“Do it for America” – Will Joe Rogan Have Trump On His Podcast?

In this short clip PBD, Lauren Chen, Adam, and Vinny People Calling Jonah Hill Abusive For Text To Ex-Girlfriend.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller Your Next Five Moves (Simon & Schuster) and a father of 2 boys and 2 girls. He currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Trump shares a jovial handshake with Joe Rogan who once called him a man baby and An existential threat to democracy Former Donald Trump shared a friendly Handshake with Joe Rogan at the UFC Fight in Las Vegas despite Rogan Previously calling Trump a man baby Trump enthusiastically approached Rogan At the event and the two engaged in a A friendly conversation a 10 second Handshake Rogan has been critical of Trump in the past referring to him as a Man baby and declining opportunities to Interview him Rogan expresses lack of Support for Trump stating that he Doesn't want to help him and Views him As an existential threat to democracy Despite their differences Trump and Rogan had a cordial interaction at the UFC fight good question The question becomes the follow-up okay When you see this okay if you look at This because I want you to see this go Back to the handshake to show this you Know I love these handshake they're the Most aggressive Trump is always playing Tug of war He's like get in here watch watch I love He goes you're a good guy you're a good Look at you good JC is complimenting Rogan yeah thank you thank you he said We should have a talk so here's the Question yes sir over under the podcast Taking place with Trump and 80 yes it's

Gonna happen I say I think it is going To happen I'm not going to give a Percentage but give a percentage Lauren Take a risk 67. oh wow it's happening I think Well I'll just cite two quotes you set Up the man baby thing that was on a Podcast he did with Tom Segura in 2022. It's not a 2016 conversation and then in 2022 Rogan had a podcast with Lex Friedman and he said uh he was asked Multiple times to do a podcast he said No no no no no no every single time Quote unquote I have no interest in Helping him this is in 2022. so as of a Year ago it was zero percent I think at This point based on the UFC audience how Things have changed quite significantly I will give it a and I think it's a high Number 20 what wow yes but it goes off Of what you what what you what you're Saying 80 you're saying 80 he's gonna do It and Pat this just goes into what we Just talked about like tolerance and Like he's changing as a person like bro He's seeing the like he Joe Rogan was Anti-trump on everything right now but Now that he's seeing what the left has Done he's pro-trump right now I don't Care what anybody says bro he's shaking His hands smiling when he was a fan he Called him a man baby a year ago a year Ago well a lot can change in a year It doesn't mean he doesn't want to

Interview him you want to play I'm just Glad that he's so considered a man yeah Oh is that what you're talking about What he said what do you say here this Is the Lex Friedman interview from last Year where he said he won an interview Play it Rob Lex fredman why fredman I Don't know not Friedman Rob well he Don't want to say that because Rob's Been going to the gym so he doesn't want To be a considered a white guy Shakes hands with people that aren't Even there when he gets off stage yeah I Think he's seeing ghosts you see him on Jimmy Kimmel the other day no well he Was just rambling I mean he's if he was Anyone else if he was a republican if That was Donald Trump doing that every [ __ ] talk show would be screaming for Him to be off the air and I'm by the way I'm not a trump supporter in any way Shape or form I've had the opportunity To have them on my show more than once I've said no every time I don't want to Help him I'm not interested in helping The the night is still young we'll see If I have them on tonight is still young Yeah I think I'll have them on yeah I Think you'll have them on really why do You think that because you'll have Putin On Okay No you can pause it right there what's The date on that time stamp that this is

A year ago yeah but think about this I Don't want to help him but the Biden and The left I don't say because you Biden Has no idea he's not making decisions They have they have [ __ ] on this country So much now it's not what now he's going To help him no now he he's a prime Example of seeing just what the media And everybody did to the left and what No no before Pat Reveals His results Yeah you want to have a bet let's have a Bet all right I bet you a thousand Dollars a thousand bucks that he does Not have him on that he doesn't Interview him correct wait by when by All guys by the time that Trump Presidency is is or or is not the President before November 2nd or 3rd Sure you're saying a thousand dollars he Doesn't interview him yeah It's a good bet I'll go 500 bucks Hey listen Penny what happened to having Conviction no no what happened 500 bucks is a big number 500 bucks 700. Adam five years All right I don't usually do bets for Less than a thousand S 500 bucks I'll pay it we'll pay it live Verbal agreement Buy the election Correct and if it happens I pay you 500 Bucks that's 500 and if it doesn't

Happen got you so here's what I would Say yeah so here's what I would say I Think the the one thing that's been very Consistent with Joe Rogan over the years That he's so open-minded that his Positions can change yeah okay he never Thought he would have RFK on before okay And now he had RFK on even the opening He says look I thought you were alone I Thought this I thought that I thought This but then listen I met you Casa D'Angelo you know but whatever he didn't Say casa I Met You in uh Aspen we talked I'm like okay I want to have you on and I you know I thought it was all this Vaccine stuff and I was a guy that was a Vaccine person but you're making a lot Of sense that I read the book okay great He's done this so many times he went From Bernie Sanders to Saint voting Republican okay correct the evolution so Meaning there is that Evolution with Joe For this to take place here's the other Part the whole concept about I've shared with Joe what my thoughts Are on on the interview with Trump he he Knows it but Um The idea about I don't want to help him Has to be replaced in my opinion You're not helping him you're helping America meaning if the ideas you don't Want to help America I think Joe you Want to help America and you've been

Helping America in my opinion you're the Number one guy you're the goat when it Comes down to podcasting and not only That during covet the the most super Necessary guy in America Was him Forget before musk buying Twitter in October of 2022 before any of That it was Joe Rogan not Dr fauci Pat No no so so so the point the point I'm Trying to make is yeah if you believe America needs to see the opposing side Of the argument I think Joe needs to Have uh Trump on I think he needs to Have the Santa son I think he needs to Have Newsom on uh because it's going to Be Newsom Biden won't go they wouldn't Know what I would die to see that but I Would love this you know what I would Love to see if since he smokes weed with Elon Musk I would love to see Joe Rogan Smoke crack with Hunter bikes I just I Mean Joe doesn't need to smoke it Think that would be viewed Review I think eventually uh it's more likely To happen I'm more 55 Yes so you're so sorry Saying he doesn't want to help him but It seems like at least with RFK his Approach wasn't necessarily I'm helping You or not helping you it's just we're Just having a conversation and people Can decide and you know if Trump is an Idiot if he's uh an extremist if he's

Whatever sitting down for three hours People are gonna see through that so it Might even hurt him who knows but I Think his audience would decide I think Rogan likes to be clear I I actually Would like to see that interview I'm Actually I'll gladly lose 500 if it Means to see that interview I think it'd Be amazing but I think we're doing a Disservice to uh Trump to compare rfk's Viewpoints to where how he feels about Trump this is this has nothing to do With RFK no that's what I'm saying he he Criticized some of his views but he Still had him on no it's a different Beast with Trump what do you mean with With how the interview with Trump's Going to do versus his feelings about RFK were not as Intense or exaggerated As they are with Trump he never called RFK a man baby yeah and he never said he Would never want to have him on or or Help him whatsoever he just he kind of Had some Jose yeah very interesting Individual with a high self-awareness And a level of comfort of being wrong And a level of conflict conviction in Areas where he is certain that he's Right and you know this is this is a guy That if there's a guy that uh you know Would be able to you know interview Would be able to change his position and Be open to the idea it's Joe and if that Happens so I'll let you guys know if

That happens he's done 2024 Doug it's Gonna be like hey you said goodbye Everybody else call home so if you like This clip and you want to watch another One click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here Foreign

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