“Do You Think I’m a Moron?” – Heated Debate With Former CNN Reporter

PBD, Jeffrey Toobin, Adam, Tom, and Vinny get into heated political debate!.

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Right now with everything that's going On with the election okay you're seeing The scientists you're seeing Trump You're seeing RFK you're seeing vivec You're seeing you know obviously Biden Newsome was on Hannity all this stuff a Year from the Republican uh uh debate I'm sorry uh the general election Um Republican versus Democrat when they Face each other who do you think is Going to be on that stage do you think It is going to be a Biden trump it Certainly looks that way yeah do you Think there's any chance Newsom gets in There anything you're saying zero chance Zero chance tell me why why do you think Because because I mean unless Biden Withdraws now that now I I there is no Chance that Newsome runs against Biden Wow oh against no I totally agree with The against part I agree that the Against but do you think okay did you See him on Hannity I did not see I did Not see him by the way he showed up he Represented and and to me if you think About uh a a guy I left California Because of Newsom you know because of Those policies so I'm not somebody That's sitting here saying oh you know Great with these policies I can't say That part but if I were to say Um if I have a choice between a Newsome Or a Biden going on meeting with the Enemy or anybody else representing the

Big state Newsome looks presidential Biden looks Like he's past that so wouldn't Democrats want more a Newsome than a Biden okay Let me qualify please what what I was Saying I am assuming I mean Joe Biden Has declared for re-election I mean he Is a candidate Um assuming he remains a candidate There's zero chance Newsom will run it Will will run against him if Um Biden for some reason were to will Were to fall down fall down some stairs Break his hip you know what happens to People in their 80s yeah Um then Um then definitely I think Newsom might Run but uh and then it would be a Free-for-all I mean there would be a lie You know the vice president would run Open primary yeah it would be there Would be half a dozen candidates within A couple weeks but you know every every Sign I have is that Biden is going to Remain the candidate I think he's going To be a strong candidate for re-election But Um and it's going to be a strong Candidate yeah we do why do you think Well first of all most most incumbents Get reelected it is unusual I mean Jimmy Carter lost Donald Trump lost but uh Senior lost yeah um the the senior loss

So it's it's it but but most candidates Get reelected if the economy remains in In a good place Um if abortion is I think it will will Remain a very big voting issue Especially for uh moderates and Independence there's a big difference Between Donald Trump and and Joe Biden On abortion in particular and if the Country is doing well economically you Know I mean you know no candidate Um or let me put it every candidate has Has problems Um Joe Biden's problem is that he's old And uh but you know the countries gotten Used to them and he's not going gonna He's not gonna overcome that problem by Becoming younger but if he maintains the Level of activity and involvement that He has now I think he's going to be a Strong candidate I mean so I I'll uh um From a perspective of you know approval Rating one of the lowest ever approval Rating he's got right uh even as a Person let's just say if you got a guy On your side and you're Republican You're like that's my president but he's Got that kind of an approval rating man I'm concerned about putting this guy in As my starter you're as a democratic Side you got a low approval rating the Percentage of Democrats that don't want You to run the people on media MSNBC CNN That also don't want this guy to run

They would like him to step aside and Have somebody else run it's not like It's just a republican Fox News or you Know Breitbart or whoever these guys are Saying that it's people on both sides Are saying by the way I have to be Honest with you if I'm a republican I Would much rather have Biden run the Newsome run I don't want no Newsome run Newsome I think that's it I I think that's let Me give you my agreement I want you to Push back that's why you're here I don't Want you to agree so so for me I think One of the things that some of the Independents respected about Trump They're like where's the meeting who Wants to do it CNN I'll come that's Enemy territory MSNBC I'll come 60 Minutes I'll come then I'll come in when The criticism what Obama was like he did That one Bill O'Reilly thing and that Was it right but that's Obama Biden's Not Obama Obama can get away with that Because it's Obama Biden he doesn't meet With the Enemy Newsome went and sat with Hannity Hannity is good friends with Trump and he handled it that's got to be Something where you're like if this guy Is willing to go there Sit calm no notes zero notes in his hand Hand you know you have to see this very Impressive from teheron that way I'm Sitting there saying listen coach let's

