other Clip go play the other clip because There's two of them Rob I believe right Go ahead now he's addressing by the Court president Trump do you think People vot demat religion do you think People who vot I think that the Democrats have been very very opposed to Jewish people that's true and to Israel All you have to do is look at Senator Schumer what he did with Israel is a Disgrace and I think Israel will Probably not forget it very soon it's a

Very sad situation do you Think there you go so thoughts on this You agree with him he's right look I was In Israel last week when Schumer gave That speech and you know being in Israel And I went to the kutzas that were Attacked that was right on the border With Gaza which when you see how close This thing was to Gaza and that they had Basically A just like a fence you have a better Fence at your house with some barbed Wire Egypt has three layers of fences That are way higher and everything else Um and then to see the utter Devastation One of the communities I was in 900 People live there two people live there Now um I went to the Nova Festival it B It looks like a graveyard of 350 people But it's it's a memorial now um I talk To survivors I talk to you know people And hostages families all of these Things but to be there during that uh no No no that's the Egypt that's the Egypt Border um you can maybe find it on my Twitter a picture of the B of the border That Israel had uh with Gaza which looks Nothing like that and they regret that And they relied way too much on Technology and all that but anyway to to Be there uh and witnessing what happened And I also saw the 47 minute video you Know there's this video that they're not Releasing publicly it is you you there

Are literally are not words to explain The things that I saw I mean beheading People with what you with what looks Like a kitchen knife and and watching The entire thing the the worst even Worse and then walking away with the Head I swear on my life and then and Even worse than that the worst thing That I saw was you see a father of two Young boys I'm not I'm actually not even Sure if I'm supposed to talk about this But um you see a father of two young Boys probably six and eight years old The Hamas guys break into the house the Father runs with them grabs them both Trying to get them into the bomb shelter But the bomb shelter is a bomb shelter It's not set up to be a a to a defense If a terrorist breaks into your house The guy calmly walks up and just throws A grenade into the bombb shelter you see The Dad's Body basically just explode And drop dead two little kids hysterical Crying then there's video of them Talking in the kitchen hiding about what Just happened to their dad one of the Kids' eyes is blown away turns out the Kids actually did survive but anyway to Be there to watch that and see what's Going on and be at hostage square with All these people and then have Schumer Get up there where everybody it doesn't Matter what you Trump is totally right It's not about BB is just an avatar for

Israel right now right the entire Countryes behind him 100% they know they Have to win this war as every single Almost every single person from the Flight attendant on LOL to anyone I met In Jerusalem said to me we have to win This war we have no choice there's no Choice they win this war or the state Does not exist and by the way there's a Bigger War Brewing on the North because Hezbollah is way stronger than Hamas and They've got something like 100,000 Rockets facing them so there's there's a Cataclysmic series of events on the Horizon here uh but to be there while While Schumer and and the thing is Schumer it's the most cynical thing you Can do what Schumer has realized and I Think what the Democrats have realized Is they don't need the Jews anymore Basically and now for Schumer as a Jew I Think there's a particular version of Kind of Hell in that but what they've Realized is they're winning California No matter what they're winning New York No matter what despite our earlier Segment and they're losing Florida no Matter what that's pretty much the Entire Jewish vote so now they suddenly See 50,000 Muslims in Dearborn Michigan As important and Biden has dementia and No he's not running the show and Schumer Did like to me it's the most cynical Awful thing you can you can possibly do

Right now and to be there during it was What is what is that what what do you Mean Schumer what he say oh no no in Essence I mean he completely threw Israel under the bus they're fighting an Unbelievably just War you know if you if You uh compare it in numbers imagine if 10,000 Americans were killed and several Other thousand were kidnapped and then Right when they get to the end cuz Rafa Now is the end this is the end the Hostages are there who knows if any of Them are alive at this point and if they Are alive just wait till they get them Out and they look like Holocaust Survivors what the emotional reaction to That is going to be but they're right at The end and right at the end you Basically call to to depose a Democratically elected leader this has Nothing to do with whether you like bb Or not or what your feelings on his Politics are or anything else he's a Rightfully elected leader of an ally and Even if they weren't an ally they're a Democrat uh a democratically elected Government and to basically call for Them to be deposed I thought we're not For nation building are the Democrats Suddenly for nation building uh but to Do it to a country that's in the midst Of an existential war is is completely Beyond The Pale I mean Schumer it's un He's trading he basically wants to get

