Did Sammy The Bull’s Dyslexia Causes His Rage?

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That feeling of you not getting A3 you Know I see this dyslexic did that create Any raging you like I'm a little bit Different why am I being treated this Way or not at all no no there was Playing rage there was plenty absolutely Since I got left back in the fourth Grade okay I don't even know how old You're supposed to be in the fourth Grade but I got left back in the fourth Grade So now when I go forward they're they're Younger than me and the teacher would Say a certain word a big word ask Somebody to spell it I was in the back Of the class all the time and another Kid to spell another word that would get To me and say okay gravano Spell cat The whole class will giggle I was so Ashamed and rage I felt after school I Beat that everybody I was actually older And bigger than them and I was a strong Kid I beat the [ __ ] out of all of them There was no more laughing

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