Can you put me in like I'm I can really Do this thing here I think Republicans Would fear more a guy like him than Biden but obviously you disagree with That Alexa yeah well first of all you Know you have to remember I think how Little most Americans follow politics Gavin Newsom is probably known by 20 to 25 percent of the voting of the voting Policy same about the santis would you Say no he's probably better known by now Because he's you know he's been Announced no no Newsome is lesser known Santa's is running for president okay And and uh and you know he's he's gotten A lot gotten a lot of attention Um and also you know California is Perceived by most of the country as to The left of of the rest of the country And it is to the left of the rest of the Country and I also think you know it's It's to recognize the theater of Politics and you know who's willing to Sit with sit with Um Sean Hannity and and who who's not but They're also you know issues that there Are profound differences and one of the Things we learned in the midterms was Abortion is a voting issue in this no Question about it and if you if Joe Biden goes to the public and says If Donald Trump wins abortion is going To be illegal in the whole country which

It really might be if the Congress Passes a law which a lot of members of Congress want want to do where and if I'm elected president re-elected Abortion is going to remain legal in the States where it's illegal Where it's where it's still legal that's That may be more important than anything Else because that is a substantive Difference that people can see have Implications in their real lives more Than the fact that Um you know he he's old And and you may have a point there if The economy stays intact if there's no Ukraine Russia doesn't get uglier than It already is today if China doesn't Anything anything else with Taiwan if There's not that Cyber attack that They're talking about could be coming in The next 12 months if there's a lot of Ifs if yeah but if none of that happens And it goes intact and he drives that That's going to be a big issue what do You think is going to be the second and Third issue that Democrats want to hear Well I I think Um the the the the the look every Presidential election at some level is About the state of the economy that's That's certainly Um you know going to be Central and and Also you know peace peace in the world It's the economy stupid yeah it's you

Know it's it's the economy stupid I Think at the moment uh Biden Biden has a Good story to tell also you know his his The the fact that he passed that big Infrastructure bill which the the Projects are going to start to come come Online where people are actually going To see the bridges the the highways the Mass transit start start to be fixed all Of that I think is is going to be a big A big part of his pitch in addition to Abortion but as you point out you know If the economy goes south that becomes An enormous problem for him but at the Moment it hasn't yet and that's Absolutely right about the if there's Always an if that's of course yeah one Could argue if kovig didn't exist Donald Trump would currently be the president United States absolutely you agree with That well I I I I mean certainly covet Played a big part in Biden in Biden's Victory you know this sort of what if if Something else that happened it's very Hard to to know but you're certainly Right that kovid was was was a big issue And and you know this also goes for DeSantis too that you would have not Known whatsoever well and and and you Know I I don't know at the moment it Doesn't look like he's going to beat Trump but if he beats Trump Um and becomes the nominee the way he Handled kovid will will be a big uh part

Of the of the presidential campaign Although Presidential elections tend to be more Forward-looking than backward looking And Jeffrey do you think that the Santas Even has a chance considering that the Indictment just came out and Trump went Up he went up in the polls I absolutely Think the Santa's has a chance oh wow Yeah oh oh absolutely has a chance Certainly Um you know I I mean Being indicted Is a really bad thing yeah for sure and Um you know his presence in the Courtroom in New York and and now here In in Florida is not going to be Optional it's not like the civil case You know which he lost uh in New York Where he didn't go well he didn't Testify you know when you're indicted And and you know as a former Federal Prosecutor it is worth you know Remembering that Um upwards of 90 of the people who were Indicted in federal court wind up either Pleading guilty or being convicted so Yeah So ultimately you're saying there's a 90 Chance that he's well you know I I I Donald Trump's case is so he's such an Anomalous defendant that I don't know if You can precise you know just treat him Like an ordinary defendant I mean a lot

Of these cases are pretty routine this Is obviously not a routine case but Especially compared to the New York Which I think is not a particularly Strong case and not something that most Voters would see is disqualifying the Federal case is is I think very Different Um and and and also just the rules of of Federal procedure Are tougher on defendants than than the The New York rules are Um now again Trump got a good uh got a Good piece of luck with judge Cannon who Who has been sympathetic to him in the Past but you know it's still I think you Know yes the the in the initial wave he Um Um uh you know he got he got a certain Boost in the polls or at least the the Polls didn't change much if he's sitting In court day after day and the public Has to ask itself What if he's convicted how does how does It work to have a convicted felon the President of the United States I mean That I I don't think you know the PO you Know we we in the news media we spend a Lot of time talking about polls But you know the polls change and and Um you know events change the polls so The idea I don't think the the world has Fully absorbed the magnitude of what it Means to be indicted not federal court