Beheaded a day later that's what he's Trying to do he's trying to B bury his Head in the sand so they behead him a Little bit lower on the you see BB's Response he's just said look uh as a Democratic country Ally of the US Whatever you feel don't call for Elections because that's basically what They calling for elections for BB now we All know what happened in Israel prior To October 7th it was very contentious The Supreme Court what they were Stacking the court just in the in the Context of America some people don't Know how it works in the knesset in in Israeli politics you have the left wing You have the right wing it's also a Parliamentary system right so BB is on The right he's basically the Donald Trump yeah of Israel but in order to Basically put together a coalition he Had to line himself with the far right Extremists the Orthodox Community the Religious but the people on the left Here's the biggest thing the people on The left the people that were killed at The Nova Festival the people that were Killed in the kibbutzes those were the Leftist they were all Le those were the Peaceful people those are the people That are screaming from the rooftops we Have to coexist we have to help our Palestinian Brethren those are the People that were massacred by the way so

Now there's uniformity in Israel they're Like they're killing the people calling For peace so those people are now Completely silenced and they're just Like look end these guys yeah the the Left there that the peac niik left is Over and it should be over frankly I Never believed in it but it should be Over the Palestinians don't want a state They want to make sure that there's no Israeli state that that really to the Israelis are gone yeah so that that's One part of it but watch but the left There has largely disappeared because The people that live down south as you Point out they wanted a lot of the People that broke in on October 7th they Worked at those they' come in every Single day and work one of the things That they did we saw this there they Would put numbers on the houses so that The Hamas guys knew how many people they Would were supposed to kill in each House because they had workers there That work with them so that thing has Collapsed but for Schumer and by the way This has nothing I I happen to be a Supporter of Israel obviously but if Schumer did this or if a Democrat leader Did this to any democratically elected Government it would be wrong we wouldn't Want an ally saying look Joe Biden has Dementia everyone knows it our policies Are horrible imagine if France was like

You know what it's time for if the French prime minister got up there and Was like it's time for Joe Biden to go And the America we would all be Likeu yeah yeah yeah and take care of His husband But are you are you on board that one Are you Bo that and by the way nothing Wrong with that but the way they're Putting it like since 15 years old that Was your teacher called pedophilia Anyways I don't want to go through it go Ahead but but so but so d i I have two Things so so when you said about about The Jewish people basically they're are They abandoning like full hole what he's Doing what how they're treating you know With with Schumer treating this cuz Basically it's for votes he's literally Turning his back as a Jew saying the Hell with everybody he wants those votes Same with the the left again the Schumer Illegals open the Border they're just That hungry of power have they lost the Jewish that that that block for good is That it I think they are making it's a Horrifically cynical political Calculation to just look at the numbers Mo if you I don't know what percentage Maybe we can figure it out Jews live in New York C and Florida and if you know The results of those elections already You just don't need them anymore it's as Simple as that it's by the way it's why

The Democrats always uh win the black Vote and then never do anything for Blacks it's like you oh we'll get these People to vote for us and we don't have To do anything for them this is pretty Freaking spectacular so it's a similar Version to that so Schumer Schumer also You have to remember this guy's been in Politics it's it's not as long as Biden But he's a he's a piece of the machine That has existed for so long that he's Just running cover to maintain his power As much as he can that's I don't even Think that takes great analysis to Figure out and and when he's doing that If he has to throw his own people under The bus and by the way this is a guy Who's been pretty good on Israel as a Democrat I mean he was against the Iran Deal which I think was the right Position but it it's it's a horribly Cynical thing and I hope the guy I hope For the rest of his life every time he Steps foot in the synagogue he's booed Out go watch this year 16% of Jews comp Uh comprise approximately of New York City's population making the Jewish Community largest in the world outside Of Israel as of 2020 just over 1.3 Million Jews lived in the five burrows Of New York City over 1.92 912 Jews Lived in New York nework Jersey City Overall so again I if these guys got Fully pushed away and they have

