“Do a REAL Interview!” – Reaction To Megyn Kelly Calling Out Ron DeSantis

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Allen West, Tom Ellsworth and Adam Sosnick react to Megyn Kelly calling out Ron DeSantis.

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Megan Kelly slams DeSantis for rejecting An interview He is afraid now making Kelly we know is Not for Trump and everybody knows that If there's a person she's not for so She's not a lobbying because she's Trying to get closer to Trump that's got to be ever since that First debate stage yeah exactly coming From everywhere yeah Megyn Kelly Revealed the Monday episode that Megyn Kelly showed that Ron DeSantis the Florida governor and like the 2024 Presidential candidate has been turning Down her request to interview him uh on Her Sirius XM show suggesting that he's Afraid of her interview style Kelly Refused to soften questions to Presidential candidates and explain that Reporters are there for the viewers not The candidates and journalists need to Be adversarial with interviewees Kelly Concluded by saying it to discussed her Watching The Press running cover for Biden and hardcore Maga group running Cover for Trump and that reports Reporters should stop falling in love With politicians and grow pair Because their business is not to be Loved to tell the truth respect will get Reporters and audience love is for Pundits who just want to say nice sweet To nothing so what do you think about What she says here I think she's right

Oh go to Tom Tom what are your thoughts On this I think she's absolutely right And she makes an important point and What you've both been talking about in This whole The line of leadership here when you Look around the world stage the greatest Compliment our adversaries have given U.S presidents is when they say he's Crazy When Reagan was about to be elected you Saw the Arab world and particularly Iraq Saying that guy's crazy and that's Because they didn't want to articulate Their Fear in public they said he's Crazy when you look at the you look at The Um the the people that surrounded the Emperor of Japan we now see through Memoirs and things that come out when Truman dropped those bombs now those Were dropped on Military and civilian Targets and it's horrible it's a Horrible moment in history that it had To happen that way but they all told the Emperor FDR is dead Truman's crazy And that is where you know it's it's Sort of the the doctrine of Kaiser so Say if you ever remember the Untouchables they said the will to do One more thing that the other guy won't And unusual suspects yes that's right Right you unusual suspects and I think That's the usual suspects you know where

I went with that like that sorry about That but I think what Megyn Kelly is Asking for is like hey I'm not here for Your talking points I'm trying to Identify a leader that's kind of what I See because I see a certain Purity in Megyn Kelly's approach is that if you Get through that Gauntlet you come out With a lot of respect and she's not There I think to play I don't disagree With her though you know I don't Disagree with that's what I'm saying Yeah I don't disagree with her I think There's a part and by the way by the way I don't think it's gonna work for him I don't think it's going to work for him To do the following okay for example you Know the strategy of because Iran is Using Biden's strategy there's no Strategy different than he's now using Trump strategy he's using biting Strategies what's fighting strategy I'm Telling you if you watch Pierce Morgan's Interview you can tell a guy's interview On him who would rather have him than Trump you can tell in the interview that It's a soft interview yeah he brings Some stuff up but he it's very obvious For somebody that's an interviewer you Know how an interview is done where it's Like if you're here let's just say You're trying to be as neutral and Moderate as possible with anybody you're Interviewing okay if we know five

Percent you're for the guy we're okay With it that's fine I can respect that But if you do an interview and you go 25 This side you're not doing it or you're Hanging out with a friend is what you're Doing right that was a 25 interview of What he did Pierce Morgan did an Interview with Andrew Tate it was sick Because he pushed him and then Andrew Had to kind of defend himself so pierces Are very one of the best interviewers in The world but for me DeSantis is using Biden's strategy because he's avoiding The hot seat and Trump is going to come Out and say if you just want to go Interview with people that you like That's that's Biden 2.0 what DeSantis is Doing DeSantis needs to go do some real Interviews that's going to be Uncomfortable a part of thing to me you Know who I put the blame on that Is I'm gonna go where you went but you Gave credit but I'm not giving credit You know where I'm going with this Exactly I'm going to who's his press Secretary It ain't no Christina Pusha or the new Guy that he has you know whoever it is Brian sometimes his press secretary is Casey but see I would I would think that She would you know train him and get him To understand that you know let me do Some mock interviews with you now let me Let me let me throw don't think they've

Done it well I don't know or sure They've done well I would hope so I mean I've seen some you know you've seen some Bright lights when he has had some of These press conferences and leftist Media has attacked them but that's when He wins I know but that's what I'm Saying I I think that that's the asset That can help him that it's just like When I became uh you know selected for a Battalion command I had to go through Battalion command charm school and part Of Battalion command charter school was Media relations and you had to sit in There you got a scenario and and an Incident that happened and you had a Mock media yeah and they came at you man And I was like dang this is this is they Don't want it they redirect you and so You you have to be able to be on and That's why I think she could be that Asset for him but if she's not the Sergeant mate she's not the sergeant Major if she's just playing you know Cheerleader you know what it is though Well here's what it is so you're a Colonel so I salute you I'm a 44 year Old specialist is the most I made itself The Specialist gave me more headaches Tonight Lieutenant Colonel peacocks is who Changed my life yeah till today I wish I Could find this man Lieutenant Colonel Peacocks is a man that changed my life

