DISCIPLINE YOURSELF – Best Motivational Video

If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore.

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Tyrese Gibson

Chris Ross

Nathan Harmon

Music: Whitesand

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Foreign [Music] You were Mad I'm actually having a good day Until you're angry bitter house showed Up We're talking about people that your Mind is so negative it's so dark Every time Joy shows up you figure out a Way to flip a positive into a negative Every time somebody compliments you and Says something nice and beautiful about You you figure out a way to flip it and Turn it into a negative Why are you so mad You're mad at everything And everybody You weren't born mad Your house got negative energy Your friends are negative That's why you ain't happy Because everything around you is a Direct reflection Who You Are I dare you to disappear for a year 2022 may have not went the way you Wanted it to go The only way 2023 Is your year In the time and the effort the Dedication and the hard work That you said you were going to put in In 2022. I don't know what it is you

Want to do I don't know what it is where you want To be I don't know what you want to have But in order for you to get it this year More time More sweat more blood More Tears You must let your competition know that You're coming How hard you've been working you gotta Work harder As much as you've been studying you must Study harder You must grind harder You must go to the field you must go to The court you must go to the office with The mindset that this is my time This is my day It doesn't matter where you are in life You have an opportunity like no one else Because you are unique You have greatness inside of you And you know the biggest battle it's not Even the competition The biggest battle you have in front of You Is you That person you look at in the mirror Every day that person who says you can't Do something that person who says to Give up is you So you just have to overcome you It doesn't matter what year it is you Always have to overcome those inner

Thoughts That inner doubt that Inner Fear And see what I'm telling you right now Is that 2023 If you have to turn this audio on every Day just so you can remember that you Got this That the Battle Is Not Over And it's your story my story it really Is just the story It's the story of people Young and old Trying to navigate like who we are and What we want to achieve and we have Goals and we have these opinions and These pressures and all these moving Parts But every single one of us like it love It or leave it when you strip it all Down And you're not around the friends and You're not always even around The community when sometimes you wake up And you look in the mirror And that person's looking back at you The real you A lot of us we just want to feel like we Belong we just want to fit in we just Want to find the place in this world Where we can find our Rhythm where we Find purpose But a lot of times I get smashed over Because of insecurities and that gets Masked over because of maybe experiences

That you've had to deal with maybe mom's Not in your picture or dad abandon your Life maybe you lost somebody to cancer Maybe Cole would snap somebody away from You a little too fast Or maybe you've been through an abusive Relationship physically mentally Emotionally or maybe some of you right It's just been this place where you Never feel like you're accepted or you Just long for that appreciation and that And that thankfulness from some family Member that you never feel like you can Give But we all face stuff [Music] Nobody like you at your job Who made you get that job Who decided that they agreed to what They were willing to pay you for that Job Foreign If you wanted a better job that was Paying more Even if it would have taken you longer To get a job That was paying you what you feel like You deserve you took the job that they Offered you at the pay rate that they Offered you Now you go to work every day angry Bitter mad and you making everybody on The job experience because you are so Mad and bitter about what they're paying

You Do you know that if you do your job Happily Gratefully [Music] Appreciating what you have Smiling making everything and everybody Around your job enjoy their job even More Do you understand how much more God will Bless you and create opportunities and Situations for you You're bitter that's why your life ain't Better Foreign Every day you're gonna have to Go through something every day you're Gonna have to overcome something But this year all things are gonna have To be go Forward with your dreams go forward with Your goals go forward with whatever you Want to do in your life I'm not saying It's going to be easy I'm not saying there won't be days that You won't feel like giving up I'm not Saying there won't be days that you Don't feel like getting out the bed I'm Not saying that there's not gonna be Days where you tell yourself that I Can't go on And when those days come this year you Have to say I must keep going There is a greater goal than this

Current feeling that I have right now There are people who are depending on You there are people who need you you Need you So don't let that self-pity get you down [Music] And so today as I get this moment And I'm and I'm passionate I feel like on this side of covet like I've tried to even hit a different gear Because one thing that I've realized Over the last several years of my life Things that I take for granted can be Taken from me And so now any moment that I get a Chance just to kind of lecture or to Communicate or to challenge somebody to Maybe do what I long for people to do For me to do not even you but for me to Even do And that's to live a life where I wake Up and I look in the mirror and I am Determined to confront myself I'm determined to have conflict Resolution inside of myself when I'm Open and I'm honest with my behaviors And how I'm operating and what I'm doing With my time and my energy and my focus Because man I just got a burden To see people really reach their full Potential [Music] Foreign

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