Because it doesn't disqualify but don't You think Jeff just from seeing that That one poll his real support is here His real followers that's Rob that's Making them more energetic because They're seeing that one side is getting Treated one way he's getting treated the Other way if you think about it you know This for a fact Hillary did the same if Not the exact same type of stuff Joe Biden has documents but they're locked By his Corvette and we just saw it with Hunter just yesterday they gave him two Misdemeanors and something else when we All know we all know everything that was On his laptop proved one it's it's 100 Provable that him with his father they Were peddling money and they were Getting bribes but like so don't know Let's be on the job you don't think it's Gonna help him people seeing like look At what they're doing to him and what They're not doing to the other side You've said about five things yeah each One of which could be could be debated But but Um You you are certainly right that his True believers will be energized by that That's not enough to win a presidential Election His True Believers are maybe 30 Percent of the country that's a lot of People it's a lot of people but that's Not enough to win uh the to to win the

Presidency and what You know what remains to be seen is Um how the the rest the rest of the Public uh could proceed you're Absolutely right that it's enough to win A primary potentially but it's not Enough to Pivot to the general election I want to stay in the Trump indictment Uh as a former attorney are you still uh I'm still an attorney congratulations Um you've seen Trump's former Attorney General Bill Barr give a scolding rebuke To what Donald Trump is doing and he Defends him in many ways still right Yeah uh you know it basically says that A lot of the Russia collusion stuff and The impeachment stuff was a sham but on This particular issue the FBI search Documents ever that he's basically Coming out and vocalizing Yeah Trump is Absolutely in the wrong here what's your Opinion on what Bill Barr is basically Saying about well I I think it's Significant because I I think but you Know we now live in such an incredibly Polarized political environment that any Time someone on your side Says you're wrong it becomes it becomes Very significant you know the fact that Adam Schiff thinks Donald Trump did Something wrong who cares right I mean Exactly I mean that that that's to be Pretty that's to be that's to be Um to be expected but as you point out

Yes Bill Barr was his attorney general Was a trump defender in many respects uh And and top attorney in the United States yeah and and you know the unlike The New York case The the Florida case is pretty easy to Understand I mean it's it's not it's not A super complicated break it down like We're all fifth grade well it's it's That you know when you are President of The United States you are allowed to Declassify anything you want and uh but You have to actually do it But if you take stuff with you And they asked for it back You have to give it back And he seems actively to have known that He had stuff that he wasn't supposed to Have and then in the face of a subpoena Said I'm not giving it back anyway That's a crime that's a crime that other People have been Pro other people have Been prosecuted just for possessing the Documents forget not giving them back And you know it's not Um and this is where you know the Difference from the Hillary Clinton and The in the in the Joe Biden situation Comes along they were never asked to Give back and they found the stuff and Gave it back voluntarily not Hillary Well no no Hillary destroyed and hold on Hillary Clinton had all the blackberries Destroyed she had a server in her

Basement in her house and as a United States Air Force veteran who had top Secret clearance that was just all over That was done way before any request was No requests hold on what the FBI asked For it they destroyed everything no they Destroyed it earlier before But you're allowed to destroy anything I Mean in your private property you're Allowed to do anything you want that's a Little weird it's a little suspect That's a little bit But not illegal it's not it's there's no There's no that's fine So for example let's just say you have a Cell phone right yeah if today you want To destroy your cell phone it's not a Government issue no no that's not a Government-issued cell phone that wasn't It no those are all black that was all Of her staff's uh blackberries they Destroyed them and then all their emails They did that white what's it called Rob When they took all that white where You can't ever see a bleach bit that's What it's called bleach bit come on Jeff If you can't admit that there's a double Standard right now and the day that the Indictment comes out it was the same day That we found out about the hunter Barisma everything the time but hunter Biden was prosecuted by Trump's U.S Attorney in Delaware okay Merrick Garland recused himself this was

