“Disgusting Human Being” – FDNY Threatens Firefighters Who Booed Letitia James

Patrick Bet-David is joined by Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana as they discuss New York Attorney General Letitia James threatening to hunt down firefighters who booed her at an FDNY ceremony.


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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Your Next Five Moves” (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

So can you imagine you're working for The fire department and somebody is Rooting for Trump and booing Leticia James and this happens go ahead Rob they're boing her as they should oh Come on we're in a house of God first um simmer down I want to thank Commissioner Kavanaugh and chief hodin for they're Chanting Trump trump can you imagine so So let me let me continue reading what Happens here so the fire department is Investigating staffers who booed Leticia James and cheered for Trump during a Promotion ceremony with spokesperson Jim Long clarifying nobody can you do you Have the clip that says hunting them Down or no nobody is hunting anyone down It's about professionalism at an Official event held in the house of Warship uh fired upon New York chief of Department John emphasize the need for Individuals involved to come forward Voluntarily stating I recommend they Come forward it will be better for them If they come forward and we don't have To hunt them down that's what he said we Don't have to hunt them down the Incident occurred during a ceremony Honoring the swearing in of the first African-American woman obtained of the Fire Department New York uh Reverend Pamela Holmes uh prompting James to Address the crowd oh come on we're in

The house of God simmer down thank you For getting it out of your system that's What she said Vinnie there by the way Notice this Patrick there's an Investigation for people that were Booing her and guess what it's going to Happen to them they're going to Investigate they probably get fired and If she could if it's up to this this I I Hate her so much they'll go to jail Right meanwhile those illegal Venezuelans that beat the share the New York City cops they were arrested Released and they're not following any They're not going after them at all They're in a they're in a migrant Camp Back in New York got doing God knows What it's like what what are we even Talking about you we all know what she's Doing we all know who she's working for We all know her agenda is to get rid of Trump and just because a couple of cops That are pro Trump because guess what The Working Man is for Trump she's going To go after them like hunt them down She's she's a disgusting human being Adam well it's not a couple people it Sounded like they're going to have to go Hunt down hundreds of fired Fighters Okay not cops firefighters so it wasn't A couple different uh dispersing voices CLE couple little claps it sounded like A Resounding uh Boo for her and a loud

Vocal Trump Trump trump from the Audience so I don't see how you go after Dozens if not hundreds of firefighters Cuz at the end of the day uh a Firefighter's job is to make sure the City don't burn down yeah so I don't Think anything is going to happen from This I think it's all rhetoric going After but if she finds out let's say she Gets 20 names what is she doing nothing No but she know mean she's looking for Them to investigate what are you going To say fire him she's like this is Insubordination that would be ridiculous And absurd and unfortunately maybe Powerful the course for this woman but What about New York and itself it Wouldn't it wouldn't surprise me uh First of all this is Leticia James on Message doing what she does there is Nothing to be surprised about here there Is everything to be outraged about the Way she does it point one point two is Right now the New York police department And the New York fire Department are Having trouble recruiting people so I Don't see how you take people exercising Freedom of Choice who boo and make a Point known when they're having trouble Recruiting people and I think what Happened is she got pissed off walked Off stage and goes to the head of the Fire department says I don't like this Crap I don't like that they booed me

Here why didn't you prepare this this is Wrong we're just trying to put the first Africanamerican female chaplain you know There and since it's a chaplain they Held it in a house of worship because She's going to be ordained what the hell Man why didn't you prep these people up Go find out who boo and knocks some Heads I think it's that simple yeah Because that's her Playbook that doesn't Surprise me it outrages me but it Doesn't surprise me and remember one Thing about Firefighters everybody loves Firefighters they're not polarizing like The police now we saw the debacle that Was defund the police and the anti- Police movement it was which was Ridiculous and we've seen uh how police Departments have had to lower their Standards to just recruit people yeah do You like guns here's the uniform just Fat sloppy out of shape you know the the The typical Dunkin Donut eating you know Simpsons character of cops that is now Unfortunately some of the standard that They have to basically apply because a Lot of people aren't trying to be cops And basically they they can't recruit Anymore the last thing you need to do is Lower your standards for firefighters That everybody loves speaking of UFC I Remember a year ago we were at the UFC There was a New York um NYPD guy that