He was one of the men that changed my Life I really respected where he let me A 20 year old kid he was a good man Changed my life in a big way but but Here's the thing So let's just say You report to me hypothetically and You're 25 I'm 35. you're a fighter okay It's very obvious you're a fighter I'm Gonna read that very quickly okay so and I know potentially you have what it Takes to be a major Lieutenant Colonel You got a big upside right and you're Not even a second Lieutenant right now Maybe you're an E6 E5 you're about to Become a second Lieutenant your father Is going to come and put that on you the Special moment that you're going to have You're the E5 E6 I'm going to put you in positions to Fight because you are a fighter I think We just watched Creed the other day We're in the Iraqi series with the kids I have to go through all of them I've Watched this thing so many times but I Have to go through because I got two Sons 11 and 9 and they want to go Throughout once we watch one the mission Impossible we're going through 73 of Them right so however many they got so And in Creed there's a couple of Parts Where it's like you know where Rocky Takes responsibility for allowing Creed To fight Drago and he says as a corner

Man it was my fault and he was kind of Afraid of it right I think the corner man here is her And she has to let him go fight more of These fights and the longer you go Here's the problem the longer you delay This announcement And you go it's gonna take three months Of 20 hardcore interviews to make you Ready for the stage I don't understand This concept like this is the part about Dude you don't know the question like as Smart as you and I may be and we can Come up with 93 of all the questions People can ask you you don't know the Seven percent we need the seven percent Yeah and the seven percent are going to Get us to go to a Megan Kelly is to come Over here and sit down with us and have A conversation it's not to go to people That are loving you they're going to Vote for you that's not how you win Trump the reason why Trump got the Credit that he got from everybody ask me Any interview Anytime Anyplace let's Roll you don't have to like that guy you Just have to say this you Know yeah he's willing to go anywhere But at least there's the respect and the Fear because he's saying I don't fear You he says go ahead what do you want to Say hey Trump do you have any uh are you A second amendment guy yes I am do you Want any guns I do do you go out

Shooting it's none of your business yeah But how do you feel about the second What's your question get it out there do You even know what you want to ask so Now the interviewers are scared of the Guest yeah versus in a situation like This you can't ever pose yourself as You're afraid of the interviewer the Interviewer has to walk in and be like Oh I'm interviewing a heavyweight Am I going to be ready or is this guy Going to school me the sentence is not Giving that energy out I I don't I don't Know if you understand what I'm saying I Did Carrie Lake you ever seen Carrie Lake she's a beast trying to get Cornered in the hallway and she tops and Turns and says excuse me yeah your Publication said this two weeks ago and You said this thing and I don't Appreciate it well well what you're Talking about is that you never win on Defense You only win by seizing the initiative Carpe Diem and going on offense and and That's basically what the the military Teaches there's no battle that's ever Been won on defense I mean even if you Have a successful defense you got a Counter attack if you want to drive the Enemy off the battlefield call over on Causeway said that war is about the Imposition of your will on your enemy And and so that's how you have to start

Looking at this and and you're bringing Up a great point you know how do you Impose your will out there how do you Make sure that you're imposing your Message how do you come across is that Really figure of strength and might that People can rally behind and that's what America is going to be like how did America learn about you I'm not going to Learn about you the the 13 14 15 years Ago when he gave that Revolution message I don't know if you know what you're Showing what I'm talking about yeah that Went viral it's all tens of hundreds of Millions of views everybody who is this Guy military know who you were Army knew Who you were but the rest of us didn't Know who you were we're like damn I like This guy he's a freaking fighter this Guy sounds like he could be a governor Or president one day that's what we want To see the guys that are going to be Voting in are going to be talking about You I think We have a fighter here his name is Rhonda santis I think his corner is Holding him back and I think his Corner Needs to realize this man knows how to Fight has he have you asked him to come On I have asked him to come on the show And I've even asked him to hold a Fundraiser at the house I have no Problem holding the founder he's at Their house give me the number we'll go