Entirely a decision by Trump's U.S Attorney what's the what how was that Joe Biden protecting his son I mean that Was not he Joe Biden and Joe Biden's Attorney general had nothing to do with It the whole issue was the whole Um prosecution was conducted by someone Appointed by Donald Trump right I think That the issue here is Optics Matt Vinnie where'd you go to law school Again uh United States Air Force okay Gotcha so you're not a legal analyst but He does have an opinion I don't have your lawyer I mean I Know it's a lot of people who share Vinnies opinion right they're not they Didn't they're not reading tort reform Or they're not going to law school but I'm not they're just basically saying Something's fishy here bro but But sometimes it takes a legal analyst To be like hold on this is how the law Works well and also you know Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan was was someone I covered a lot someone I liked a lot he Had something that uh he said something That that always sticks with me said Everyone's entitled to their own opinion But they're not entitled to their own Facts yeah and you know the the idea That you know Joe Biden or Merrick Garland you know gave Hunter Biden a a Sweet deal yeah it's just not a fact now You can argue that that hi that by that

Hunter should have been more harshly Dealt with but you can argue that it was Somehow a Biden initiative that that he Did it I got a question for you I got a Question for you so let's just say If I have 10 people that at one point in My life were best friends And prior to meeting me they had never Done cocaine before These 10 people 10 out of 10 eventually Became cocaine addicts and killed Themselves Simply by association with me I probably have some bad influence on These people okay This this this lady named Hillary Clinton won too many of her best friends Or close friends have committed suicide Into random ways she is not the most Trusted person even by the left she was Supposed to be president you were not Alone we everybody thought that was 3 30 In the morning I'm on a call with ma With Tom And he's saying what they were silenced Like on what's going on you know the Video with all the people losing their Minds crying all this stuff I mean the New York at the convention yeah the Convention was already set up you know She called all this stuff sure nobody Believed it but why because people Didn't trust her mess some of the stuff That came up even with Comey said what

He said and that didn't help him help Her two weeks prior to that uh the the Level of double standard with how she Handled herself That for sure is there there's no Questions about it when you say Something like well you can do whatever You want to your phones and you can do Whatever you want to this I get that but If the other guy would have said hey Accidentally these files burned there Was a fire in Mar-A-Lago oh it wasn't You guys would have lost your mind if You would have said there was an Accidental fire all I'm saying is I'm Talking only to Libertarians and Independents I'm not talking to Republicans and I'm not not talking to Democrats I'm not even talking to rhinos I'm not talking to Lincoln project folks Who cannot stand Trump I'm not standing To Bush folks I'm not standing to a a McCain folks I'm not talking to those People I'm talking to Independence and Independence on Libertarians like a Joe Rogan like a musk these are people that Were voting for the left these are People that wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders Joe Rogan wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders is who he wanted to vote For this is a guy that was for Legalizing marijuana totally okay with LGB you know his friend you know totally Okay with this is like this there's

Something really fishy here so the the Hillary Clinton's never going to lose Your loyalty you know they're not you're Not going to say I'm going to flip You're not going to do that and the People who on the mega side Trump's not Going to lose their loyalty it's just Not going to happen that's naturally There right it's like a Yankees fan how Often does a Yankee fan who's been a Yankee fan since six years old become a Red Sox fan at 60 years old just not Going to happen right so if you're going To convert religion you do it early if You're going to convert teams you're Going to do it or if you're going to Cover you generally do it early but the People in the middle who are kind of Like let me see what he has to say and Let me see what he has to say come on Bro what are you talking about you're Saying to me that Hillary Clinton didn't I'm kind of with him here I don't agree With you because I see because you know You know the argument that the left Makes And they say Democrats want Trump as the candidate That's who they want because he's the Guy that we will beat again Really If that's who you want as a candidate Then don't do this stuff What we'll know we we have to indict him

And we have to do New York and we have To do this stuff because we just have to Do it well I'm sorry you said he's the Guy that you're certain you're going to Be why don't you not do this because Every time you do his post go up well That's strategically because we actually Want him to be DeSantis because we Believe he will lose to Biden and we Believe that Santa's will beat Biden We've heard all that story many many Times right so there's some leaks in the Argument where the person who's sitting There saying listen I'm not there to see All the reports and I know Adam is Defending you as a lawyer saying listen Adam you know who is Vinnie to say this You're a lawyer you read all these Things totally get that but the average Voter who has this this technology that We all possess especially the Independent and libertarian ones is a a modder whatever you want to Call it where you're kind of sitting There saying I smell a little Bullshitting here from one side over the Other I think that party is also sick of It to the point where you know musk and Rogan to say you want to save America Vote Republican If there was two people that you Wouldn't have ever thought to say those Two things it was going to be those two Guys and they changed in their 50s Not