Came up to us y big fan whatever and he Basically told us a quick story sort of Anecdotal he's like dude it's horrible It's horrible what's happening here I'm Trying to get the hell out of this thing And it recruitment is at alltime low They can't sustain people the last thing We need to do is start dwindling the Numbers of the people that protect our Communities the police and the Firefighters so thank you guys for your Service yep and by the way she is Aligned but she ain't best buddies with Eric Adams and Eric Adams is going to Have to deal with re-election and Eric Adams is already in trouble we all know He is in trouble when that election Comes up everything in New York that guy Is in deep trouble and now you want to Parade a bunch of firefighters being Fired and have a rally in the steps of City Hall that is the last thing that Eric Adams wants or needs so this is Also indicative of the incredible Disfunction that is in front of the New York voters as they look at these are The people we voted for and this is what We got well guess what you guys have a Choice next time at the ballot Bo box You guys have a choice and remember Eric Adams was a former NYPD police officer yeah and the fire Department Union and the police Department Union are joined at the hip

When they negotiate with the city by the Way this is this is why Trump is saying That he may campaign in New York he's Convinced he could win New York because What happened is if you think about Lee Zeldon right it was a close call guys it Wasn't like Cy hok for the gubernatorial Race no don't get me wrong Kathy won but It was still a clo can you pull up the Zeldon Kathy hokel race I think she won By 8% or I don't know what the exact Number but it was it was a win huh huh You're not wrong okay 8% there you go so 8% but that's not wrong that's not That's New York what we're talking about Exactly at least so Trump thinks he's Going to win New York by the way if he Wins New York oh my Chuck Schumer if he Wins New York they're going to lose Their if he wins New York go the Num Biden vers Trump in 2020 they don't Like the L word if Trump wins well Lesbian Landslide oh no they like that One but this one this is so what is it Zoom in 61 to 38 that's New York 2020 Okay but a lot has changed obviously in Four years New York is look at that State yeah new and by the way go look at The look at 2016 was by 27 look at Long Island so he won he won by how many can We say 30 by 30 22 so he won by 22 Yeah In 2016 they won by 27 do you in 2012 They won by by 32 and in 2008 so it went From 32 to 32 to 27 to 22 wow okay to

Now by eight Lee zeldon Governor loses By eight so Trump in his Camp if they Win New York let me tell you that's Going to be Game Changer it's going to Be wild so I think I think when the fire Department is calling out Leticia James And they're Fearless about it the the Element of fearlessness going on in New York when it comes on to things like This settle down settle down get it out Of your system settle down she sounds Like an actress from a movie Representing the establishment coming to Give a speech and is not happy that the People don't like like her yeah she kind Of and mind you guys Adam you mentioned The the the F it's the fire department And the police I don't care what anybody Says and NYPD is the most revered just think 9/11 And what those guys are sacrificing they All hate this attitude bro they are all Pro Trump they can't out loud to come And because that's their leadership but They're trust me they got Trump's back This is what we're going to do anybody That places an order of let's say $50 or More minimum one future looks bright hat Cuz I want a million people this year Wearing this gear there was so many People in the arena independently Wearing the future looks brigh gear and It's so confusing for people who are Pessimistic when they see somebody say

The future looks bright but this is what I'm going to do anybody that places an Order Of uh you know $50 or more okay between Now and Thursday but specifically anyone That places an order every for every $50 You place an order you get one ticket in The drawing and I'm going to get I don't Know I'm going to get four tickets to The next UFC fight okay I don't even Know where the next UFC fight is UFC 300 And I'm going to give two people two UFC Tickets Rob if you can give me those Sam Just bring it to me just bring it to me It's okay and here's what we got these Are the things that we have right now For International women's day we just Got these pink uh uh uh uh look at that Yeah pink future looks bright hats that Are here sville are these on the site so Rob hats let's make sure they're on the Site we got these two future looks Bright uh women's hat pink to choose From and then we got the new navy blue Navy blue if you're like a police Officer we got the new navy blue future Looks bright let's make sure and these Are on the site Rob can you show these Things being on the site you place the Order of the hats oh that blue is sick $50 or more for every $50 we're going to Do a drawing and on Thursday I'm giving Away four UFC tickets that that's the One right the navy blue and then sville

I don't know if I see the pink one on There so if you can make sure that gets On there as well but uh that's what We're going to do make sure you place Your order okay it's a April 13th Las Vegas perfect there you go April 13th Las Vegas I'm going to give away four Tickets so if you like this clip and you Want to watch another one click right Here and if you want to watch the entire Podcast click right Here A

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