“Democrats Have Gone Insane!” – Can Donald Trump Really Win in 2024?

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Buck Sexton, Clay Travis and Adam Sosnick talk about if Donald Trump could really win in 2024.

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Why did he lose last time why did he Lose last time 2020 why did he lose oh Man so I'll go I'll go first on this one okay So that's such an interesting question Um There are of course a lot of people who Voted for him who said he didn't lose he Didn't lose that's their that's their Belief and to that I just say that's not Where I'm going by no no no no no I Understand I'm just saying there are a Lot of people put him that's their Approach and I just say to them they did Rig the system but Joe Biden is President so it doesn't really matter Right so that's where I come from the Perspective of I'm dealing with the Reality today okay why did he lose he Lost because Um other than all the dirty stuff the Democrats did which we could talk about For a whole show on its own uh he was Basically missing an action for about Six weeks at the beginning of the BLM Riots and this all happened on Trump's Watch there was about a period there From the beginning of June right after George Floyd till middle of July where The president was effectively not really Doing anything and I think that left a Really bad taste in the mouths of a lot Of of Voters who had come out for him And also on kovid which you know that

Becomes very complicated because it's Like once in a century pandemic or Whatever you know he didn't he didn't Fire fauci he he didn't uh he didn't do As much as I think he could have been Like the spokesperson for DeSantis But that's true though these are what What have I said that's not true the Conversation about fauci but I guess let Me ask a question a different way would He have one say covet never happens he Wins the Landslide Landslide okay why Though why does he win by Lance because This this I've spent a ton of time Looking at all the data on this and so First of all let's start with the Numbers He came so close and I don't think we Talk about how close it was and when I Say what would you ask do you think Biden would be Trump I don't know I Think we'll be up till 3 A.M I think We'll be up till 4 a.m I think we'll be Waiting in 2024 for weeks to find out What's going to happen in Arizona what Are the you know when is the fire alarms Gonna stop going off in Fulton County Because it's going to be right on the Margins just like 16 was yeah 20 000 and I say this on the show but I think it's So important if 20 000 people changed Their vote 20 000. that's one NBA arena In the entire country out of you know 156 million people who vote in Wisconsin

In Georgia and in Arizona Trump's President okay so with kovit even with Coven right one right right but I'm Talking without covet without covet he Wins a landslide of a landslide I mean To the extent that you can win a Landslide I mean I think he would have Won Pennsylvania I think he would have Won Michigan I think he would have won Everything he would have flipped some Additional States and I think he may Have flipped Minnesota yeah perfect um I Mean so I think it would have not been Here's my question by the way that's why Your question was so hard just to be Fair because it was the you know once it Was like the asteroid hits the Earth Scenario let me tell you why I'm asking This question because you know It's so hard for all of us You guys are smart there's plenty of Smart guys out there that are presenting Their argument right here's what I think There's all of us we have a stubborn Side and we have an open-minded side Some of us have a bigger stubborn side Than the other ones some of us have a Big rope of mind inside and the other One it's good when it's a good balance But I think you should still stick your Core convictions yet be open-minded I Think that's a good host yeah and then Somebody that you listen to and you're Able to so okay so if he would have won

By a landslide If coven never happened and he had Already fired a [ __ ] ton of people So for that point to say well you know So many people just didn't want to go You can criticize with them yeah I agree You can you can say this because Everything has to be perfect like under His watch it's as if he can never make a Mistake I agree that's that's a weakness But but you still wouldn't want a Landslide even he did yeah okay so what Else did he do the economy was great This was great I was over borders Nowhere no Isis you know Isis used to be A topic of discussion every if we did Podcasts right now six years ago all We're talking about is Isis Isis Isis we Don't talk about Isis if you were to go Search how many times you talk about Isis you don't talk about okay so how About we go to Afghanistan we talk about Ukraine Russia would that have happened The trade China how we bullied them he Got him in their place hey Huawei lady CFO is in Canada is doing deals with Iran while we can no longer do business In U.S 33 doctor there were so many of These things that was going on that you Felt like okay we can't be bullied I Kind of like this and there's no war Economy is good I'm growing I'm doing Business Now you know we had Giuliani on I don't