In their 30s or their 20s that's the Community that's sitting there saying They don't trust anything from Biden or Hillary Clinton that happens to your son They don't trust anything I'm sort of Amazed that that we are you know we are Talking about the 2024 presidential Election and and people you're talking So much about Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton has been out of public life for Eight years I mean what did Hillary and Biden in the same campus anyway I mean Biden is certainly you know appropriate To talk about yeah and and you know musk And Rogan I you know only brought up Hillary because you brought up Hillary You brought up Hillary earlier well Actually I think I brought up in Response to what he said but that's fine You know whatever no no you brought up Hillary when you said when I got it Wrong That's what I'm saying And I as I certainly was wrong in 2016. I I I think presidential campaigns this Is something Bill Clinton often said and I think he was right is that Presidential campaigns are always about About the future and you know how you Envision Um the the things going forward and Um you know I what what I can never get My hands head around is that we we often View these campaigns as you know a form

Of theater and who's more likable who's More trustworthy it's like these have Real world consequences and and that's Why I think abortion is such a big issue Because it's not about like who's who's More likable it's like a big difference In people's lives depending on the Outcome of the election And same thing about climate change I Mean you have peop you know have one Political party that thinks it's not a Particular problem you have another Political party that thinks you know the The government has to mobilize uh Against it That to me and and you know maybe that's Just a flaw in how I see politics but I See it as more substantive than the the The theater aspect but I recognize and a Lot of people and this is my thing Jeff And I and I respect your opinion but my Thing is when people say stuff like That's back then it was Hillary it was Eight years ago people like me come up And they say I just want accountability I want I don't give a damn if it Happened 30 58 10 JFK assassination We're finding out the CIA was involved I Want people to be held accountable Because for instance you see the Russia The Russia thing we just found out that Was literally Hillary Clinton set it all Up paid you know Fusion GPS they all They all set them up now the public is

Like wait a minute can we hold her Accountable you we have to be dragged Through CNN which was the biggest Mouthpiece for that big ass lie for all Those years now we find out Hillary was Behind it that was the real collusion Hold on Jeff and no accountability they Didn't do what the DNC got fined like Eight thousand dollars for dragging us Through that nonsense for all those Years we want accountability and when You destroy phones Jeff it's not her Cell phone when your whole staff is Government-owned cell phones and you're Destroying evidence and then hold on and That we talked about attorney general Loretta Lynch with James Comey they're About to she would have been uh her Charge would have been gross negligence Which is called which is you could go to Jail correct for gross negligence while Of a sudden last minute they changed it To extreme carelessness one side has it Way better than the other side and when You have the FBI kind of leaning towards The left which we've learned Jeff we Can't can't lie with Peter strzok and And uh Lisa Page and the whole FBI and We keep finding out stuff with the Twitter files they lean way more left Than they do right I just want somebody To get be held accountable for what they Did that's just my point that's it I I I I I respect your point and I I think you

You know you you are very concerned About accountability I think Presidential elections are going to much More about the future than about who's Accountable so forget about the so Forget about the fact by the way no These not forget about it but it's just Not I I don't think it's relevant to the Who's who you're going to vote for in 2024 how you felt about Hillary Clinton's you know Jeffrey on my emails I'm going to interject here for a second Because I think that's being a little dismissive Because Um you know how you said facts don't Care about you know your feelings Opinions what Vinnie's trying to convey He's basically a mouthpiece of millions Of people who feel that way Whether he's right or wrong good luck Convincing somebody not to feel away so What I think I'm not saying that I'm Coming at you like you're the tip of the Spear for the DNC or anything like that Yeah but use Vinnie As a metaphor for freaking Millions tens Of millions of America who feel that way Who's basically saying what the is Going on here it seems like there's two Completely different Justice systems and Dude I'm as moderate as it comes I'll go Left I'll go right ah I'm down to party

