“Don Lemon Is Obsessed With Andrew Tate!” – Reaction To Don Lemon’s Suspension From CNN

In this short clip, Patrick Bet-David, Yeonmi Park, Adam Sosnick, Vincent Oshana and Tom Ellsworth react to Don Lemon’s suspension from CNN.

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So uh you know one of the things Andrew Tate's been uh gone now for a few months For a couple months and one of the Things he would be very proud of there's Somebody else they're trying to replace Him Don Lemon Don lemon's been uh wow Working very hard to beat a new Andrew It's important to see this you know when You watch this clip of what he said the Other day by the way when he said this I Retweeted this yesterday and I said it's Obvious I'm telling you right now I'm Convinced Don Lemon is obsessed and in Love with Andrew Tate and watches Non-stop I think videos and clips of the Only reason you would say something like This is because you watch certain clips Of go ahead and play this clip real Quick see what he said he got in trouble For it all the talk about age makes me Uncomfortable I think that I think it's The wrong road to go down well Jesus People you know politicians or something And not in their Prime Nikki Haley isn't In their Prime sorry when a woman is Considered hey girl 20s and 30s and Maybe 40s that's not okay [Music] So I think she has to be careful about Saying that you know politicians aren't In their privacy they're qualify are you Talking about Prime for like child or Are you talking about the message the Facts are Google and everybody at home

I'm just saying Nikki Haley should be Careful about saying that politicians Are not in their Prime and they need to Be in their Prime By the way if that was Whoopi Goldberg On his left at this five seconds ago in This clip he would have been shot on Camera but hey did you notice for first Two things first he goes I don't want to Go down that road you know what he did He went down that road But what do you see like this is his Sassiness he's like he's that was him Just show that's how dude that's how he Actually feels and the same token he's a Hardcore leftist that's throwing a jab To let people know but he's gonna be Running here's the question though yeah Is he truly a hardcore leftist or has he Been spending too much time with Hardcore left his words have power Influence has power Tom and I Tom shared A clip the other day with me I'm going To show you guys here in a second what Is your reaction uh uh yomi when you Hear he says what he says that Nikki Haley is Pastor Prime while Hillary Clinton's in her 70s thinking about Running think while Kamala Harris is Older than Nikki Haley what do you think About when you hear that comment he Makes I think he Then why she's not qualifying for the

Job right but I mean it's it's Interesting to see him getting pushed Back on CNN I don't think they ever push It back anybody who's Democrat right so Maybe CNN is trying new thing I don't Know well apparently he suspended he Gave an apology to CNN and his Colleagues from Miami Um However he's never apologized to Nikki Haley he's in Miami right now if people With his husband yeah and go ahead so Yeah 100 he's gay oh yeah not Adam that's not My boyfriend yeah no no no anymore Um So here's what's happened you ever see Like uh one of those like scary movies And they're like where is it coming from And it's like the calls coming from Inside the house yeah that's exactly What's Happening Here on their their Morning Show two women in their 40s Nonetheless yeah and he's like oh you Old broads yeah like wow what just Happened here the call just came from Inside the studio so what he's Conflating and this is just clearly he Just Googled uh Prime he's conflating Two things a woman's sexual market value Yes with her actual market value and There's two completely separate things He's he's correct that a woman's sexual Market value is let's just say 40 and

Below what does that mean sexual market Value is when most men are attracted to Women it's usually in their Mid-20s give or take that's a sexual Market value okay whereas a man reaches His sexual market value typically in his Late 30s typically so women their uh Beauty objects where men are success Objects that's that's what comes down to The sexual market value what he's Conflating again is sexual market value With the market value you could be a Hell of a governor or a businesswoman or An entrepreneur or anything well into Your 40s 50s 60s and when whether you Like Hillary Clinton or not she was a Capable politician let's just put it at That so Nikki Haley who's in her 50s Market value is is Arguably at its highest it's ever been Whereas her sexual market value might Not be that high right now so I think Don Lemon is just trying to make a point And his foot is so far in his freaking Mouth right now that he's just like ah Vacation Miami by I'm out here's what I Want you to watch I want you to watch This this is the old Don Lemon when he First got into media and not not first This is this is not that old just so you Guys know this is like five ten years Ago but listen to how Don Lemon spoke Just 10 years ago so the old I think This is the real yeah because black

People if you really want to fix the Problem here's just five things that you Should think about doing here's number Five and if if this doesn't apply to you If you're not doing this then it doesn't Apply to you I'm not talking about you Here's number five pull up your pants Walking around with your ass and your Underwear showing is not okay in fact it Comes from prison when they take away Belts from The Prisoner so that they Can't make a weapon and then it evolved Into which role a prisoner would have During male on male Prison Sex the one With the really low pants is a Submissive one You get my point Number four now is the n-word By promoting the use of that word when It's not germane to the conversation Have you ever considered that you may Just be perpetuating The Stereotype the Master intended acting like a now Number three Jesus respect where you Live Start small by not dropping trash Littering in your own communities I've Lived in several predominantly white Neighborhoods in my life I rarely if Ever witness people littering I live in Harlem now it's an historically black Neighborhood every single day I see Adults and children dropping their trash On the ground when a garbage can is just

