Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.

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[Music] Foreign Stop accepting disrespects in your life Because listen it has to get to a point In your life where you say you know what I'm not going to be anybody's Convenience no more This goes for relationships best goals For friendships this goals for business Partnerships This goes to every aspect in your life This respect cannot be tolerated nobody Treats you the way you are be interested Without your permission Understand that I know it's easier said Than done I know maybe you are going through hard Times I know you are going through tragedy I Know you may be dealing with a lot of Things and you are vulnerable but listen At the end of the day you have to stop Accepting this respect People have to know that if somebody Walks out of your life they are not Going to find you in the same place they Left you some of us we allow people to Walk in our life We allow people to do us any type of way And we sit there and we wait while they Moved on with their life We sit here we wait for them to show Back up We sit here we wait for them to give us

Forgiveness We wait for them to give us apologizes Nobody can give you disrespect without Your permission nobody can keep treating You the same exact way without your Permission You got to put your food down you gotta Let people know what you are not gonna Accept people can call you cold-hearted But I would rather be viewed as cold Hard food than live broken-hearted but You gotta get to that point in your life Where people have to know that if they Walk out of your life you are not going To wait for them they gotta know if they Keep doing you wrong you are not going To give them another chance I understand People make mistakes but it has to come To a point when another chance does not Exist when you give it multiple chances Has to come to a point when that person Knows that this next time is the last Time There should be no room in your life for This respect your life your heart is not A revolving door People shouldn't just be able to come Into your life and live your life Whenever they want to you know why People don't give me disrespect Because they know I am not going to Tolerate it You know why people don't try to lower My standards because they know I'm not

Going to accept it [Music]

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