“Dave Ramsey Makes Money Selling Fear” – Grant Cardone

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You got guys like uh Susie Orman and Dave Ramsey and all these experts online That are going around telling everybody You ought to do this and you ought to do That you ought to do this and they're Not really building anything they're Just putting fear into everybody yeah Yeah Both these guys who made a lot of money Okay brilliant marketers brilliant I Mean Dave Ramsey's got a freaking Awesome I mean he's made a ton of money I don't want to trade my network with Dave Ramsey I'll just tell you that okay I just know for sure now now let me say This okay let me say this what they Plugged into what they both plugged into Was the fear in America okay Susie says Don't spend your money spending is never Your problem debt is not your problem And Dave plays the other thing she's Don't spend it in Dave's like don't Borrow it okay both of them are wrong Because what you need to know is you Need to know how to create it Spending is not a problem and debt's not A problem they make a money off of fear

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