DISCIPLINE IS EVERYTHING – Best Motivational Video

The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.

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Foreign 's got big goals and Big Dreams and they Want to accomplish some unlike all the Other years in the past where they Didn't accomplish it and they made Promises themselves that they failed on And I know for sure that all of you are Going to accomplish what it is you've Set out to do so I wanted to give you uh Something to think about and something To chew on What keeps you motivated whenever you Aren't motivated like what hack do you Use to get motivated and I want to make It real clear to you guys Winners Champions do not value Motivation at all I never think do I Feel like doing this that you look up to That you want to be like that you think Like man dude I wish I was that person Those people do not think man do I feel Like doing this they do this regardless They do the things that they have to get Done no matter how they feel no matter What's going on no matter what it is That's distracting them and in fact when They're distracted they take relief in The fact that that they need to do gets Done okay We live in this world where we value the Idea of motivation everywhere we look we Look online we look on Instagram we look On Tick Tock we look on YouTube we are Inundated with these massively cool feel

Good sound bites but however you have to Understand that while that thing might Get you somewhere in the moment it might Make you feel better about what it is You have to do that it's actually Irrelevant to the result that you Produce and so what I want you guys to Really think about as this year gets Kicked off is how do I get done Regardless of how I feel because that's Where the champions live The Peasants Live over here with motivation if you Only execute when You feel like it or the stars are Aligned or the weather's right or you Have a great relationship right now Where it's been turbulent for a while or Whatever insert any single thing that You want to insert if you can only Execute when you feel like executing you Will lose 100 times out of 100. so What's the solution well the solution is To change your perspective and to Understand that motivation comes and Goes It's good to feel motivated is it Easier to execute when you're motivated Yeah of course it is however it's an Unrealistic expectation to believe that We are always going to feel like doing What it is we know is required to do Okay so you need to flip your mindset You need to flick your perspective to Understanding that discipline is what You are after what you are really after

Is the skill of discipline you want to Be able to execute you when that person Asks me that question how do I do this When I don't feel like doing it what They are really asking me is how do I Have enough discipline to execute when I Don't feel like doing it and the reality Is you have to develop it how do you Develop discipline by doing things that Require discipline AKA doing hard Also keeping promises to yourself If you If you live in your gift If you don't listen to listen to me if You don't live in your gift somebody is Going to die And that is the that is the God's honest Truth if you don't live in your gift Somebody is gonna die because somebody Needs that story somebody needs that Success story that you have to dig them Out of a hole that they are in There's somebody out there who's Probably gonna hear this Delight in this Room right now that needs to hear that That whatever it is that you're dealing With whatever you've dealt with in the Past it does not matter because every Day that you wake up you have a chance It's not over if it ain't strong enough To kill you it ain't strong enough to Stop And I believe that with the bottom of my Heart if it ain't kill me yet it ain't

Strong enough to stop if that means it's Helped me to keep on going full Until they put me six feet under guess What guess what Dad won't have to do I'm gonna open my mouth and yes I'm Gonna have something to say and if Everybody's gonna like it no I'm sure But guess what it just is what it is I'm Not there for them My message was for somebody who is Dealing with a situation that is killing Them on the inside and they need an Outlet They need somebody that dealt with it Before somebody that's been in that dark Place before and has done themselves out Of it and found a way to get to the Light at the end of the tunnel Self-sabotage definition Destroying or damaging ourself either Consciously or subconsciously In life you have your comfort zone and Your uncomfortable Zone and most people Will do whatever it takes to stay in Their comfort zone You've heard it before we are Our Own Worst Enemy and it's true Self-sabotage is used as a defense in Fear so we do not hurt ourselves and It's in our relationships our businesses And our financial lives and some Examples would be when a person runs Away when the relationship starts Getting serious because they don't want

To be vulnerable to the hurt that they Felt in the past Self-sabotage or how you associate the Gym with feeling pain Self-sabotage but it goes deeper Like procrastinating important tasks not To be confused with laziness but Avoiding change or fearing failure Self-sabotage the reason you can't eat Healthier is because you self-sabotage You've created the idea in your head That healthy food doesn't taste good and You've created the idea that you're Gonna have to sacrifice every food you Do enjoy to eat healthy and that's a Self-sabotage stop preventing yourself From living the life you deserve and Start admitting that you're the reason Because you need to know it's better to Be uncomfortable and growing than to be Comfortable and not doing nothing Now let me ask you a hard question What are you self-sabotaging in your Life right now What are you avoiding And how are you going to make a change But fundamentally You must understand that motivation is For average people motivation is for People that lose more than they win Discipline is where everybody who's ever Achieved anything great that you admire That is what they value that's what they Strive for that's the skill that they

Make investments in and that's why their Lives look so great that you want Something like that for yourself so Moving into this year Stop asking Why I'm not motivated stop asking what Do I need to do to get motivated and Start asking how can I become more Disciplined because discipline is the Ultimate superpower guys if you can Learn to execute against the tasks that Will get you to where you want to go Regardless of what's happening in your Life regardless of the pain you're Feeling in the moment regardless of what The weather is regardless of what your Relationship is regardless of what your Boss said regardless of what your wife Or your husband said regardless of any Outside circumstances how And I want you to really think about This how Can you ever lose you can't

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