Did Andrew Tate’s 2 Female Associates Snitch & Make A Deal With Romanian Government

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David and Tina Glandian discuss whether Andrew Tate’s 2 female associates snitch & make a deal with the Romanian government.

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The two girls I believe Georgina and Luana if I'm saying it correctly right Georgina and Lana Georgina's known Tate for quite some Time Luana was a former police officer And they were uh friends and Associates Working together my question is are Their lawyers and you working together Are you guys on the same team Um we're not necessarily working Together however everybody pretty much Has a consistent defense which is nobody Committed any crimes in this case got it So to that extent everyone has a common Goal and interest in this case however Uh you know we're not necessarily Working together okay and the only Reason I asked this and so please push Back anything I ask in skepticism Whatever I say you know I'm just Thinking like a uh I've interviewed a Lot of people that are in different Lives they've lived you know I've Interviewed the Sami the Bulls of the World a lot of former mobsters and the Model the government will sometimes use When they have multiple uh folks that They're working on they'll try to go to The weak ones to get information out of Them and try to get a deal and say hey If you tell us this it's going to be This do you want to be in jail forever They'll put the fear attack you know the Tactics they use this is your world so

How confident are you that for the folks That are worried if they will keep to Four fully fully United on the same page Versus the government's going to try to Get the girls to break and say something So some may look at this as a hey They're now being released to go home This could be seen as did they do a deal With the government or it's Andrew and Tristan saying no if anyone's going to Go home they're going to go home So two different things first of all I Think absolutely it's a common you both To try to divide and conquer I think how We refer to it here is they always try To get the weakest link to roll on you Know the bigger targets so Absolutely I would not be surprised if That's something that the prosecution Intends or tries to do however we feel Confident that there's nothing for these Girls you know short of if they were to Decide to come forward and lie be beyond That we're not afraid of anything they Would say and we're not afraid of them Of the police or prosecution exerting Pressure because we think again the Truth is going to set everybody free Including the tape Brothers yeah that's My biggest concern my biggest concern is Them trying to gamify it and they try no Listen uh Art of War Sun Tzu divide and Conquer put them against each other put The fear tactic and then eventually get

Them to open up and then give them Protection for a couple years and you Get the information can you release Other people that we can get so that's Why I ask are you guys working Collectively together or not okay so That was helpful if you have a response Sure if I could just interrupt for one Second I was gonna say there's also in This case voluminous Um what we call documentary evidence Meaning text messages written Correspondence and we think that speaks For itself and when again unfortunately I can't get into the details with you Now the way I wish I could go through Specific evidence and show why you know This case immediately falls apart but we Think even In the worst case scenario if somehow The prosecution got to the girls and got Them to change their story and not be Truthful you know in exchange for some Sort of deal to get them uh out of this We think that the the documentary Evidence will undercut any you know Potential argument that the Tate Brothers are guilty of any of the Charges that they're being investigated For when you speak to Tate and I don't Know if you're going to answer this or Not is that a concern that the two girls May do something because if I'm an Attorney I'm going to ask the question

You can say no to all the answers but I'm just going to do my job as a person Asking questions if I'm the attorney I Want to know everything about those two Girls what they have on you what would They say how would they come back what Would be their weak spot is there Anything that you're worried about and Then we're not worried about it we are Worried about it is that a potential Concern at all or no that is the last Thing we're concerned about Right now that is the last thing we're Concerned about we believe everybody is Just trying to get the truth out and all Four of them are again they have the Same common interest in doing that when It's going to set all of them free yeah My fear is government I don't I don't Trust what they do to pin people against Each other so we'll see what they're Going to be doing so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here Thank you

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