Know what it was last week we got a live Podcast it was Giuliani and Dave Rubin It was great because Ruben is more DeSantis and giuliani's going to be Loyal to Trump which makes it a very Good show where we can kind of go back And forth You know in julianas well let me tell You you know what happened with the rig They're like I'm like yeah it's it's It's just not attractive you know it's Not gonna work because you know when my Kids complain about losing that the Other person cheated I you don't get Anything from me that weekend that's not Attractive to me I've lost because Others cheated and you know get stronger Get better do any of that stuff that you Got to be doing so for me the thing and I'll turn it over to you if he would Have won with a landslide with no covet Landslide there is no covet today Zero covet is gone okay Should he not win by a landslide today Because America would be okay with his Policies how much has changed between The landslide take out covet Than today so This is going to annoy me to say but I Think it's true and it's proven by the Data so I'm not happy with this reality But I think it is a reality Um you know I would gladly vote for Donald Trump again and I think he'd be a

Very good president again but everything That you're setting up for this Historical counterfactual you also have To put in there what does the whole January 6th thing do not for me because I think the media is completely Overplayed it and they call it an Insurrection and I know what an Insurrection looks like I was in the CIA It wasn't an Insurrection but they do This because they think it's effective With moderates and independent well it Was a it was effective in 2022 I hate That's that's what you look at the Candidates who didn't win who should Have won and they were all focused in on The election and they were too tied to That aspect from his credibility today They did Russia for three years and they Stopped talking about it after Durham Came out and there's silence you know so I agree with you but I'm saying it's I'm Telling you the January 6th thing is Going to make it harder to win Independence the next time round because There's this fatigue with people they're Like uh so the media is going to do the Propaganda the craziness So what are Independence tired of Biden With What what are Independents sick of Biden With today let me flip it on you and Just ask this yeah okay flip it flip it Back and forth 81 let's assume that the

Voting is accurate 81 million people Voted against Donald Trump sure they did Not vote for Joe Biden we could drive Around anywhere in South Florida and Find the Biden voters none of them like Joe Biden there were no uh Biden signs On anybody's law and there's no Biden Bumper stickers I mean Joe Biden had a Anti-trump if Joe Biden had a rally in Miami nobody is showing up so my Question this is what we were hitting on Earlier that I think everybody out there If you objectively look at it is we live In a world where people make up their Mind and I appreciate what you're saying You have a core set of values but you're Willing to look at the data and change Your mind that's not most people Those 81 million people have convinced Themselves on some level that Trump is Hitler right so in order for Trump to Win You have to believe one of two things You asked the question how many people Are actually persuadable let's say 156 Million people voted maybe a million People are actually willing to change Their votes I mean I I I like basically The same people that voted for Bush that Voted for Obama that ended up voting for Trump they're going to but there's like One million If you're gonna make I do believe in 20 Without covid Trump wins big but I think

That the situation has changed in 24 Because all of those people have now Come in and they have put themselves in The camp of hey I am of the opinion that Uh Donald Trump is wrong so you have to Get those people to change their mind or You have to convince me and maybe you Could that way less people are going to Vote in 24 because it's not going to be As tumultuous I'll put this out there because I've Said this on the radio show uh Patrick As an amateur no no go for it if if the If they rolled out Joe Biden drooling on Himself with a blanket across his knees Every Democrat that you and I know who Voted from the last time around will Come out and vote for him again without Exception because they vote they vote They vote Is the perfect example of this they vote For the party Machinery yeah they do not Vote that the candidate even speak they Do not care he won by four points in the One of the biggest talks and you know Why by the way we're gonna we're gonna Lose we're going to lose Pennsylvania Again I have a couple friends who have Run for Congress there and sent it there And we're gonna lose Pennsylvania again Because the Democrats are better Organized better funded and pay more Attention to how to win in that state Whereas we have a lot of big voices who