Feet away Just being honest here number two finish School you want to break the cycle of Poverty stop telling kids are acting White because they go to school or they Speak proper English a high school Dropout makes on average nineteen Thousand dollars a year a heist a high School graduate makes twenty eight Thousand dollars a year a college Graduate makes fifty one thousand Dollars a year over the course of a Career a college grad will make nearly a Million dollars more than a high school Graduate that's a lot of money And number one and probably the most Important just because you can have a Baby it doesn't mean you should Especially without planning for one or Getting married first more than 72 Percent of children in the African-American Community imagine this Is the Limits absent fathers no keep playing And the studies show that lack of a male Role model is an Express train right to Prison and the cycle continues Could I ask you a question about what Changes my questions I think this is not I agree with that what happened by the Way look at her face yeah her face are You shocked or what she's a trump yeah Who that actually does sound like is a Lot very reminiscent of Thomas Soul like

That that's the type of message you Would hear from a black conservative Like a Thomas soul type and it just you Never hear him talk like that anymore Patrick Bet David well yeah but here's Here's my question to you guys though The other grade what makes you change What makes someone like that without Your good voice yes I see the logo that It's CNN which I don't even give a damn At that point how does how does he Change or what changes in the network That he has to turn into this person do I mean what I I don't know what your Politics yeah the answer the answer is What yonmi said Donald Trump it was Trump no but but here's the Obama Trump Thing yeah people's heads up Beyond Comparison I agree but you think but I Mean dude you still have a producer like Think about this CNN let him say Something like this there is no way in Hell CNN is letting Don Lemon say this Type of what year was that I have No idea 2013. who was President 2013. Obama Obama under the Obama Administration it was okay to be cool no It was just normal it was it was is it Okay to call out the nonsense by the way It was and then with Obama's 2013 after He's reelected correct so in the middle Of Obama comma you as a pundit opinion Not a journalist a a pundit or giving Your opinion on what black people should

Do to clean up their life much like we Talked about how Asians and Jews and Indians what they do in the family Culture okay but once Trump hit the Scene it no longer became a hey this is What you need to do to help your life This is not what you do for Success pick Up your pants go to school none of that It was just Trump yeah yeah and That's where this whole narrative Basically veered off course That's a great point though that was so Fun by the way so you just you just have To think about this you become who you Hang around with words have power If you're around people that are Influencing you to think like a victim You will if you're around people that Will tell you stop feeling sorry for Yourself you're either eventually gonna Hate them and go find people who feel Sorry for themselves or you're going to Be like you know what stop feeling sorry For yourself man life is a lot harder Other places right so this message here Tells you the difference between Thinking for yourself and then all of a Sudden getting into the mainstream media And those guys trying to control you and Tell you what you have to think in the Culture you guys better say this hey you Guys better say that hey you guys better Say this and then boom it turns into Don Lemon having a pilot what are the

Likelihood he's going to get fired he's On suspension right now I don't think He's in the info there's no way just as We came on the air here this morning it Was announced that he will be reinstated Later this week after he undergoes a Special training and they didn't say What that was it's just special training And so uh yeah it's called Hustlers University yeah But by the way we talked to the the Initial conversation we had the on the Episode was is cancel culture over not Yeah is is this a form of cancel culture That you can't even State like should he Have been suspended for this I I don't Think so listen Yeah but dude we're just wrong If this was Fox he would have been fired There's no take a time no he would have Had a parade no no they said if he said If that if he offended women like that On on a republic on a conservative he's Gone the left 100 I think that's this no but my point is Like if they would have said this on Fox The women would have been like yeah for Sure like they would have no I don't Think so what I'm saying is the cancer Culture you think Fox would have been More sympathetic to what he had to say They would have not liked what he said You're hitting the reaction of what a Lot of the women first of all you have

To what did Fox deal with just a few Years ago with Megan Kelly yeah Bill O'Reilly so so what I'm saying About my point my point being it's not To kill you off bad is the left is way More well like you could they they look Out for each other bro the left takes Care of their own I'm not gonna be bad Either because CNN also fired the uh uh Chris Cuomo they fired uh who's the uh Other person they fired they You know what they opened it up to Though guess what they opened it up to If you say something like that on a Podcast what happens to you you keep Continuing if you say something like That they're just opening it up for People by the way if he made a fool out Of himself you can make a fool out of Yourself on a podcast you can make a Fool out of yourself on a uh uh YouTube Show that you're on many have many will Many will continue it's part of what Happens you're gonna get caught nobody's Undefeated in the boxing ring except for Who Floyd Mayweather Floyd Mayweather And Marciano I think was also undefeated I don't know if he lost or not I thought He was young so for the most part you're Going to get caught Ali lost six times You're not going to get into a debate And be undefeated in debates sometimes You're gonna get caught and this time he Got caught but as crazy as it sounds if

