Discovering What Truly Matters in Life: Chris Bumstead Opens up Beyond the 10x Mr. Olympia Title

In the arduous quest for success and fulfillment, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters in life. We often measure our achievements by tangible milestones and accolades, forgetting the essence of our existence. However, there are individuals who transcend the confines of competition, inspiring us with their insights into the deeper meaning of life.

Join us as we delve into the world of Chris Bumstead, renowned bodybuilder and 10x Mr. Olympia titleholder. Beyond the fame and glory, Bumstead opens up about his journey towards self-discovery, revealing what truly matters to him beyond the coveted championship title. Through his candid reflections, we gain a profound understanding of the values and priorities that bring genuine fulfillment and purpose. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey of insight and inspiration as we explore the profound wisdom Chris Bumstead shares with us.


In this captivating video, Patrick Bet-David and Vincent Oshana are joined by the phenomenal professional bodybuilder, Christopher Bumstead. Together, they delve deep into the discussion of what truly matters in life, specifically focusing on whether having the most Mr. Olympia titles is more important than maintaining one’s health. Christopher Bumstead candidly shares his personal experiences and insights, shedding light on the impact of an autoimmune disease on his bodybuilding career and emphasizing the significance of monitoring his well-being and reducing drug intake.

A Glimpse into Christopher Bumstead’s Journey

Christopher Bumstead, with his remarkable physique and undeniable talent, has garnered immense recognition in the bodybuilding world. As an athlete who has consistently excelled in the prestigious Mr. Olympia competitions, one might assume that his primary focus would be on surpassing the record for the most titles. However, Bumstead surprises audiences by revealing a deeper aspiration—a mission to create a business that extends far beyond himself.

Monitoring Health: Prioritizing Longevity

Despite his extraordinary success, Christopher Bumstead has faced unique challenges in his bodybuilding career. He openly discusses his struggle with an autoimmune disease, highlighting the detrimental impact it has had on his health. In the face of adversity, Bumstead emphasizes the paramount importance of closely monitoring his well-being, both physical and mental. By adopting a proactive approach, he has successfully navigated the delicate balance between pushing his limits and preserving his overall health.

Reducing Drug Intake: A Step towards Holistic Well-being

In the pursuit of achieving greatness in bodybuilding, many athletes resort to using performance-enhancing drugs. However, Christopher Bumstead recognizes the potential drawbacks inherent in excessive drug usage. In an effort to prioritize his long-term health, he has made conscious choices to reduce his drug intake. Bumstead believes that striving for sustainable success in the industry should not come at the expense of one’s overall well-being.

Taking It One Year at a Time

Rather than getting caught up in the pursuit of accumulating multiple Mr. Olympia titles, Christopher Bumstead approaches his career with a refreshingly grounded mindset. He reveals that he takes it one year at a time, focusing on personal growth and improvement instead of fixating on external accolades. By embracing this perspective, Bumstead ensures that every competition serves as an opportunity for learning, development, and self-discovery.

Beyond Titles: Building a Legacy

While racking up Mr. Olympia titles undeniably correlates with increased income and revenue for Christopher Bumstead, he remains steadfast in his commitment to building a business that extends beyond these achievements. Rather than aiming for personal glory and fame, Bumstead aspires to create an enduring legacy that positively impacts the lives of others. This drive to make a difference and inspire others is what fuels his desire for success.

Finding Fulfillment in Inspiring Others

To Christopher Bumstead, the measure of his success transcends the number of Mr. Olympia titles he holds. He finds deep fulfillment in using his platform to inspire and motivate others. Bumstead recognizes the power of his journey and how it can ignite the flame of determination within those who follow his path. By sharing his story and experiences, he aims to uplift others and encourage them to pursue their own dreams relentlessly.


Christopher Bumstead’s journey beyond the 10x Mr. Olympia title serves as a testament to the belief that true success lies in more than just the accumulation of accolades. Through his candidness, Bumstead reminds us of the importance of prioritizing our health, pursuing personal growth, and creating a legacy that positively impacts others. By discovering what truly matters in life, he exemplifies the power of finding fulfillment and purpose beyond external achievements.


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