Influence I I don't know where we were At we were in baham I don't know where We were at there's like a hundred Jews From New York who were in Bahamas and I'm there with the family moraly kids You know we're just having a good time And one by one by one they're all coming And we're talking to them right Vinnie Weren't you with us or I no mine was at The airport like 30 30 and and they're All like yeah let me tell you we're from This and we're from that and then then The wife comes and this person comes and That person comes I'm like so where are You guys politically cuz you know most Of you guys are this well listen um I'm Uh I'm not going to vote for Trump the Wife it's like well I'm trying to figure Out my wife there's about a hundred of Them and they were all Trump guys yeah Okay on this trip so if if then you do This and they have influence and they're Making money and they're doers imagine What they can flip in state like New York by the way did you know do you know My Theory my political Theory have I you told it to Rudy Giuliani I believe so yeah my Theory is that most men sane men have Moved are okay with Trump like they get They get they can see through all the and everything else women Mostly middle class women or upper Middle class educated women still have

Just the aversion to Trump the way he Speaks grabbing by the and all That and at the end of the day guys like Getting a and if you think that You are not going to get Anymore because you're supporting Trump Then a lot of these guys are going to be Quiet however however I do think in Light of what's happened over the last Couple months that's shifting a little Bit but but I actually think that's a Pretty legit Theory very interesting Theory unless anyone here wants to come Out against boj by the way we'll be Speaking about that later on sast but to What Tom was saying about the Red Wave And what pbd is talking about New York Could go for Trump or the blacks for Trump or sing Latinos break for Trump I Think we're going to see an overwhelming Majority of Jewish people being like Yeah I'm done with Democratic party we Saw the the Michael rap report right Here Pig dick Donald Trump I said I want To make you a bet buddy I think you're Actually going to end up voting for Trump well what do you mean cuz I'm like You're a dude you like okay so Here you go right there so I think There's going to be some sort of Red Wave coming from Blue Israel over to the Democratic uh from the Democratic party To Trump and I think he's going to do That so we'll see what happens with that

Words Talk number scream and as much as The Democrat pollsters look go look We're Four Points closer in Texas they Need to look over their shoulder and Look at what's happening in New York Because those numbers are real is Trump Going to win New York I don't think he's Going to win New York but it's going to Be closer than ever and I think it's Going to scare the hell out of them and The biggest thing because if New York's Close Pennsylvania is not New York Because you have so much of that alany Area uh we'll we'll cover this in due Time but there there are things Happening in your numbers what is it uh Words talk numers screen numb I mean if You want to ask like why is Schumer Doing this why is Bernie doing this it Really has to do with one thing and That's gen Z overwhelmingly 35 Plus Americans age 35 Plus overwhelmingly Support Israel as a democracy as an ally It's the Tik Tock generation we can go Down the rabbit hole of bite dance Tick Tock and CCP that is indoctrinating the Youth to every single thing that's Happen happening here they're like why Would you side with an ally America Israel no side with Osama Bin Laden the Terrorist go for it and that's what Happens the only qualification I would Make on that is Bernie's been pretty Consistent on his awful Israel stance

Forever and he should go to Gaza go to Gaza Bernie you know the other thing in The 47 minute video is they never say Free Palestine there's they're yelling Religious slogans the entire time and They're talking about kill the Jew kill That Jew a guy calls on WhatsApp calls His mom to talk about how many Jews he's Killed so Bernie they'll still kill you Bernie Chuck they're still going to kill You Chuck and they will kill everybody That you know send Amy Schumer there and See what they do to her you know their Cousin who from the left has gone to Gaza Schumer what Gone Gone to Gaza gone Over there right like gone to Israel's Going to Gaza right now I mean they're Not but what they're saying if you're Saying it's going to be safe for them Let's defend them oh no send them I Would what I'm saying is why don't you Go yeah go hang out go go hang out and Spend a little bit more time talking to Them care so much about it go there I'll Donate $100,000 to Schumer's next Campaign if he walks into Gaza there you Go I can no longer remain in today's Democratic party Tulsi gabard say she is No longer a Democrat a potential tulsy Gathered VP where we are being told that We just have to comply and go along with Whatever they say American people uh are Smarter than this however we must remain Vigilant to recognize their propaganda

For what it is pure life unfortunately We live in a time where free speech is Under attack whatever they say goes and We we have to just fall and the people Who suffered under your reign as Prosecutor you owe them an Apology taking on kamla Harris on a Debate stage before I would look forward To doing that Again so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here

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