CNN wants to kind of go in the direction Of recreating themselves they have to Show how they handle situations like This To allow a person to screw up and then Come back versus hey we're still walking On excels here so I'm not telling you They should fire them or not fire him CNN is right now dealing with identity Crisis people go through this men go Through it when they say we're a midlife Crisis you know they go by motorcycle And get a tattoo on their neck this Typically happens at 45 years old right No I'm telling you you think I'm kidding With you they get it done with girls go Through midlife crisis they do stuff and Then they get a tattoo on their butt Like on their lower back which is Different story everybody goes through Different kind of midlife crisis some People start doing steroids to be buffer Bigger stronger we all have insecurities That we're trying to stay young forever This is not an abnormal thing we're all Normal going through these things Here these guys are Um Danza in an organization right now That's trying to recreate themselves and Quite frankly dance in the middle right Now saying ah what do I do to make These guys happy you know he's probably There in Miami saying listen babe if They fire me he's talking to his

Boyfriend if they fire me we got to Figure out what to do we got some money Here but maybe I'll go start a podcast FYI transitioning from TV to podcast Isn't as easy as they think it is yeah We learned that with Chris when you're On TV they give you a script when you Got a podcast man you better try to keep Attention for a couple hours it ain't That easy to do so right well he went Off script here and they should have Written well can I just say one thing as Someone who's never messed up on a Podcast I've never been called naive I've never been called an idiot I've Never been called to Soy boy I Definitely have never had any pushback Whatsoever there's zero negative Comments out about me zero amazing that I've never had an issue but no it never Happened once never happened thanks Tom It's actually 100 but I think it would Be a very Horrible disservice to cancel download Lemon for this situation you screwed up Like by definition you know you Conflated what sexual market value was With market value CNN has an opportunity Here to basically say hey we are not the The Arbiters of cancel culture you know Take a day off go ahead we'll see you Back give them me a culpa when you get Back uh on on TV and learn from it and That's I think what the definition of

Cancer culture should not be is like Everyone screws up people are right People are wrong there's different Opinions there's all that that's the Whole premise of America is the they be Able to have that debate and when you Screw up like yo my bad I'll do better Yeah and that's what I think he needs to Do final thoughts you and me on this Before we move forward is there a Message you have for a friend Don Lemon Yeah I think that's what I was writing In my book was like we have right to be Wrong We should have a culture of like Mercy In North Korea you make one mistake you Get executed I mean in America currently You lose your job livelihood reputation And dignity but eventually if you could Pushing this direction you can't end up Like North Korea so now we're in Somewhere in the middle we can push Backwards where we have a culture of Mercy and let people make a mistake and Correct it So yeah I don't think he should ever get Fired for this that's so stupid I mean He's no matter what he has a talent Right he's a good presenter so but he Said sorry so you should come back I Mean he's very Yeah man like I wonder when's the last Time he watched himself from 10 years Ago probably no way no way but but you

Know like I I was watching a clip this Morning I sent it to Mario I can't play Because of Music a place in there it's An incredible speech That uh Robert Downey Jr gives he's up There accepting a award and he says I Brought Mel Gibson here to uh with me While I'm accepting this award he says There's a reason why I brought Mel Gibson when I was going through my mess Mel called me and we were speaking and He says listen man whatever you do go Find your faith but it's got to be your Fate I don't care what it is but go find Your faith he says I respected the fact That he told me to go find my faith and I did and he says so then there's a Movie that while nobody's accepting me I Don't have any money I don't know how to Pay rent I have a hard time dropping Alcohol I have a hard time dropping Anything Mel gives me a role that he was Supposed to take but he gave it to me he Called me says this is for you he says That itself helped me so much because it Allowed me to pay my bills during this Time and I did that and then next thing You know my career takes off and I told Mel how can I pay it back to you and you Know what Mel said when the next Robert Downey Jr is going through this do it For them again okay because somebody did It for me you don't hear these types of Stories about Mel Gibson right about

About people the point I'm trying to Make is even a Robert Downey Jr had to Go back and watch some of his old clips To say dude look how great you are and How great you can be you know sometimes Athletes go through it you got to watch Old tape of 10 years ago five years ago Highlights I think Don lemon's got to go Watch that clip and say dude yeah look At you We're on fire this viral video display Outside of this this that clip that clip Got 3.3 million views on Twitter if you Go to it look at that 3.3 million views This was just posted let's see when it Was posted by the way it was posted few Days ago it's got It's got I'm sorry 8.6 Million views it's what it's got why do You think Don this has 8.6 million views No one's taking shots at you no one's Saying anything to you no one's reacting To this video it's only content of you Speaking and there's nine million people That are interested of what you had to Say 10 years ago you may want to play This and watch this while you're on Vacation in Miami so if you like this Clip and you want to watch another one Click right here and if you want to Watch the entire podcast click right Here [Music]

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