Are saying Oh but you know we should all Vote on Election Day the Democrats in Pennsylvania other places or how do we Maximize our efficiency in getting the Most votes counted legally or illegally If they can get away with it whatever it Doesn't matter they're just trying to Win all right so so let's let's look at This what's changed so we have all Agreed here including yourself if kovit Doesn't happen Trump wins my Landslide We've all agreed on that that Trump's Gonna electoral Landslide by the way he Might not have won the popular vote of Course he would be president yeah but We're saying totally get it so fine so And we all agree that covet is not the Main issue top five issue today not even Top 10 issue today as it was two years Ago thank God there should be by the way A reckoning I'm glad yeah so so so that Main issue that we were all obsessed With for two and a half years or let me Rephrase it we were forced to be Obsessed yeah for two and a half years That's gone that main issue is gone no Problem let's see what has changed in The last three years on top of what you Just said you're saying well you know You have to realize the January 6th that This the this did that no problem in the Last three years a guy named Elon muskba Twitter in the last three years a guy Named Joe Rogan

Who was a pot smoking You know psychedelics Ayahuasca UFC guy that was willing to Vote for Bernie Sanders says yeah to say Things you gotta vote Republican yeah no One in a million years would have Guessed he would say that Elon Musk Would have said that and now they own it Now rumble's creating a ton of momentum And on top of that let's see what else Has changed let's see what else has Changed We didn't have this [ __ ] with Transgender stuff a few years ago okay So so let me get this straight you talk About moms how many moms have daughters Whether they're Republican Or democrats 50 of it let's just reuse the number 50 Every other six that's born it's a girl Okay how many daughters you know are Sitting there talking to Mom and say Mom But I can't beat him but I can't beat Him I don't know how to beat him okay we Didn't have that now it's front and Center everywhere it's okay let him beat It because if they identify they can do This moms are sitting there Democrats Are probably saying I'm sorry man I was A Democrat Bill Clinton Democrat I'm Even Obama democrat this [ __ ] doesn't Make any sense I'm not a Democrat if I Have to subscribe to this this is out of Control let me continue let me continue This is me that you're describing except

I'm a dude so so I'm going to continue And I'm gonna you got three boys imagine The mom with a girl right so I got two Boys two girls you're thinking dude you Ain't gonna do that and embarrass my Daughter as a freaking guy get that out Of here yeah what are you talking about What happened to protecting women that Creates rage right and I'm not willing You to allow you to bully my daughter no It doesn't matter politically I'm still Daughter over politics I believe moms Are daughter over politics fine let's Continue This Dylan Mulvaney stuff that's going On even more stuff education you're Trying to teach my kids about gay you Know whatever first grade second grade Third grade kind of weird okay let's Give the Roe v way to the other side Which has changed that's massive I do Believe that is massive that we've had In the last year I think January 6 People are like listen I get it yes a Year ago I don't think people are going To Care six months from now I don't Think I'm gonna care 12 months from now So where I'm going with this is the Final one I have a whole different view With DeSantis I think descent is a stud Of a guy and I think the scientist needs A different marketing team and my Criticism for descent is not policies my The criticism for descent is more

Marketing than it's anything else so for Me when when I sit there and I think About that I said okay you say a lot has Changed but I think a lot has changed to Favor him not to hurt him I think a lot Of people that wouldn't have voted for Him three years ago are sitting there Saying do that I lied to me I can't Stand that freaking guy but let me tell You this this Hillary Ronan lady who's In District 9 of San Francisco board who Just two years ago said hear me out I am About defunding the police and now she's Crying Talking nobody showed up they're Not putting the funds in we need more Cops you're no [ __ ] Sherlock and she Just got off of Twitter yesterday Because now you realize the amount of Hypocrisy that people even in San Francisco Nick Sarah Foster comes out And says what the hell are you talking About these are liberal politicians as a Liberal myself she's saying these are The policies that [ __ ] we didn't have Three years ago so to me all I'm saying Is I'm not saying you're right or you're Wrong all I'm saying is none of us know Yet fully what's really going to be the Turnout but I don't think it's that Camper they're like well I just don't Think it's going to be Biden I just Don't think it's going to be Biden I I Don't think we all know yet so a few Thoughts that came to mind when you're

