Democratic Activist Condemns Florida as a Terrorist State in Response to Attacks on LGBTQ+ Community

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Rob Smith, Adam Sosnick, and Tom Ellsworth react to democratic activist calling Florida a terrorist state.

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What is happening right now is pride Organizations are canceling events all Over Florida due to climate of fear After State passes anti-lgbtq laws this Is an Insider story Pride events in Florida are being canceled due to the Law and organizations organizers on Saint Cloud cancel their events citing The unsafe environment created by recent Uh laws targeting the lgbtq community The decision followed the signing of a Bill by Governor Ron DeSantis that Imposes penalties on businesses allowing Children to witness adult life Performances with potentially sexually Explicit content other Pride events in Tampa St Lucia Port St Lucie and Lake County have also been canceled due to Concerns over this MSNBC guest claims Florida is about to Be a terrorist state for black and lgbtq People this is a mediaite story Democratic strategist Aisha C Mills Appeared on MSNBC deadline and claimed That Florida is about to be a terrorist State for black and lgbtq people Praising the naacp's travel advisory as Extreme the clever Mills expressed her Personal discomfort as a lesbian and a Black woman stating that she does not Want to have anything to do with Florida And believes that many others feel the Same way she commented she commended the NAACP for issuing the advisory and

Thanked them for their broad guidance And the rep representative Brian Donalds Criticized the travel advisory as stupid And without basis while Fox News Contributor Geraldo Rivera dismissed it As a fear-mongering publicity stunt so How much of this what they're doing Are they trying to you know they're Realizing the scientists is potentially Going to be who he's going to be and They're trying to Target him what what Do you think is and can they actually Make Florida terrorist States what do You think about these two stories well It's ridiculous look am I allowed like What's the language okay look number one Like I'm a black gay dude um and I use Your meals is full of yeah all Right she's full of and what's Going on here you have to understand There's a lot of different things that's Going on Ron DeSantis is seen as so I I Think that the left is is more scared of Ron DeSantis than they are of Donald Trump just because they know how to how To deal with Trump and they're not quite Sure how to deal with the Santas right So there's a lot of these this this Political stuff that is happening that's Sort of trying to make it seem as if Florida is just this apartheid state and And if you are black or gay or both or Whatever then you just live in this Constant fear and constant danger it is

Completely ridiculous I've been living In Florida for the past three years I've Been living in Miami for the past year This is a great place doesn't matter if You're black white gay straight whatever Floor is just a great place to live okay And so what this is all about Is the the lgbtqia K plus plus the Alphabet people the rainbow Mafia right I don't I don't identify with any of This I'm like I'm just gay dude but they Are they're becoming this sort of um Target market for the Democrats right They want to make them another victim Group like they've made black people a Victim group that they've tried to make Latinos a victim group they want to make These LGBT people like a victim group For them so in order for them to be a Victim group for the left they have to Push their propaganda that says that you Can't live in Florida all of these laws Are bad all of this other stuff it is Completely ridiculous like it just is Not based on reality and when you look At these quote-unquote anti-lgbtq laws It is again number one there's No such thing as a trans child and a lot Of these laws are basically in laws in Florida and other states it's basically Saying that we need to pump the brakes On pumping Um young kids full of puberty blockers And doing all these experiments that do

Not have any long-term studies okay that Is not anti-elby field or whatever that Is like just Pro Common Sense okay and So look I'm somebody like I'm a guy like you Know I watched RuPaul's Drag Race and I Went to Drag Brunch and all of that Other stuff it is Megan Kelly had said The same thing on her podcast it had Always been just this fun thing for Adults to do in in it keyword adults Adults and this had never become a thing That was oriented towards children until Recently in the past five to seven years And I'll I'll say something that got me In a little bit of trouble when I said This Um on on other outlets what a lot of People don't realize about the fact that All of this stuff is now being targeted Towards kids the drag queen story hours And in the transitioning of kids all of This other stuff what you have to Understand is that the radical far left Queer Theory people okay that is where All of this stuff comes from and the Fundamental goal for the queer Theory People Um is the normalization of pedophilia Right so you have to understand that That is where this is all supposed to be Headed that is their goal but the idea That Florida is some place that is Um a not a great place that is not a