But there's so many people on the right By the way just this is coming from a Guy that has never voted for a Republican president ever ever so he's Saying that so what I would say is the Following here's what I would say with What he said by the way the climate Change thing that you said that people Are worried about climate change Greta Thornburg five years ago today Today it's June 21st she said that Because if we don't stop fossil fuels Today was the Doomsday today Climate chain scientists is warning that Climate change will so we could die Today's wipes out of all of humanity Unless we stop fossil fuels over the Next five years So this is what happens when you listen To a 13 year old But by the way but by the way this is Not about what happens when you listen To 15 year old you chose to put this Person as a spokesperson and use him as A person of influence to get younger People and she was very influential Trust me this girl's got more influence Than most people even believe she does By the way but she's not I mean I look I Don't know it's what she's saying is not That that it will that on five five Years from now Humanity will cease to Exist it's it's that eventually and if You look at

Um you know the the the melting of the Polar ice caps the melting of Greenland The melting uh the the rising of the Seas that's not an unreasonable Prediction That's not unreasonable prediction at All you really believe that that that Climate change is going to affect I Think kind of it obviously you don't Think climate change is going to affect I mean here we are sitting in South Florida you don't think the rising Season is going to affect Miami climate Change is uh okay so do you want to have The climate change debate let's finish This in a weekend man you know I don't Want to get into something no no no no No but no but but what you brought it up So yeah we can talk about it as none of Us being Specialists nobody here so Whoever gets it we can all get it wrong Right but let me go back to the point About the future thing okay Uh I agree with them partly let me Explain to you why you remember how the Whole thing is like they stole the Election they stole the election they Stole the election you know who's the First person that said that Hillary Clinton they stole like Russia raced all Elections but nobody said anything the More she went and the more she did that The more she looked like a victim I Could I couldn't stand it when you're

Sore loser and you lose and you can do It you know who did it next Trump did it 100 okay and guess what You're living what they stole the Election they stole the election Whether they did or not either side Voters want you to say we lost let's Move on okay left right middle it Doesn't matter let's move on however hey For those that believe there may have Been meddling in the election Etc et Cetera here's what we have to do the Solution is don't vote by yourself go With twos go with threes go with four Give me the solution because that's now Moving forward right here's where we Want to go so that part I agree with Them is future Obama sold the campaign In 2008 yeah you know for future you Know Clinton show sold future Kennedy Sold future Reagan sold future right Yeah and even Trump sold future in 2016 When he won American let's make America Great again and let's make this it's the Future Okay Um Trump's campaign started sloppy Because he wasn't selling the future he Was selling the past all right Having said that Um there is a part of me that uh uh uh You know I want to know like for example This whole thing about who cares where Kobe came from I'm sorry what I want to Know where covet came from do you care

Who cares like I remember one time Hillary Clinton was asking who cares They're dead they're no longer oh yeah Why does that matter what does it matter About Benghazi what oh my God what do You mean who cares that's the camp left Or right that's the Ken that says who Cares we're already past this no listen Kovid ruined a lot of people's lives the The the the the the leading surgeon what Do you call it the Surgeon General came Out and said hey here's what we learned About covet is that these shutdowns led To people needing to be around each Other and why it's so important to be Around each other wait a minute you just Realize the zoom concept didn't work Working remotely that we need to be Around each other because we need each Other's company we're just starting to Realize that now we're just starting to Realize how this affected kids no no no We can't say who cares we have to go Back and find out what happened to Prevent it from happening again and if China did it they have to be held Accountable and now we know the first Three cases were the doctors that were Out of China one that came out that's Not even something that's being debated About it's public information that They're talking about now we have to Find that out okay and we have to find Out whether fauci was involved with

Different cases you know was he uh you Know gain function he was were they Doing that were they not doing that was Involved with us who was funding it Where did the money come from people Want to know there's a reason why like Think about messages that go viral for Example What do we learn midterms Republicans Screwed up royally not a little bit Royally they screwed up with abortion You're 100 right no one's this Disagreeing with that but watch this Here Who's RFK Robert F Kennedy He lost his father and he lost his uncle Two people that were loved and admired Probably by both sides establishment Didn't like those guys The Establishment Couldn't stand the Kennedy family at all Because they were going up against the Establishment they couldn't stand those Guys So all right can you go on Amazon and Type in Robert Kennedy Jr if he can just Go on Robert Kennedy Jr I think he did Nobody wanted to publish this book Through anybody go to the Anthony fauci One I read that was a great book okay so Zoom in a little bit Uh it's number four this week this thing Was written two years ago it's got 23 000 reviews over a million copies sold