Raise it for you and he's actually done Fundraisers in our community he's got The open invitation we've had the Conversation come down I'll bring 20 Influencers that are people that have a Lot of views and they're in the Independent side these would be good Guys to get on your side he's got the Full imitate Christina push out was here I've spoken to his people we've sent the Invite we've sent the email all of it But I feel there's somebody behind Closed doors I've already hinted who I Think it is that is holding him back not In a negative way and a way of trying to Be too perfect with your strategy but I Think it's going to backfire because DeSantis is a brawler this guy's a not a Pansy he is a fighter he's a brawler but Let him show his brawling abilities That's how America fell in love with him In two and a half years when there was a Fight during covet we learn about this Guy I think we need to let him loose a Little bit you know yeah you bring up a Great point that you cannot sit around When we would go out to training Rotations National Training Center joint Readiness Training Center the people That will always lose the commanders That would always lose were the ones to Set back and try to come up with a 100 Plan And what they taught you at these places

That if you quickly come up with a 70 Plan but you execute it to 100 Perfection meaning that you are the one On the battlefield that can quickly Adjust that you're taking in all of the Branches and sequels then you're going To be successful so I see what you're Saying is that Governor desandes don't Sit around and try to be perfect don't Try to be cute come up and be yourself And and on top of that have the plan to Be able to go out and be successful Understand that you're going to have to You know be able to adjust improvise Adapt and overcome but that's the Essence of a true leader because in Combat you can come up with the greatest Plan ever Tom but you know who has a Vote The enemy and as we say you know uh no Plan survives first Contact but at least You got to have a base structure of what You want to go in with and and look you Know I I sat back and watched your Interviews before I came here and that's Because I got to study I gotta Understand where I'm coming into and and You know I just sat out and you know Hear my little notes and and whatever Because I've got to be able to quickly Adjust off of what you're saying you're A fighter though that's what yeah no You're a fighter though and so I can't Handle this that's just who I am but I

Think the Santa's is a fighter yeah I Think Trump is a fighter and FYI for me This is going to sound weird to a lot of People I will do fundraiser for Trump I will do a fundraiser for DeSantis I Will do a fundraiser for Biden confusing Ain't it and I would bring the same Exact 20 people and I would say see if You can win these guys over because if Biden comes to our house and we raise The money for you tell us what the Number is they're going to say dude this Guy doesn't seem presidential hey that's What happens but we got you the money What's the number half the million Here's a half a million the 20 people Are going to go and say dude I thought He was impressive he's not I liked him But this guy can't be the president it's Not the case or he's going to say this Guy's pretty impressive this isn't about Me picking favorites right now we need a Fighter today because the war is real The enemy is massive and they're Unifying during the time like this which I do believe when I was pushing back on The four years I do believe this is the Most important time at least in my Lifetime I don't think this is a time to Be fooling around I think we need to be Doing a better job selling the urgency And I don't see urgency from the centers That's all I'm saying if you really are Going to do it what what see what month

Are we right now what is it is it Okay April you got what April you got 15 Months when is your legislative session In because that's what everyone's saying Is he doesn't want to announce to the Legend I think that's in May I want to Say okay well Pat can I ask you a Question in regards to essentially we Started this conversation with Megan Kelly and going into enemy territory Versus playing it safe to Santas I'm trying to Rack my brain I can only Think of two politicians in the last Five ten years who will go into enemy Territory but it hasn't necessarily Worked out well with them in the last Two election Cycles the only two Politicians that come to mind are Trump And Bernie Sanders right Biden's not Going to enemy territory Obama would Barely even go on Bill Maher and that's The guy a guy who would agree with him So we're questioning Ron DeSantis Whether he should go into quote unquote Enemy territory and not like he'd be Coming on valuetainment BB podcast enemy Territory full support over here for DeSantis The question is playing it safe Is that Biden played it safe not full Support for DeSantis no I'm just saying It meaning for you you're at the same I'm going with the San Jose but to me You know what I am I'm not a DeSantis

I'm not a trump guy I'm not I'm a guy That is showing strength to face Four real enemies today that is not Afraid to back down and if you're gonna Play this card now then that means That's how you're going to lead as a Politician when you become a president You're going to be too overly strategic Being too overly strategic means you may Win but America doesn't win dude you got To get a black eye go get a couple black Eyes I'm sorry the way you brawl is this Is not a dude you're not going into a Fight where it's like okay throw Jabs And boom boom great I won't buy points This is not a winning by Point situation Today this is a brawl today this is a Mickey Ward against Gotti fight today This is a Trilogy of these guys that Went to freaking Roberto Duran going up Against this is a war you can't be Effing around right now playing too much Strategy I I don't think this is the Season to do it the American people are Sitting there every everybody left Center right sitting there saying what The hell is going on with China what the Hell is going on with Russia what the Hell is going on with us I'm afraid we Can't be like so yeah so here's what I Would no no that's not I think America Is looking for a guy to come out and say Here's what we got to be doing showing Toughness showing I'm Not Afraid showing

