DeSantis 2024 Presidential Bid with Elon Musk: Mainstream Media in Total Chaos!

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk are reportedly teaming up for a potential presidential campaign in 2024, according to sources close to the two leaders. This unexpected alliance has sent shockwaves across the political landscape and the media establishment, who struggle to comprehend how a conservative politician and a tech billionaire could join forces in such a formidable way. While some pundits dismiss this as a publicity stunt or a pipe dream, others argue that DeSantis and Musk could disrupt the traditional party lines and appeal to a new generation of voters who value results over rhetoric. In this article, we will explore the implications of this potential partnership and why the mainstream media is struggling to cover it fairly or coherently. Get ready for some fireworks and some food for thought!

DeSantis 2024 Presidential Bid with Elon Musk: Mainstream Media in Total Chaos!


The 2024 presidential election is already creating a buzz amongst the political circles, and the recent news of Elon Musk joining the conversation has added fervor to the whole discussion. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is all set to announce his presidential campaign, and to make it more exciting, he has scheduled a live audio conversation on Twitter with none other than Elon Musk.

In this article, we will discuss in detail DeSantis’s 2024 Presidential bid with Elon Musk, including his ideas, plans, and strategies to make his campaign successful while making the mainstream media irrelevant.

DeSantis 2024 Presidential Bid with Elon Musk

The news of Governor Ron DeSantis running for President in 2024 has been in the media for quite some time now, but what has changed the game is the collaboration with tech-mogul Elon Musk, who has shown his inclination towards conservative ideas lately.

Musk is set to moderate the Twitter live audio conversation with DeSantis, creating a new trend for campaign announcements that involves maximum audience engagement. This move is likely to face criticism from the mainstream media, which has been covering presidential campaigns for decades. However, DeSantis aims to make media irrelevant by shifting to social media platforms.

DeSantis’s Strategy to Make Media Irrelevant

DeSantis understands the power of social media, and he plans to leverage it to reach maximum voters directly. He intends to use alternative platforms to propagate his ideas and stay away from mainstream media, which he believes is biased and manipulative. This strategy resonates with the younger population who are likely to switch off the TV and rely on online sources for political news.

The Role of Social Media in Presidential Campaigns

Social media has evolved since Obama’s team used it successfully during the 2008 campaign, and now it is an essential tool for seeking voter engagement. Twitter spaces, a relatively new feature on Twitter, is being leveraged by politicians to gain support and create a mass following. The addition of live audio conversations can be an exciting way to connect with voters and have instant feedback.

DeSantis’s Charisma and His Wife’s Impact

DeSantis has been criticized for his lack of personal charisma, but as he sets out to run for President, he still has a trump card: his wife Casey. Casey is charming, articulate, and passionate about conservative values and policies. She has a way with words and can captivate any audience, making her an essential asset for DeSantis’s campaign.

Campaign Announcements: A Lesson from History

Trump announced his candidacy just three weeks from the election day, which seems too late, but he still won. With DeSantis’s announcement in June 2021, he still has ample time and opportunity to campaign and rally support. The campaign announcement with Elon Musk is just the beginning, and the social media buzz around it has created momentum for the campaign.


DeSantis’s 2024 Presidential bid with Elon Musk is an exciting development in the political landscape. It shows that innovation and new ways of thinking can lead to success while making the mainstream media irrelevant. As the campaign for 2024 unfolds, it will be interesting to see how the role of social media and alternative platforms evolve in the political discourse.


  1. What is the significance of Elon Musk moderating the Twitter conversation with DeSantis?
  • Elon Musk is a significant influencer with a massive following on social media. His involvement in the campaign will provide DeSantis with a platform to connect with Musk’s followers, and it will create a buzz around the campaign.
  1. Can DeSantis’s campaign succeed without the mainstream media’s support?
  • DeSantis believes that the mainstream media is biased and manipulative, and he plans to use alternative platforms to propagate his ideas. He aims to make the media irrelevant by using social media platforms to reach voters directly.
  1. What is the role of Casey in DeSantis’s campaign?
  • Casey is DeSantis’s wife and is a significant asset to his campaign. She is charming, articulate, and passionate about conservative values and policies, and can captivate any audience.
  1. How important is social media in presidential campaigns?
  • Social media has evolved since Obama’s successful campaign in 2008. Today, it is an essential tool for seeking voter engagement, and politicians are leveraging alternative platforms to connect with voters.
  1. Can DeSantis win the Presidency with his lack of personal charisma?
  • DeSantis’s lack of personal charisma has been criticized, but his wife Casey’s impact offsets his shortcomings. With a well-planned campaign and effective messaging, DeSantis has a chance to connect with voters who align with his conservative values.
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