And who published it go to the bottom uh Go to the bottom go to the bottom go to The bottom let's see who published it go To the bank keep going keep going keep Going keep going keep going Um uh oh my God okay okay Sky horse publishing yeah who was Sky Horse publishing go Google who Sky Horses they publish a lot of books that Other Publishers want oh my God so it's Kind of like a crew yeah yeah okay Perfect so Sky horse published and pick Some of the guys that people don't want To publish so then the question becomes Why did the book do so well why did it Sell so many copies maybe because people Want to know why did Roe v Wade create Such a big maybe because that's an Important thing to women including left And the right so guess what Republicans You have to respect that and pay Attention to it guess what Democrats you Have to find out what the hell happened With this Anthony fauci guy so to me the Only thing that the only point I'm Making I'll kind of turn it back over to You know we can go to the next subject The only thing I'm saying is the Future Part I'm with it I agree you have to Sell the dream of the future where we're Going but the accountability part if There's not really any Law and Order Then this whole thing about a guy like O.J Simpson who got away which by the

Way oh you're not liked by O.J Simpson No I'm aware of that by the way You know what that says that's a Compliment well you know my dad always Used to say you can you can you can tell Someone you you can tell a lot about Someone by their enemies and you know The fact that O.J Simpson is my enemy But what I'm saying to you is I respect The fact that he doesn't like you Because we wanted to know what happened So there's a part of the accountability Part that there's a lot of people that Are saying I just want to get to the Bottom of us see who was behind me well And and this is the thing you know this The the covet thing you know interests Me for for a specific reason I mean There is a active scientific debate About the the ultimate source of covet Did it come from a lab did it come from An animal uh you know an animal and I Um I'm just a guy who went to law school I Know all about it Tim about Epidemiology I you know how could you possibly ask Someone like me what the source of covet Was oh that's not what I'm asking no but In general but I'm saying but what I'm Sorry Yeah we should ask Vinnies But but that is a question that should Be addressed in good faith by people who

Have some idea about how to determine That I don't know the source of covid Yeah but that's that to me but but but But that these questions that become Politicized it seems ridiculous to me to Have political debates about something That is a scientific question that People should address and I'm agreeing That there should be investigations of All that by the way Brett Bear did you See the interview with Trump yes I saw Okay excerpts did you see that did you Think you did a good job uh no oh yeah Even Brett Bear yeah I thought Brett Baird did a very good I agree I think And you know how he said this person say This person got fired that person got Fired this person got fired why do you Not have a good you know so he asked a Tough question and then hey you know why Is it that you're keeping on to they Were trying to get it from you well I Wanted to First make sure okay so guess What people want to know great but People want to also know what the Corvette backing with the notes you know What you had there's about people want To know as well people want to know and There is an investigation going on Absolutely all I'm saying to you is People want to know that we want to know What's behind the truth the the the the Comment about the fact that I'm not an Opinion you know I'm not I'm not this

I'm not that I'm totally get it the Element of that approach when you say Something like well you're not the Expert in this and you're not the expert In that there is a there is a very clear Pompous elitist message behind that like Just like this week when MSNBC and CNN Well we know the president is talking Right now Jake Tapper and Rachel maddabo You know we know what the president is Talking about we listen we are not going To let him have any air time and we're Going to update you on whatever he says That's necessary because we know he's Going to tell lies I'm sorry do you Think I'm a Do you think I don't have a mind for my Like I can't make what the hell is America all about you just said I'm a that's what you you just said to Half of America hey America you're a you can't think for yourself That's why you need me because I went to This elitist university called whatever Whatever Colombia I don't know where Rachel went to and I know what's best For you guess what I don't like that It's my left Iran there's a reason why We don't live in Iran for 10 10 years Old when I lived in Iran we went to Germany at a refugee camp for two years Then we came to America because I want Me to make the stupid decision on who I Vote for not you let me make this stupid

