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To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.

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I want to let you all know The most important thing in life Is winning But the game that you're looking to win Is the real question Because ultimately people are looking to Win the game outside of them instead of Winning the game inside of them So I got a question to ask you and I Hope you take the time to really think About this because I know I have to Think about this question from time to Time myself And that question is What is winning in the Game of Life to You what does that mean to you What are you passionate about what burns Your soul up what makes you want to do Your very best makes you want to stretch Past your limits makes you want to Experience life to the fullest And whatever that is Go do it And I say it simply Because I know a lot of people are not Doing it I know a lot of people are letting fear Get in their way from attaining the goal That they really want From becoming the person that they want To become And the cool thing when you get past That barrier when you just keep pushing You come out completely different than

You were before Because in life it's about deserving it When will you deserve it And ultimately You deserve it when you get the test When you pass it when you go through the Process And just like anything else life has a Series of processes And your dream is going to have a Process to it But the really cool thing If you remember why you're doing it And you can really visualize concretely Put that that dream Into your mind It makes the actions secondary because That's where a lot of people get stuck Is they get stuck on the action They go well I need to know this and I Need to figure this out and I need to Get this piece right No the action's always been a secondary Piece The question is how do you make it make Sense in your head And when you can clearly make it make Sense in your head The actions become easy Foreign Sometimes it's just I wake up And I think what do I have to do to Become great

What must I do different Than what I'm doing and what I've been Doing to get to where I want to be And then I think to myself am I doing Everything that I know Everything that I can am I giving 100 Every single day To reach that point that I'm trying to Get to Because I can picture it in my mind I can have that feeling I can have those thoughts But then I think to myself once again I'm not giving my all I'm not good but the best foot forward And I want to ask you today What are you doing to make your next Effort your best effort Are you reaching deep down inside To fight through everything that you're Going through right now Are you settling to be where you are at This current moment If you're laying down you need to get up And if you're sitting down you need to Get up If you're on the treadmill running right Now you need to run just a little faster If you're in the gym right now working Out you need to put five more pounds on The rack Foreign A business You need to work an hour longer

You will always look for And attract evidence To support What you believe yes that that is what We do as humans we Have these beliefs that knowingly or Unknowingly guide us and if you are Feeling stuck or you're feeling like you Are not moving in the direction that you Desire to move in then you definitely Want to go back To your beliefs What do you believe about you what do You believe that you can accomplish What do you believe that you are worthy Of because that is the work that we all Have to do in order to get to where we Desire to be so self-sabotage is when You knowingly and sometimes it's not Even consciously like you don't even Realize that you're doing this but you Take actions that make it difficult For you to achieve the goals that you Set for yourself and sometimes the Action that you're taking is in action Right you're you are ruminating you are Doubting you are overthinking you are Over analyzing You are Procrastinating you are working on Things that have nothing to do with your Vision nothing to do with your life Goals you're getting caught up in other Things that you shouldn't be getting

Caught up in because you're running away From the real work which is you And so before you can Master anything You have to first Master yourself Mastery is the key to winning like Self-mastery is owning your life it's Owning your decisions it's knowing that You create your destiny And far too often we give others too Much credit We put too much of a birth of a burden On other people instead of placing that Burden on ourselves So what do you dream about What do you want on your journey what do You want to become Who do you want to become I know you'll get there you just have to Believe in you got to believe in what You've been given what you've been Gifted And go to work take the action and have Fun along the way you know I always say If you're not having fun it's not worth Doing because even with fear comes Courage you can stand up for something Bigger than the fear you can be stronger Than the fear doesn't mean you don't Feel it it just means your dreams bigger Than it So keep dreaming big And remember Turn your dreams into realities go take The actions you need to go take

Because the cool thing is whenever a Person reaches a dream it actually helps Others reach theirs that's the truth That inspires others to believe it's Possible And sometimes that's all we need we just Need to believe that it's possible so Keep believing in yourself remember There's greatness in you it's always Going to be in you Foreign Foreign

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