When you're talking about this Additional perspective one is Um I shared the sense that January 6 was A nothing Burger in terms of the way People would vote until the midterms That we just had and then looking at the Data for who came out and who didn't There were a lot of college-educated White voters specifically often Independents but even some sort of soft Republicans who wouldn't come out for Candidates in Arizona and Pennsylvania And places we needed to win that were You know January 6th and Trump I think Are kind of obviously very tied together So that was that was what the data Showed there so I was I feel like I was Wrong on that I was we were making jokes About it we're like they're having these Hearings it's so stupid there were People taking photos I'm not looking at It for oh so you know I can't believe in Trump and everything else I'm just Saying they ran this game plan I think It worked pretty well from the last time I'm worried it would work for them again In the National whether that's true or Not by the way I agree with you no one Can predict future and anybody says they Can is living in a fantasy Um the data right now also and the Polling the problem with the polling is In 2022 and we got caught on the wrong Side of this unfortunately I think

Everybody did we thought it was going to Be a much better election for Republicans than it was polling is Obviously a little bit sketchy but right Now all the polling pretty consistently Shows Donald Trump losing in a Head-to-head to Joe Biden whereas it Doesn't show that with Ron DeSantis so I Think there's something there again it's Not you know it doesn't prove the uh so Let's play that card sure let's let's Buy the polls okay which obviously polls Historically have always been right we Have to travel so but let's play that Game with these polls no problem Um If they're right And you're the Democrat Why the hell are you getting in the way Your enemy let him win You mean Let Me Explain If you think These polls are right Why have this Alvin guy go out there and Hey you know let's go do this and Because he did this and let's go do that And because he did that and I was going No no no hey Mr Democratic strategist Polls you guys are so great at it you Think Biden's going to beat him head on No problem get out of his way so I think To your point I think the strategy is They know that the charges help him in The Republican primary and they hurt him In the general so I think the the chess

Move here is the charges make it more Likely that Trump is the opposition People saying that and I think that's it And by the way I'd love to agreed with Everything that you were just saying That was me I voted for Obama in 2008 And 2012. for much of my life before Like all the the Democrats went insane I Was a persuadable voter right I look at The logic I look at the data Buck was Reading this is will yeah when he was 14 Years old and like well enough monthly Wearing my boat shoes For the whole time radical moderate I Was a radical moderate for much of my Career but the you know Elon Musk has Shared this Meme and I think it you know Like I don't know you guys have it or it Shows you like uh if you'll pull it up For people who have not seen it it kind Of perfectly epitomizes my political Value of evolution like I was very I've Always been kind of middle of the road Rational I'm persuadable right like hey You make a rational logical argument I'll buy into it Democrats have gone Fully insane which is why you're gonna Love the book that I've got coming out In August because it's all about I'm Super fired up I would hammer home if I Could this idea that you can have a [ __ ] dude decide he's a girl Sit out for a year and then he becomes a Women's champion is batshit insane right

I think there are lots of Democrats have Become insane you want them to pull up Where it shows like a stick figure Standing you have like the political Spectrum and if you look at it it's like Hey here was me in 2008 and you might Just be a little bit left of center and Then the Democrats have run so far we Had it a minute ago they've run so far Left that's it that's the one that's it Um and if you zoom in on this there you Go 2008 there's me like that's me I'm a Little bit left of center maybe like Whatever and then 2012 and then like now I'm a radical like Buck sees it I'm a Right-wing extremist I'm a conspiracy Theorist I'm a crazy man and I haven't Really changed the country's gone insane And I I also think that the who does That benefit though so who does that Benefit like for for when you say that You know a lot of people agree with that Dude musk would never come out and say Vote Republican so how much influence Does musk have how much influence does Rogan have so think about this let's Actually process this together 81.75 Okay 81.75 now we both know who Rogan And musk would get behind yep we both Know who it is and it's the santis it's Not Trump okay but I do think they would Vote Trump uh over I agree yeah if it Does come down to that they their number One is yeah Santa's over Trump we can