Decision of voting for Biden or Trump to There's a part of that where when we say I'm not the expert you're not this You're well no you're a smart guy that's Why you're here you're not a regular Schlep off the street that doesn't know What you've been involved in a lot of Different things I investigated all I'm Saying is for us to take the approach as Well to say Hey you know you don't know What you're talking about you don't have This you don't know what you're talking About no we're here because we don't Know everything but we're here to Question things and say this cat sounds A little fishy don't you want to know About it I do well no let's just live in The future forget about the past no no I Don't want to do that I completely agree That you know everybody that you know You we don't we don't have Um you know tests to to determine Whether you know you're entitled to an Expression opinion on a subject well the Only point I was making was uh there are Certain scientific questions like the Source of covid that it it really does Require Some considerable expertise in the Subject in order to have a reasonable Opinion about it that that's the only Point I was making and I don't I I'm not Saying that you know I mean what is what Is more than legitimate is you or Vinnie

Or anybody saying we need an Investigation of of the source of covet That everybody you know that's a Perfectly legit right but but the Ultimate question of what the source of Covet is I want to rely on people who Know something and who's leading that Investigation yeah exactly who is I Don't know that's my phone where's this Investigation and and I go investigate Laptops and links and this and that no No but something that shut down the World for two and a half years no Investigation what is that Adam China Runs bro if China could fly spy balloons Over our entire country over nuke bases And nothing happens nobody's Investigating but here's my thing Which is absurd here's my thing Jeff and You know I'm not an expert you nobody in Here knows about epidemiology right Right but guess what it doesn't help When the experts were trying to talk and The government was silencing them when Peter McCullough was trying to talk when Robert Malone was time to talk they Banned them on YouTube they took them Off Twitter how do we even have a chance How am I supposed to learn from the Experts when they were shut down and now It's years later and now we're like uh It's old news no no again accountability And that's why I've had the thing with Um with Joe Rogan he wants to have that

Debate with the bringer bring a Scientist I am fine so let me think about that Yeah what do you think about I mean I I I actually am sympathetic you know if if You want to have a scientific debate Have two scientists debate it not Joe Rogan against some sign he doesn't want To do that either but Hotes doesn't even Want to debate two expert signed that Are on the opposing side is I understand The argument you're saying like why Should we debate RFK is not fine okay That's a reasonable argument but why Don't you get a couple other experts From the other I Having people who know something about It should debate but but you know I shouldn't debate no of course well Jeffrey why do you I don't know anything About it yeah America wants to see this Debate conversation dialogue for sure Whether it's uh RFK or Malone from a Colic and then versus a fauci Dr hote Fill in the blank in your non-expert Legal opinion why do you think this Debate has not happened why has it not Occurred yet here in America well it is Happening I mean I mean look look we're Having this conversation no no but none Of us are experts I'm talking X there Are there are scientific papers being Published all the time Yeah how many scientific papers have you

Read I haven't read it but I mean Nobody's reading that but people want to Visualize and see they're saying looks Like that there's debating with a camera On is that kind of what you're saying I Mean yeah like a debate I mean not Scientific paper You will There there will be given the level of Interest in it there will be plenty more Discussion on this subject among people Who know what they're talking about and That's a good thing I hope and by the Way I hope so because what one of the Things like when you run a company and You know there's those that are Complainers and you can't give too much Credit to complainers because they're Everywhere so these are the people that Complain about everything if a person Complains about every single issue they Have this much credibility right but if A person who doesn't complain once a Year they say Pat can I just bring Something up I don't like the way we do This here you know what I do I pay Attention to what they have to say Okay So let's set aside the complainers that Just complain about everything in life What do we learn about people in America Hey this abortion thing listen it's Legit kind of pay attention to it it's Very important to us check get it Respect

Uh hey this uh this thing with uh uh Covet that ruined our lives as a mother I had to stay home and had to do this And had to cost my job and I didn't want To take the vaccine but I did take it And I had to do this and I I didn't like That part can you guys please not do This again and give me a different Option the next time around you know What this is not a complainer this is a Positive citizen they go to work they Raise their kids they pay their taxes Check let's pay attention to this all I'm saying is let's pay attention to the People that are saying those things Let's investigate that and give them a Opportunity to see the opposing side Especially because There are going to be more pandemics There are going to be more communicable Diseases exactly I agree and Um we need Um to to know what works and what Doesn't and Um I I just I I think you know planning For future pandemics is what responsible Government should so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here

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