You think if you're afraid of Interviewers what the f what do you Think these other guys are you gonna Face those are not interviewers those Are flatterers that are going to come And play games they think Putin is an Interviewer you think she's an Interviewer what do you think those guys Going to be doing and interviewers one One million of a strength of a freaking Enemy you're going to be facing she's Not an interviewer he will dismantle America if he wants to so I think I Think we need strength whoever's going To be able to present that salute more Power you're so correct I mean and I go Back to Reagan and a lot of people Weren't born but go back and look at History you know Reagan you know all of Europe all of Europe done what those Pershing missiles there and he got what Was it helmet coal I'm a call German Chancellor and he says listen I'm Putting them in and I can we can put Them in cooperatively or I can just put Them on my own basis Because we had bases in Germany we had Spangler Air Force Base and true Germany With and he put him there and Reagan Goes to Iceland to Reykjavik why did Gorbachev go to Reykjavik Because he was scared the death of the Pershing missiles and he believed Reagan Had the will

And when they left Reykjavik and Remember the Kaki Gorbachev says what Did you want me to say and an annoyed Reagan turned to him and simply said you Shoulda said yes and we all know what Happened with history this is not a time For games this is not a time to win Elections through media perfection You know there was a whole Robert Redford at a pretty cute little movie Back in the 70s the candidate the Candidate and what does he say after he Wins and he played TV what do we do now What do we do now you know exactly is America is that who you want you want Someone who's gonna be perfect and come All the way up seriously and then Sadie What do we do now I'll tell you what you Do now you have to if you take by the Way no one seems to understand I'll go Back to it real quick we'll talk about This on China you know why it's so Significant on the one you know why Because it's not a floating currency on International currency markets it gives China the control of the value at any Given day and soon as you put that in There That you're giving them economic power And when you go back they've said for a Long time well you know Russia would be More stable economically if they had a Currency that was traded and respected On the World Market you know what people

Used to say they do it just has a Picture of George Washington on it Because it was the underground currency If the underground currency of Russia Was a U.S dollar so we're going to put Somebody there that won't even allow Their currency to float with the Monetary markets and they're going to Determine the price of a gallon of gas And and a cubic was it cubic feet of LNG Liquid natural gas really that's what You want you want a perfect guy who's Gonna now win the election and say now What do we do sorry I'm not on that page You know I remember I was stationed over In Italy with Airborne unit at the time Uh Yeah remember the bombing of the Disco In in Germany uh that they tied back to Uh yes Bolivian terrorists and and what Did Reagan do I mean it was not any Debate what bam they bomb Libya and we Were like yeah that's that's cool it's An operation Rustic Canyon yeah it took Us five days to shoot a balloon down That's what I'm saying but that's what You're right And that's what people are looking for And so you know I just jot down here two Quotes from Alexander the Great number One he says fortune favors the Bold so If there's a message that I hear that You want to get to Rhonda Sanders Fortune favors the bowl and the second

Thing that Alexander said that I would Not fear an army of lions if they were Led by sheep but I would fear an army of Sheep if they were favorite it's power Yeah is powerful and America is an army I mean it is a Business I mean we want to we we want to Get out there and why hesitate let her Rip stop solving for Perfection go get a Couple black eyes let's go let's brawl Let this is a real fight this is not a Political diplomatic strategy fight I'm on a flight from L.A From Burbank Airport to Vegas and I'm Going to Vegas because I got a business Meeting all of a sudden I look to my Right a guy named Bill O'Reilly's Sitting there I'm like what are you Doing here so I'm taking a Burbank Flight why are you going there I'm doing The Dennis Miller thing I don't know if You guys remember him Since I got time with you so tell me What happened here with Romney and Obama He says look we called Romney to come on The show because we felt You know he needed to come and present Himself and we also called Obama because We thought Obama was going to lose and He says when I called Obama's Camp about Getting on the show Obama's camp set the Following he says Bill you're wrong it's Done It's done Obama's winning he says why he

Says because Romney's Camp made a massive mistake What was the mistake Romney's Camp convinced Romney that he Had to go win the single woman salad Eating vote Screwed up instead of pushing against Benghazi after the second debate he was Crushing him yes the moment he flipped He lost who the hell is in the ear of This man that could be a president GoPro You're a fighter Ron you're not a guy That sits on the sidelines Let's Roll by The way this message here will probably Eliminate the chance of sitting here Sitting here because they're definitely Not not going to have him come over here To this podcast it's going to do it go To Megan Kelly Nova go to pbd podcast Show I'm okay with that if you're gonna Go out there go roll this guy's a Fighter he's a tough guy you seem the Way he handles the media every time like When somebody said no no no no we're not Going to do none like that's exactly What we need today I'm not trying to be Winning best friends here I'm not trying To go and say hey can we be best friends I don't need to be best friends with you Don't need to be best friends with me But damn it let's go see your fight Cause you got it so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to

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