All agree on that it's very obvious you Know hey I believe the last age for you To run for office 69 years old we all Remember all that we have fun we agree By the way Rupert Murdoch will be in That camp too right like uh he's Basically said the same Schwartzman Shows a lot of different guys guys said The money guys there's a lot of guys That are in that camp right now okay Fine So 81.75 so the day comes debate August Fox is over say Mom do we have to pick And choose who it is it's Trump okay So if it's Trump we know if it's the Santis what's gonna happen schwartzman's Gonna get behind this guy's getting About musk is going to get they're going To campaign for him the Rogan DeSantis Podcast is going to be massive okay Hopefully if the centers have a Marketing team kind of teach them how to Connect with the audience because the One he did with Pierce was a flop okay And his book didn't do that well I read The book him I love the book but I said How come other people are not feeling The same way about the book right so So then Trump is a candidate musk and Rogan have A choice where they have to choose Between Trump or Biden yep we both know Whether they want to or not they're Probably going to go Trump yep not

Because of trump but they're going to Say we're doing the same vote that People did in 2020 we're doing that Strategy which is what anything but Okay perfect How much influence you think the richest Man in America and the number one Podcaster in the world has not not Enough to switch the election what do You think Honestly I mean so so you've gotta there Why do they come to mind and why are They so important right now what do you Mean but they could swing not very many Give me a number what do you think it is I mean in the in the total of the the Entire U.S election I mean not enough to Even win a single year a hundred Thousand you think that's small oh I Think of the 156 million people who and And by the way 156 million people who Have already voted right you think it's A hundred thousand swings because do you Have to convince people that they're Wrong yeah and the other part of this is That we're leaving out we're leaving out I refer to it as the apparatus Specifically because of the Soviet Connection Um but the Democrat apparatus in this Country we're talking about Elon you're Talking about okay what about Zuckerberg What about Bezos what about Soros what About I mean go down the list what about

CBS News 16. Trump beat those guys he okay now That was a very specific set of circles I was actually a right-wing commentator At CNN when they still had those in 20 2015 2016. so I saw the evolution there They completely misplayed how to they Were running Trump live on CNN they gave Him billions of dollars of free media Because they thought he was such a joke He was such a clown that it amused Their Audience gave them great numbers and he Was and he was gonna so they've been Wrong before strategically look they Could be wrong again but I'm just saying What they did in 2016 they didn't do in 2020 and they wouldn't do again which is Allow Trump to harness people forget They initially used fake news as really As an attack on Trump supporters they Were believing fake news about the Russia stuff on Facebook that was that Percolated then Trump turned around and Said no no it's not about believing some Internet post CNN is fake news he was Able to do this Jujitsu against the Entire media apparatus that it's just They learned the lesson unfortunately in 2020 which is why they did all the Suppression all the things they did so Yeah we've got our guys who are trying To help I think Elon is doing more for Democracy and Free Speech in America Than almost any other person you can

Think of but there's so much arrayed Against and when you look at the way They can even quantify this stuff even The like CBS you talk about like the Scene you know senior citizens watching Cable news CBS News still gets like five Million people watching a night and it Is Democrat propaganda you know four Years though they've had four years That's not a change though oh I'm not Saying all I'm saying is the change of What an ilano non-worgan were three Years ago versus what they are today and There's a lot of guys like that in the Marketplace there's not just those two I Mean he collectively there's hundreds of Guys like that and the comedy space in The Sports World in the you know you're You're preaching my book because my Argument is find things that 70 percent Of people agree with and slam the Democrats on them all day dudes deciding To be girls and kick people's ass the Fact that I've I've been arguing this if I were Trump I would go balls to the Wall on defending comedians right the Idea that you could be offended by a Joke is total [ __ ] to me right the Entire purpose of Comedy is to push the Bounds of acceptable discourse the idea That a comedian gets that Kevin Hart Can't host the Oscars because he made a Joke about uh a joke or that Dave Chappelle can't say this because it's

Offensive to transgender like whatever The goal of Comedy is to ridicule Everyone evenly and if Trump could lean Into that if DeSantis could lean into That find these things that 70 percent Of people agree with and Hammer them Over and over and over again then I Think you can start to move things a Little bit but to be fair I wasn't Really you because you pointed out you Kept saying it's not different okay but For example the move even of the big big Donors to DeSantis fro instead of trump Right a lot of that is just because There's a there's a little more Hesitation a little more oh I don't know Because of January 6 for some of those People I'm just I wish it were not true I think it shouldn't be true but that is True right now so if you like this clip And you want to watch another one click Right here and if you want to watch the Entire podcast click right here Thank you Foreign

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