Safe space that is somewhere that is Dangerous for me as a black gay dude is Fundamentally ridiculous it's complete and anybody with half a brain Uh will see the political machinations At play here yeah Rob I couldn't have Said it better completely agree by the Way is there anybody that could weigh in On this better than a black gay dude Living in Florida I mean hello you Couldn't even write this scriptures from Colombia exactly like you can yeah this Is so nonsensical hyperbolic and Hypocrisy at its finest so I'm not a Black gay dude I'm just a straight white Dude but I'll give you I've been living In Florida for yeah over 40. I thought You were going to come out for a second Yeah This isn't that episode because today's The day of announcement Ron made the Announcement I thought maybe you were Gonna stay tuned for tomorrow's podcast No actually I was gonna I was gonna Announce that I'm straight on this Podcast News so we convinced them y'all okay you Were telling us how so what I was going To say is I've lived in Florida for 40 Years and if you know anything about Florida uh Memorial Day weekend which is This weekend yeah Black people from all over the country Come here for summer break yeah okay it

Used to be Atlanta freaking Nick Whatever it used to be yeah She's been there done that great Bookstore yeah that's my type of books But so I like how many black people are Gonna be like uh yeah yeah all that uh All that uh LGBT Pride gay uh NAACP come Out it's like yeah I'm still gonna get My free gun in South Beach yeah so it's It's so nonsensical and then last week Or the last month was Pride week in Miami of course zero issues no problems On Sunday brunch have you ever been to The on Ocean Drive Yes Rob knows it I mean the drag queen Stuff so like The Narrative is not matching reality It's ridiculous and let me make a point Because you you brought it's really Funny that you brought this up so and Literally I was going to Tweet about This I was going to do a little video About this Miami Beach has a pride event Miami beats Pride this is literally Subsidized by the Florida government They have all sorts of sponsors there They were very expensive DJs that were There um there was sponsorships from Delta American Express there were police Officers there all of that other stuff Completely free to anybody that wanted To go by the way oh yeah so Florida is Such a terrorist State yeah in in Ron DeSantis is basically Stalin when it

Comes to gay people right it's it's Ridiculous like it just does not pass The smell test even for a second and Here's the thing about Um the the gay and lesbian vote I don't Say lgbtq and nobody should say lgbtq Because it's like it's just it's it's Ridiculous like most people we're Talking about gays and lesbians here Right Um in the last election they had found That 30 of Gays and lesbians voted for Trump right So that's a 70 30 split I personally Think that it's more because I come Across gay guys all the time at first When I came out as a conservative gay Dude or whatever at first it's like you Know you lose all your friends Everybody's like oh you're a pride right But now like I go to oh hey Rob like You're that guy right yeah yeah I'm that Guy no now I understand what you're Saying oh this trans kid stuff is crazy All of this you know this drag queen Stuff is crazy why there have to be kids They're all of that other stuff so gays And lesbians are more conservative and People think especially you're talking a Gay dude that's making 250k plus a year You think this person is going to be Voting for Democrats absolutely not why No they're thinking about taxes they're Thinking about communities same thing

Everybody else everybody else it's Identity politics Democrat absolutely it's bomb words this Is Geraldo summed it up perfectly this Is a fear-mongering publicity stunt he Was in out Harold knows media he's been Around a long time he sees these are Just bomb words like when you point at Somebody and yell racist racist you know It's distracting bomb words and what's Interesting Aisha Mills who is full of Crap as you pointed out she called it oh That was extremely clever she didn't say Wow that's an important message to keep People safe that's what you say if you Really think there's a problem that's What you say If you think there is Really risk somewhere instead she comes Out oh that was very clever to say it That way I thought that was very telling It's like she she unveiled the whole you Know lunacy of of the issue look there's A famous poet that once said for those That are wondering whether they should Come to Florida or not to have a good Time this famous poet said get your Freak on my name is Missy Elliott okay So if you're looking for coming to Florida have a good time don't worry About it come on down here she is right And for those of you guys that have a Family and you want to come down here And get your freak on in a different way With your own spouse you can move to

Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach or Boca or Bal Harbor right now we're looking at Properties all over the place we're Looking at Miami right now because we're Wondering what we're going to be doing With the land that we're going to buy We're going to buy the land here mayor Suarez is a very very aggressive Recruiter and he's trying to talk to us About potentially moving by Tim and to Miami but we're we're gonna see what's Going to happen so if you like this clip And you want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right here Foreign

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