Did The U.S. Government Just Manipulate The Inflation Rate?

Did the U.S. Government just manipulate the inflation rate? In this episode, Patrick Bet-David discusses the consequences of high inflation rates and how they affect you as a consumer. As a special offer our PBD listeners receive free access to Fund&Grow’s Business Funding Masterclass: 5 Steps to Securing $250,000 in Business Credit. Click on the link: for this amazing opportunity today. Fund&Grow is also extending a special $500 discount for all Valuetainment subscribers!

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So a lot of people are concerned Confused and wondering what the hell is Going on with inflation because they're Saying inflation is going lower but just In q1 they announced 270 000 job cuts by U.S employers up 396 Above last year same time five times More if the last time we had something Like this if you take out covid was 2009 Yet people are starting to realize just This year two or three months ago they Changed something in the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the way they measure Inflation and people are starting to Realize why they did it to not get People to be concerned wait till you see Some of this data in today's episode [Music] Foreign I want to give a quick shout out to our Sponsor fund and grow the reason why we Decided to team up with these folks is Because during times like this when we Talked to a lot of small business owners Banks are tight they're not lending to Everybody they're only giving it to the Best of the best a lot of small business Owners today need a little bit more Financing yesterday I'm talking to a guy Who are at their last hundred thousand Dollars they don't know what they're Going to be doing the bank's not giving Them anything they have the upside of Building a business but they can't find

That money a place like funding growth Can help businesses like that if that's You this is somebody you may want to Consider they give up to 250 000 a line Of credit with zero percent interest Rate and not having to give up any of Your Equity these guys got 4 000 Plus Reviews at 4.9 Stars so it's a lot of Different people that have done business With them as a special offer all right Team and listeners receive free access To funding gross business funding master Class five steps to securing 250 000 in Business credit click on the link below For this amazing opportunity you can go To fundinggirl.com forward slash pbd so If you get value from the video give it A thumbs up and subscribe to the channel So they're telling us inflation today Six and a half percent give or take yeah Inflation's fine it's six and a half It's not really as bad as you think it Is and a lot of people are confused Saying how is that even possible because Chickens up 10 and a half percent butter Is up 26 milk is up 50 egg 170 in Certain markets coffee 13 baby food 10 Rice and pasta 15 bread 15 how is it Possible if all of these things are up The way they are for you to say Inflation is only up six and a half Percent yet if you go to the official Versus The Shadow stats of how we used To measure inflation you will notice if

You look at the blue versus the red the Red shows that inflation is only six and A half percent but blue the top shows We're somewhere between 13 to 14 Inflation but this isn't the only thing That you have to see what happened just This year if you go on the BLS website U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics they Announced something very quietly I don't Know if you heard about it or not matter If I got loved enough you heard about it If you did comment below it's a Beginning with the January 2023 index Scheduled for publication on February 14 2023 be Ellis plans to update the Spending weights in the calculation of The CPI every year instead of every two Years so you may say I don't get it What's the big deal with that let me Explain to what the big deal of this and Just kind of see the Optics if you look At the Historical rates we're just going To go back five years do you see that How it goes January February March all The way down to December and the years So the old way of measuring inflation Let's just look at February of 2023 it Says it's six percent right so if we do The old way of how much inflation is Higher you would measure from six Percent to February of 2021 and they Would have to say inflation is up 4.3 Percent than what it was two years ago Versus the new way of measuring it they

Have to go from February which is six Percent to last year which was 7.9 and They get to say the magical words look At our policies inflation is down 1.9 Percent and you and I sit there on TV And we hear a president say this you say I don't understand how how can you say Something like this well it is because Of our phenomenal policies inflation is Down and we have to say all right I'm Just not feeling good maybe it's me Maybe others are not feeling it and you Start thinking like you're being maybe Gaslighted or you're the dummy you're Not the dummy you're being gaslighted Because they change the way they Measured certain data so somebody may Say who's this affecting I mean again The person that's making money they're Probably not feeling this but the person The low and middle income family they're Feeling this the most let me show you a Couple other charts here to look at so Here's a chart of how much food prices Increase every year since 1990. if you Look at this what year is the highest Price is increasing this year and it's Not a little bit it's astronomical Compared to any other year in the last 33 years if you go to shelter look how Much we're up in shelter is 7.9 the Average person cannot afford to have 7.9 Percent of their shelter costs going up Transportation

14.6 again 33 years even if you look at Some of the things the behavior of what You and I are doing the these things Increasing beef prices are going up most Americans we love beef we love our Burger we love our steak we love all of That but beef prices are going so high That Americans are saying we can't Afford to buy beef anymore we're Starting to eat more chicken than we ate Beef look at this chart here on what we Would consume from 1965 till today beef Has gone down because prices of beef Have gone up but look at chicken Chicken's gone up turkey is flat pork is Flat this is causing you and I to change Our consumption Behavior this is causing People right now in the tech industry to Say how am I going to replace that Income some people are sitting around Saying how am I going to increase my Income the one thing is for sure people Are looking at what the media is telling Us that inflation is going to be fine Yet we're seeing layoffs of 396 percent For shop cuts and they're saying how Come we're not being told the truth so There's a difference between what the White House tells us what mainstream Media tells us versus what you're Actually feeling trust what you're Feeling these numbers are real prices Are going up so you may be saying Pat What's the purpose of this video is it

Just to scare us what do I do about it Well there's a few different things you Can actually do about it one create Awareness talk about this talk about it Amongst your community your peers online Social Twitter tag everybody you can if You say inflation is going lower why is This going on did you see the BLS on the Way you're measuring why did you do it Why did we do that educate the people Around you the louder you and I we the People are eventually they're going to Have to pay some attention to what you Have to say about it right that's number One second thing this is not the time to Splurge it's never the time to splurge But this is definitely not the time to Splurge and not pay attention to what You're doing go through your credit card See some of the old memberships that you Have that you're paying for why am I Paying for this thing 4.99 a month 9.99 A month 18 bucks a month cut a lot of That stuff this is the season to audit All your credit card your check card to See exactly where you're wasting money Audit yourself before the IRS audits Your finances number three increase your Market value to the best of your ability Today skills market value whatever it May be don't just sit there and say okay Well you know it sucks that there's Nothing I can do about it there's a lot You can do about it by increasing market

Value the way you do that is when you Bring market value to a company you're Working at they're going to have to sit Around and say this guy's very valuable To us look what he said he made money For us here and she made money for us There without her we would have never Done this without him we've never done This the more you're able to do down the Marketplace your value goes up so here's My challenge to you at the end this is a Video you ought to watch with your Family and have a conversation started This is like hey what do you think about This did you know about this did you not Know about this talk about these things Together with others but if you got Value from the video give it a thumbs up Subscribe to the channel I got another Video I did May of 2021 talking about The dangers of inflation for the future Of America I went into it very very deep This is back in the days we would do Things on the board if you've never seen That click here to watch it take care Everybody bye-bye bye Foreign [Music]

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